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  1. Please can you add the option to receive the existing digest format emails (daily, weekly etc) when following a member? At the moment they are only available for topic followed content. It would save on large numbers of separate notifications when following very active members or following lots of members, be more convenient to read and scan through and also potentially reduce some lag for very large communities when sending out large numbers of separate emails. Many thanks.
  2. This new support system sucks, why do you have keep fixing something that wasn't broken to begin with? We had a perfectly good ticket system that allowed us to keep track of our ticket history and it was clearly organised per licensed community site, but you suddenly abandoned it and transferred our data to Zendesk without requesting our consent or with any form of consultation. Now you've dumped Zendesk because you prefer 20th century email format correspondence, and we have this disorganised mess, with tickets lost in an Inbox myriad of emails. Have Zendesk still got our contact inf
  3. I've been with you since the days of Ikonboard, so you I love you. However, I'm starting to grow concerned after reading that IPS have made a specific, conscious decision to start restricting features (albeit with the first) to cloud-hosted SAAS customers. It's perhaps akin the to the controversial Marketplace changes. As a multi-license customer, I'm saddened that there is a visible "It's our way, or the highway" style approach that seems to be increasing these days. This statement feels like it could be the start of a paradigm shift, and if so, one that I'm concerned is edging gradually
  4. Thanks Ryan, I'll play around with the settings a bit more!
  5. Hi, Is there a way to receive digest email notifications for followed members? Reason I'm asking is that I quite like the daily and weekly digest emails after trying them here, I'm not sure how they work as they seem a bit hit or miss as to when IPS4 sends them out, but one thing I've noticed is that if you want to follow content by following a specific member, you don't get a daily or weekly digest like you do with followed content, but separate immediate emails. That is good for the most part but not for all cases, especially very active members. For example, when I started l
  6. Thanks @Adriano Faria Yes that's how it should normally work but it seems like that very first $member->isOnlineAnonymously() may somehow be a false positive.
  7. Last online seems to be missing on some member profiles, I've noticed it happens here too, @ahcfor example. I don't think it's because they are using anonymous mode. Could there be any other reason for it?
  8. Hi, are you guys talking about this in Account Settings? It used to be a site wide activity stream setting in the AdminCP, but now it's available per user and doesn't specifically mention activity streams any longer? If not, apologies!
  9. Who knows... Perhaps if you're lucky they'll also have a relative who is an exiled Nigerian Prince who direly needs to borrow just $10 to unlock his inheritance of millions and he'll pinky promise to give you a share.
  10. I couldn't find any documentation on this but what does the Void Account button do in Commerce? It appears in Customer View, below Primary Billing Address. Many thanks.
  11. Glad to hear you got it resolved. Problems like this can lead to a lot of anxiety. The Support Team do indeed do a great job, sometimes you can get the pointy end of the stick and because you are paying for support it smarts. Sometimes I'm sure they get it from the behaviour of the client, as recently demonstrated elsewhere. Sometimes I feel like in most corporate environments it's the system they have to comply with that can create or amplify issues, like aspects of the new 4.5 Marketplace paradigm, it must seem like a thankless task at times for the approval queue staff, but if someone
  12. Version 1.0.0


    Remembrance is a clean, poppy themed design created for occasions such as Remembrance Sunday, Armistice Day etc, it features a mindful header image which you can easily replace via the theme's custom theme settings, with most buttons and links themed in poppy colour or similar, on a simple white background. Remembrance 4.5 - Header area (tablet landscape mode) This is a light theme and is ideal if you are looking for a quick but attractive theme to mark solemn remembrance occasions and other commemorative events at your IPS4.5 community. Remembrance C
  13. Thanks for the confirmation and putting in the request, much appreciated.
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