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  1. [HQ] Users Wall Of Fame

    Okay, I'll give it a try. Looks funny right now! :) Thanks, wmarcy! NenaDice - Does it have anything to do with the size of my DB/posts/users? When I set it to 1 or 2 users (to show), it's able to populate the 1 or 2. However, when I select 3+, then it starts to miss some. (just a thought...) Also, when I have it both on top and below the index, it actually shows different outputs. Does this mean that it's a query run at every page load? Or is it cached somehow?
  2. [HQ] Users Wall Of Fame

    Hello, Just installed the mod and it looks nice. The only thing is that it's not showing the 5 users (per settings). Instead, it shows 2~3 users, depending on how I refresh the page. My site definitely has enough poster to show all 5 users, so I'm not sure what went wrong. Is there anything I can do to get it the mod to show 5 users for each column? Roger
  3. [IPBLounge] Topic Covers

    Does this mean you've already implemented them and are testing then? :) If so, I can't wait until your next release.
  4. [IPBLounge] Topic Covers

    I'm very tempted to buy the app. However, the forums I want to add it to have 1000+ topics in them already - most of them with a cover image. If there is a way to have the cron job pick up the images, that would be very useful for me (and others, I believe). Is that what "recache" does already (there was no screenshot)? Or, have a page that a pulls in 20+ topics at a time, providing cover image suggestions, and allow the user to approve them in batches. Another option, if possible, would be for the page to pick up the title of the topic and make it into a pseudo image (a large image with big fonts, truncating where it's too long). Lastly, would your app be able to do something like "Best of" for Vanilla Forums? http://vanillaforums.org/bestof/everything in the future? Just throwing around some ideas since the app has so much potential! :)
  5. [IPBLounge] Topic Covers

    Thanks! If there is an image in the topic, the app will pick that up automatically? How is the size of image decided? Is it by views? Posts?
  6. Download: Power Contest

    Does this work on 3.4.x?
  7. [IPBLounge] Topic Covers

    Very cool! Might try it out! Does each topic need to set it's topic cover? Or can that be done automatically? What if a topic doesn't have an image?
  8. Similar Topics

    Is there a way you can add a server load variable to check before searching for similar posts? I want to add this mod for my guest users, but would hate to bring the server down by it. Would be nice if there is a threshold setting so that it'll only display similar posts when load is low and skip it when the server is busy.
  9. ProMenu Plus

    You asking me? http://forum.codecall.net/
  10. ProMenu Plus

    Hello, I just upgraded to 3.0.3 and setup my menus from scratch. Still, the menus are overlapping. I am not sure if you can see in the attachment, but basically, my subforum is blocking the forum dropdown. Thanks, Roger
  11. ProMenu Plus

    Not sure if it's intended, but when I re-save a menu with "Forum Attached", it pulled down the forums again, which causes duplicates. If I save again, it'll have 3 copies. After that, when I see the menu live on my site, it completely distorts the display. I'll try to capture a screen for you later after I reinstall. But you can probably do it on your side. Also, when I'm in footer, should I be able to setup mega menus? When I create a new, I can't see the Mega menu selection.
  12. Links Directory [IP.Board 3.4]

    Weird... pages on the site usually get indexed within a few hours, even if it's not in the sitemap, but I can't see any links that I updated from 2 days ago. Cool - looking forward to your next release.
  13. Links Directory [IP.Board 3.4]

    I inserted some links a couple of days ago and was trying to see if they were indexed by Google already, but I can't seem to find anything. Is the module SEO friendly? http://forum.codecall.net/links/ Also, any plans to allow for bulk updates? I have over 1,000+ links that need to be uploaded. :smile: If so, here are some requirements: - Allow for CSV or XML - Change username for upload (ex: so _admin_ can upload, but it can be under a _bot_ username) - Publish the links over time (_x_ new links per _y_ day) _ RSS feed for new links
  14. Download: (Pav32) Pastebin

    Great plugin! Any plans to allow filtering by "language"? This way, someone can look up code snippets by programming language.
  15. (RC34) Ban Hammer

    Awesome hook! Just installed it on my site! :)