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  1. Hi Shigure, You know I don't blame you for being anxious about someone reading anything "private" in the matters of Personal Blogging, Pm, etc.... I just want to make sure I didn't come across the wrong way, I would never abise my power as to access someone's personal data, I mean that would actually make me paranoid, it is just not my character.... I hope with what I wrote above you understand that I had a very Big hit and a bad one at that last year and believe it or not I ma just starting to get registers again. I have ot stop trusting these eager members that want to help and be more I guess like my Developer said professional like, but I have depressiona nd one gets great gratification as well as something to look forward to daily by Volunteering Advocating etc.... Anyways, the only reason I was acting about that feature to be able to access the Pm of my members is because my Admin.. Assistant took it upon himself to just sway my registers to go to a site that he created and steered them right away from me as well as a few members I stated above about 10 joined in on bashing me, it is a shame, but that is the chance one takes withe Supporting Mental Health we "all" even me have our good days and bad day's, it has just come to my attention as well the public bashing is what they are calling it, bashed my group of all places my Sponsors site "NAMI" now Ihaven't heard back or a word from them since last November..... So sorry just felt like I needed to explain my self, and with the above content about Mental Health and the good and bad days I meant that with all "good Intention" I am learning that a lot of my members were taking my kidness as a weakness, and that upset me highly, I can't let others issues get to me... And as for the PM, I decided to not even bother to be honest, I don't want to know what is being said, and it just isn't me, it would make me feel criminal like, UGh, my Dad always said "Jan if people are talking about you behind your back you must be someone important, and special to them or why would they waste their breathe" Thanks I know this is off topic but I just wanted to clear that up for I would "never" abuse a power, it took me 2 years to remove a member, and such member is the one who destroyed my group literally... So I pick up brush off and hit with the with AD's again.. & by all means I made my own bed, I should of acted quicker and by my gut instinct, if I did I wouldn't be or have been in that situation... Thanks for reading Have a good evening Jan
  2. Hi my name is Jan, This is strange that I have come here, which I usually do to read about how this or that works. I have been wanting to do just that, what stated by oringinal poster, for a long time now, I did last year ask my Developer but he said it wasn't possible, but now that I see it is "please" can somone explain it to me, I am Jan I run, and am the Root Admin. @ "bipolar4lifesupport" I had a severe problem last year I could see in my Admin. CP by the bar graph, that there was much activity during these months with the issues per certain members! Ok, BTW: How can i access this feature, to beable to "log in invisible & preview those lurkers PM," I would only do this under certain circumstances ex... one of my long term members started to flame and just bash people (me). I then within two months lost like 10 of my most popular members good friends, and further more had no New Registrations for 5 months. I mean it was like a grave yard. I need that option. Can someone please tell me how to log in invisible, and how, if next time I can check someones PM's? Sorry for the "long" story line, but I can't have that happen again. Thank you Jan Have Faith Give More Expect Less B True 2 U !