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  1. Tablet view

    The AdminCP still has some responsive issues in places when using an iPad, in particular the Support page.
  2. Selling Subscriptions

    Thanks for listening Lindy/IPS!
  3. IPS 4.2 observations

    I need to add optional membership subscriptions in a last ditch effort to help fund my largest community site, since Google Ads and now Amazon Affiliates have failed dismally. However I don't need the raft of hosting and product sales elements of Commerce for this community, I don't have physical or digital products to sell, so that effectively mean unnecessary bloat and paying for lots of functionality and features I don't need. The initial cost of the current 'one size fits all' aka 'kitchen sink' implementation of Commerce is quite high if you don't have a need for much of the intergrated features, and hence it becomes quite a gamble if, like in my case, you need to purchase and invest in it to actually offset costs and try to save your community or hopefully avoid switching to inferior free forum solutions. So I'd love to see a light version of Commerce that handles memberships and renewals, or official plug-ins for Commerce to add the relevant hosting or product sales elements for those who specifically need them.
  4. IPS 4.2 observations

    As a customer, it's great when I see responses like that! I think it would be great if you and the other IPS staff could assign a quick badge, tag or something to a topic that indicates to customers when viewing the feedback forum or topic when a feedback suggestion has been accepted or added to the roadmap, or whatever. Keep it simple, not suggesting tagging ideas that are discounted as not taken on board or that don't make it. But it would be a good indicator of how much feedback is actually useful, accepted, provide a way to quickly check before duplicating an idea etc. This got me thinking, it would be ideal if feedback topics had the up vote and down vote options like those available in the Q&A style forums. All the +1's and positive comments alone must be harder to determine if an idea is well liked by the community.
  5. Just upgraded from 4.2.3 to v4.2.4, checked and found my guest permissions have been altered again to allow them to report content. Weird. Only that group and only that setting again.
  6. In the Social Media Promotion AdminCP page, a message says: Odd methinks, I'm an Admin, so normally I have all permissions by default. Clicking on the Permissions tab shows another message: Hmm, mixed messages. Somewhat confusing. Does it mean I have permission in IPS as an Administrator but not in any admin permissions to promote in the social media apps?
  7. Option to сhange notification sound

    +1 from me! Totally agree with this, it is a pain to remember and to FTP in and overwrite the default notification if your community uses a customised sound file. It's even more fiddly using an iPad to do it with the rather good FTP Client Pro app, you have to copy your own sound effect file, paste it inside another folder, rename it to notification, then move it back to the original folder, then agree to overwrite the existing file. I think it should be an option in the theme settings page where you can upload a new favicon and logo. Then it would be per theme, even better.
  8. New landing page

    I like the new site, nice work, and I've only seen half of it so far. Also I like how it's more appealing as a customer relationship manager and support product to potential large brands/enterprises, much like Lithium seemingly is. Not too sure about 2 of the featured communities in the screenshots being the best advert for 4.2 though. I figured they must be very special examples as they were clearly chosen from the client base, so I Googled them hoping to learn more. Not intending to upset or cause offence to the site owners but one was absolutely crawling along performance wise, and had far too many off-putting ads. Another had some obvious CSS positioning/layout issues with its custom theme, as some of the text content was partially covered by other content. BTW, I spotted a small typo: Possibly meant to be Google Ads or Adsense? Anyway, nice job as always!
  9. Videos Support

    Mike, just a quick thank you for all your continued hard work, dedication and great customer service. You seemed to get 4.2 compatibility updates out for Videos System really quickly, meaning we could upgrade to 4.2 much quicker than expected and without an agonising wait. One of the elite third party devs here, supporting the community.
  10. Clubs Suggestions

    I've not enabled Clubs yet, as I was hoping to add Commerce and paid subscriptions and use Clubs access and creation as an incentive. Seems odd there is no option like a widget. I guess you could Heath Robinson/McGyver it by slipping in a redirect style sub-forum to your club so it would appear within a group of related forums. Or you could create a forum category and put a load of redirect style forums only but together to appear as a block of clubs, and name it and or add images accordingly.
  11. Hi all, I was going through my member groups on one upgraded community last night ( to 4.2.2 using Client zip package) and noticed that Guests had become permitted to Report Content (abused for spamming in the past when it's happened before, so normally disabled), as well as a couple of other guest group permissions, and also a couple of random forum permissions they shouldn't and didn't have access to before (only in 3 of approx 100 forums). This has happened occasionally in the past with some upgrades. It may be due to some new permissions settings in 4.2 or poss because my community was originally an Ikonboard and has a long, out of date global config. I'd recommend doing a quick check of your member group and forum permissions if you have upgraded to 4.2, if not occasionally anyway as best practice.
  12. Hi, There is an option in theme settings to easily change the colour of the notification bubble (shows say 3 notifications by user menu). However the font text colour seems to be missing, whereas others are included. Also, could you add options for font text and background colours of the notification that drops from top of view, when you change Follow options for topics etc, and at the bottom of screen when you get a flash message? Many thanks!
  13. Who Was Online 4.2.x by IPS Themes

    Works great on 4.2.2, thank you! Uninstalled version for and uploaded as a new plug-in as instructed, worked first time.
  14. I found a solution for 4.2.1

    Just upgraded my first site to 4.2.1 and all went okay except for two things. It all looks very nice though. 1) None of my existing emoticons are displaying, they are still listed in the AdminCP emoticon section but they show as broken images. 2) AdminCP was all messed up when I first logged in, and no matter how many I refreshed, it was still messed up with normally horizontal text now vertical! Managed to get Support Tool to recache and immediately it fixed the problem. In terms of general feedback, on my iPad, a few sections of the AdminCP I cannot use or are very fiddly to use, because there is no way to slide the rest of the right hand side of the page from off screen into view, even with the side bar collapsed. Manage theme resources is one example, in portrait view I found you get just enough to touch the blank space at the right edge of the screen which I found opens the property config pop up for the resource, but not in landscape mode, it's way off screen. The content in AdminCP doesn't fully responsive on some pages.
  15. Update on Invision Community 4.2

    Thanks for the update. Will the light box get the full screen option back?