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  1. Great idea for an app, I liked it so much I purchased it. It's nice that you have a demo site but it doesn't really help sell all of the ways it could be used to engage a community. It would be cool if you invited some diehard music lovers to drop by and ask them to engage each other in conversations around various music artists, their albums or individual songs. Their feedback will likely provide you insights into how your product might best evolve from and end user perspective and how best to setup the forums and utilize the app to best engage everyone. If this app could somehow be used to help sell music and concerts (think affiliate marketing) that would increase this products value to perspective customers.
  2. The site is now running 4.3.6 and fully setup with all of the social media logins ready for testing the new release and to troubleshoot your newly added code mentioned above.
  3. Adriano initially released the Clubs Enhancement App. Several months ago he transferred the app over to InvisionHQ. We will have to see if InvisionHQ continues to develop and support the app going forward. In the meantime, Adriano offers up help now and then in regards to issues related to clubs but only to be helpful to the community. Adriano deserves to be commended by the community for that...
  4. Hello @Adriano Faria I reinstalled my forum software today and setup and verified that I could login via LInkedIn, Twitter, Microsoft, Google and Facebook. I then installed your app and was able to create an regular account utilizing an Invitation Code but I can't seem to get your app to work when using social media accounts as mentioned above. As you don't have social media setup on your board to test I encourage you to logon to my board and test out your app. Login credentials have been mailed to your inbox here. If I don't have something setup correctly in my ACP to allow for your app to work as expected please make the appropriate change and let me know. If the site is okay, please make the appropriate changes to your software and feel free to test it out on the site.
  5. You may be considered an authority on SEO with your client base, but having a profile lacking any detail about you and you and your SEO company might put you in the position of not being taken as seriously as you might deserve.
  6. Just because a forum posting has between 200 and 400 hundred written words doesn’t mean that the posting has any meaningful value to the community or to the billions of Internet users (which is the “real” reason search engines index forums). People are becoming increasingly indoctrinated to communicate (via social media sites) with the fewest words possible, as such, they are forgetting to write in a manner that encourages thoughtful and meaningful dialog. Overusing symbols, emoticons, emojis, slang, abbreviations, quotes and embedded pictures and videos all tend to shorten the length and decrease the overall value of a particular conversation. We aren’t charging our members by the word, so why are they so hesitant in using a few extra words here or there to better express themselves. A well-expressed posting will invariably get more reads and follow-ups so it seems like it would be in the best interest of everyone if they upped their game when it came to writing. We all should all strive to encourage our members to post “great” content that will encourage others to post even “greater” follow-up content. Before you know it, each and every forum posting will exceed your requisite 200 to 400 word minimum without requiring any software intervention. We should rely less on addressing problems like you noted in your posting via software engineering and look into how we can solve them via social engineering instead. If a site doesn’t encourage lively and engaging dialogue within their community, maybe it is a good thing that they aren’t readily discoverable via the search engines.
  7. I tested the above scenario with the Microsoft Login and see the same results. If I setup an account without using a Social Media Login the app works as expected. Please provide guidance on how to setup the app to work with Social Media Logins (LinkedIn and Microsoft) as it doesn't seem to work for me
  8. It appears that the Invite System ignores the requirement to utilize the “Invitation Code” when creating an account via LinkedIn. As shown below I left all of the “required” Sign Up fields blank. If a person clicks on the “Sign in with LinkedIn” as shown above they will be directed to the following screen: Upon clicking on “Sign In” button the web browser redirects to the forum with the member showing up as a new member Signed in via LinkedIn. Here is a screenshot of the setting showing that the “Require an invitation to register an account via Social Media” has been enabled. I went ahead and tried again with an “Invitation Code” as shown below: Upon clicking on “Sign In” button the web browser redirects to the forum with the member showing up as a new member Signed in via LinkedIn. When I verify the Invitation Code I find that the app does not show that the code had been claimed.
  9. I hope the plans to address this in 4.4 is that you are announcing a leveraged buyout of all of the social media companies then we can have just one company to work with. ? As that is sadly not likely to happen, I'm looking forward to the better methods of letting us know about this sort of thing.
  10. Have you tried different browsers or a different computer with the same result? You may have some setting enabled or add-on that is messing with the login process.
  11. In the future if you survey your customer base it would be helpful if you made a blog posting about it. "Hey folks, we are going to be sending out surveys to all "registered", hint...hint... customers next Wednesday. Please keep and eye out for it as it could possibly end up in your spam folder. If you haven't received one by (date) please contact us and we will forward you a copy. You could then highlight the purpose of the survey to encourage participation. It would also be nice to have a followup blog, "Hey thanks to those that participated in our recent survey!" Heres a snapshot of what we learned from it and the changes we will be making in the coming year. What you learn from the survey could be entirely different from what your customers intended to convey or your changes may not be what is wanted. The customer base then could let you know that sooner rather than later or ask for some change to pretty please be prioritized. One of the reasons a client may have an inactive license is due to some issue(s) they may have with the software or your company. Being invited to participate in a survey may uncover what those issue(s) might be. Correcting said issue(s) may very well bring that particular customer back into the active customer status. Everyone with a vested interest in your company's success should be surveyed in one fashion or another.
  12. I'm not being difficult here, I'm simply curious. At what point do you regard someone as a customer and included in "our customer base"? I've been a paying member here for some 15 years and have purchased 10 licenses. I have never been "asked" what my opinion might be on anything since becoming a customer. I've stopped and started numerous projects due to one "problem" or another and I find that after many long years of silence decided to be vocal about my concerns. If I had ever been asked about my concerns I would have done so in a less public way.
  13. I think this conversation has brought to light that IPS needs to be more open about their rapid software development process. Some of it works remarkably well and some of it could benefit from improvement. Instead of the customers trying to encourage improvement it would be much better if it was driven from IPS instead. Having an open and honest dialog with your customers will likely uncover ways to improve things with minimal effort on your end to implement. There are also ways your customers could better participate in the process as well.
  14. I hate to be the one to point out (excepting user error) but Updates, Optional Updates, Bugs, workarounds, trouble tickets, whatever you might define as a "problem" are of your company's making. If you can release several updates in a row without any "problems" to fix than "Everything will indeed be fine. We can put our worries behind us, We will all be HAPPY! Until such a happy day comes there is room for improvement on your company's part. A "problem" may not actually be a problem for some sites but could be a real "PROBLEM" for a handful. There is no telling on any particular day what "problem" will be discovered and whether it will have a meaningful impact on your customer base or not. So every "problem" should be treated equally, that is they should be considered a "PROBLEM". If we're going to experience a "PROBLEM" today (or are already experiencing it but don't know it) why wouldn't your company want to let us know as soon as possible?
  15. Even a person that spends a fair amount of time here on the forums can easily miss a conversation about an issue as people tend to talk about multiple issues under one topic. For example I entirely missed the fact that there seems to be problems with "custom fields not being saved during registration". I just ran the " Something isn't working correctly" wizard in my ACP and find that you have released an optional update fixing the custom fields problem. Custom fields are a great value-add to any community and having blank custom fields could cause untold problems for a forum administrator. So this particular optional update "could" be a big deal for some folks. Every hour a site remains unpatched the more cleanup an administrator may have to deal with. Maybe you could add an ACP switch that an admin could toggle (on or off) to be immediately alerted to any new updates or optional updates. When a new update is available an Alert message is posted in the Dashboard and an email is sent. Those that don't enable that toggle have to click on the "Check for Updates" button in the Applications tab or run the Support wizard to learn about anything new. You already have a "Release Notes" page on your website that people can follow, it would be helpful to include another one for Optional Updates that people can follow as well. Maybe you could add a "Known Issues" page as well that people could follow. You could list status for each: *Investigating - Please submit trouble ticket if you are experiencing this issue yourself - We have all of the information we need and will provide a workaround or update soon *Fixed in version 4.x.x or via upcoming optional update that is targeted for release on (date given) Once an Admin applies an optional update there is no visible record that the patch was applied. It would be helpful to create an update log file in the ACP listing the issues being corrected in patch.
  16. As the convertor application has more functionality built in than one would ever guess than there may be value in adding a warning message advising against uninstalling it.
  17. The Marketplace apps are priced to compensate a developer for their time to develop and maintain their app. Each and every app stands on its own. There is no guarantee that any two marketplace apps will be able coexist. As you start adding more and more apps to the mix the more likely there will be a conflict between them. If IPB customers were periodically polled about the 20 most popular apps in the marketplace and which of the other 19 apps they would like made compatible with that app it would be a good starting point to determine pent up demand for compatibility with other apps. If a survey revealed a notable amount of customers wanted App 1 to be compatible with Apps 4, 5 and 11 then the programmers could look at their code and make a determination if they might be able to make their app compatible with each other. The Marketplace programmers then could enter into a discussion with interested parties as to what would be a fair compensation for releasing versions of their app that could be made compatible with certain other apps. Maintaining compatibility with another app does have its drawbacks though. It might prevent a developer from adding certain popular customer requests as adding them might create incompatibilities with one or more other apps. Every developer also has to deal with all of the adds, changes and deletions that IPB introduces into the mix with each new release. It's worth exploring increased compatibility and synergy among other apps but creating and maintaining an app incompatibility list has merit. Each Marketplace app could provide a link to the incompatibility list and ask everyone to review it prior to purchase or requesting support. This will allow everyone to make more informed purchasing decisions going forward and lighten the load for the programmers (and IPB support staff) who spend a fair amount of time trying to troubleshoot compatibility issues with other apps. This is a great discussion, I hope that it will inspire one or more people to step up and help implement what the group decides is best course of action.
  18. Members want a secure site that respects their privacy. You could readily design a platform with countless tweaks to the code to accommodate the "needs" of a few people here and there but each new tweak is costly to develop and maintain. The fact that you are making efforts to look out for your member's best interest should be noted and appreciated. IPB has designed a platform that readily accommodates browsers using default settings (and no plugins) and users exhibiting certain common behaviors. When a member chooses to veer from said conventions then they should expect things not to work or have deal with mechanisms put into place by a website to address the out of norm behavior. It appears emails from your websites are being sent to members who are exhibiting out of norm behavior. It is an informational email requiring no action on the part of the member. They can be readily ignored and deleted with the other unwanted emails that everyone gets throughout the day or it might warn a member that someone has actually compromised their account.
  19. We are living in a world where it is becoming increasingly necessary to consult a lawyer to ensure we operate within the bounds of "all" of the applicable laws. Engaging a lawyer yourself to help you craft a set of Terms and Conditions and Privacy Statement or review one provided by a member here could prove quite costly. If you were to band together with other website owners operating out of your locale you might be able to come up with a set of fill in the blank documents that will meet your collective needs and the price to have the documents reviewed by a legal expert become much more manageable. Maybe you could use the Crowdfunding app in the marketplace to help you raise funds.
  20. StumbleUpon is calling it quits after 16 years. Garrett Camp, the founder of StumbleUpon, wants fans to transition over to his other project, Mix, which he began building back in October 2015, as something like Pinterest for content. https://thenextweb.com/apps/2018/05/24/stumbleupon-is-calling-it-quits-after-16-years/ We will need to create a new Icon and sharing tool to replace StumbleUpon.
  21. I just tried creating a Topic and Calendar in newly created Public, Open, Closed, and Private Clubs and in all cases only one of each was created. I would recommend providing more details about your setup and the steps you took that lead up to this odd behavior so that InvisionHQ or others can help determine the cause. What were the names of the extra features that were created en mass? Has creating additional Topics and Calendars worked in the past?
  22. Feature Request: Allow owner of club to be able to create a set of club rules that individuals have to agree to prior to being granted access to the club. Click "Join Club" a dialog box pops up with club rules and the member has to click on an agreement or cancel button to continue. If they click on the agreement button they are forwarded to the club's home page.
  23. How do I go about removing the club tab in the members profile. If I can't please add it to the Feature Request list.
  24. How do I go about removing the member profile links from appearing as shown below? If I can't, please add it to the Feature Request list.
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