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  1. ​The next page for me just has "Are you sure you want to end and pay out this contest?" and a "Close Contest" button, which promptly closes the contest, with everyone being declared a 'winner' and no one receiving anything. Tie Pick says 'None'. What does a tie breaker have to do with this, though?
  2. Yep, it's non bracket based.
  3. Hey, another question for ya. maybe I just did this wrong, but I created a few contests where the user would put in a player's name as free-form entry. (things like most runs scored in the tournament, etc). It's time to pay up, but I don't see where I can specify the winner. I hit 'Pay out and close contest', and it asks to close the contest, but there's no option to choose the right answer or whatever. How am I supposed to do this?
  4. ​Yeah, that's a tricky problem to solve. For my case, I needed to make brackets where there are two pools of teams, and the top 4 seeds of each pool play each other in a quarterfinal - semifinal - final setup. I tried to play nice but couldn't get the forms to do what I wanted... nothing a quick sql query couldn't solve though.
  5. Lol! From one dev to another, this is epic I upgraded to the newest 5.0.1, and it works great! Many, many thanks for the quick turnaround!
  6. Yes, still having the problem even after re-creating the bracket. Users are able to submit bets, but don't see the Create an Entry button despite it being labeled as "Open". I tried setting the entry fee to 1 instead of 0 just to try it out, but that didn't fix it either. Filling out the bracket after Wednesday morning would be too late unfortunately, so I would really appreciate any help you could give me! I've attached a screenshot for what members see.
  7. I'm using Betting 5.0.0 on IPB 3.4.7, and must be missing something simple.... but I just turned on brackets, created one, and was able to fill it out myself (Add Entry). But none of my forum members see the "Add Entry" button, so they can't fill out the bracket. They can still bet on other things though.. The permissions in the settings don't show anything separate to configure for brackets... How can I get users to fill out the bracket? :/
  8. I can confirm that displaying the icons next to the indicator shows the problem in the screenshot above in IPB 3.3. However, with skin edits, replacing the indicator does work properly.
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