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  1. IPS tends to change policies around the Marketplace with little notice or transparency to the customer base, as such, it's anyone's guess how a customer might best proceed in sponsoring the recreation of an abandoned app and know it will readily be accepted into the marketplace.  It's been quite some time since@Mattoffered to address the issue with his team.  Unfortunately no definitive response has been proffered after some 5 months.

    Developers will come and go, probably more so with the uncertainties of a global pandemic that doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon.  Some apps become integral to a site and continious development and support are important to their remaining online.  

  2. 4 minutes ago, Nathan Explosion said:

    As there isn't any kind of consensus as to whether or not there might be any issue to arbitrarily change third-party database fields then this posting still falls under "Help & Support". 

    "If" such consensus should occur then "our" Community Advocate@Jordan Invision  or other IPS employee should be the one to move this topic to the "Feature Suggestions" forum if they think it warranted. 

  3. 2 minutes ago, Nathan Explosion said:

    Maybe/maybe not - from my own perspective (my apps/plugins) nope, doubt it.

    If there is any doubt as to whether or not changing third-party database fields to InnoDB could cause problems then the ACP warning should "only" warn the administrator of the fact that IPS suite database fields could benefit from being changed to InnoDB and NOT for any database fields created by third-party apps.  

  4. image.png.17ce534a953dc91a321fc7426c962f38.png

    I've gone ahead and changed all of the database tables to InnoDB for all of the IPS tables but the Support tool still complains that my third-party marketplace apps are still using MyISAM.  After reviewing some of these tables I see that the developers use a combination of InnoDB and MyISAM in their apps.

    If you choose to change over to InnoDB for the IPS Suite should one also change all of the third-party database tables for consistency?  Will there be any problems created by doing so? 


  5. @Mark HI was one of the early proponents for improving the Release Notes - Invision Community.

    An area that could benefit from improvement is to highlight "everything" that is deprecated and to give us some advanced warning so that we can take any necessary steps to mitigate their absences.

    Maybe you could create an entry for "Upcoming Deprecations".  You list out any that will be made in the next 4.x.x release and those that might happen further down the road.  


  6. When I enable  PHP version 7.4.16 on my site this app works fine when I click on the following:


    When I enable  PHP version 8.0.3 on my site this app doesn't work:



    If I disable app while running PHP version 8.0.3 I am able to navigate to the Profiles Screen.  This seems to indicate that this app isn't fully compatible with PHP 8.0.3.

    I cleared the system cache after switching between PHP versions. No errors being generated in System or Error Logs.

    Please investigate, Thanks...


  7. 9 minutes ago, Mike Gholson said:

    I tried running an upgrade from 4.5 to 4.6.3 and my website is no longer responding. 

    You might consider reverting back to 4.5 using the full backup you made prior to attempting to upgrade to 4.6.3 and wait for the next release.  If you put in a trouble ticket tonight it might take several days before IPS staff have an opportunity to help you troubleshoot.

  8. 13 minutes ago, Nathan Explosion said:

    What is the reason for the question?

    I was "hoping" that all of your app's  functionality had been natively included by IPS and as such this app was being retired.  Alas, it doesn't sound like that happened, oh well...  Looking forward to your releasing a 4.6 version. 

  9. On 6/4/2021 at 8:20 AM, RevengeFNF said:

    It's still on your plans to update the plugin?


    On 6/4/2021 at 8:39 AM, Nathan Explosion said:


    What features would be included in a 4.6 version that 4.6 doesn't provide natively?

  10. The more details you provide as to your requirements and budget the more likely you will get a response. Many programmers don't respond to these kinds of postings preferring direct contact.  Here is a list of all the programmers:


    Most programmers work part-time as such may not have the time to complete complex projects in a timely fashion or know how to create such an app.  Good luck...

  11. 4 hours ago, Stuart Silvester said:

    We have pushed out a bulletin to those affected

    @Stuart Silvester Did you by chance update this site?  I'm getting an PayPal Error:

    Is the problem being noted on this site related to the hotfix you just released?  Did you include the hotfix in the upgrade script? With a three day weekend coming up have your customers been alerted to any problems they should be aware of and maybe advice folks not to update their site until next week? I hate to have people update their site and think everything is well with their site when it might not be and have only a skeleton support team to address any problems that might pop up.

  12. I would be happy to see a 4.6 compatible version without any new functionality and an update incorporating new ideas down the road. That seems to be the approach other developers are taking.

    18 minutes ago, Umaar said:

    Task & Milestone for club, something like a simple project management.

    Stratagem might fill the bill for you.

  13. @Stuart Silvester It appears that  a site enabling PHP 8 TODAY "might" be problematic as some of the marketplace apps being released as well as your software might have some lines of code that need to be changed to be compatible. Maybe testing your software and approval of marketplace apps might need to be changed to better ferret out those elusive lines of code. 

    How has your process and procedures changed to minimize the occurrences of non PHP 8 compatible code being included in your codebase and marketplace developer's submissions?  What problems still lie undiscovered and what can we all do to help ferret out all of the potential problems as expeditiously as we can. This might best be addressed in a separate forum posting to include more of the community.

    Another thing I have to wonder is how compatible with PHP 8 are all of the third-party addons that the software suite utilizes.  Jumping to PHP 8 TODAY might not be the most prudent course of action for everyone to take.  I'm certainly going to hold off for a few months, maybe others should consider it as well...

  14. I was totally unaware of the additional available constants that @Meddysongmentioned above as they are not listed in the constants.php Help Guide.

    @Stuart SilvesterThere may be value in creating an detailed Help Guide for setting up and utilizing test sites effectively.  Especially considering you rely a great deal on your customers for testing each of your releases, and having fewer support requests benefits everyone.  This could be a collaborative effort between your company and your most knowledgeable customers.

    Being an effective tester requires an entirely different mindset and knowledge base than being a community manager.  That is something you have experience with, why not share your knowledge in an easily digestible fashion.  


  15. When using the 'NEXUS_TEST_GATEWAYS' constant TRUE or FALSE, why couldn't the commerce code be modified to switch between communicating with a payment processor or creating an entry in a Test Payment Logs file viewable in the Support Section of the ACP that a transaction was initiated? 

    image.png.11d44708fc11ddd8fc32c731b3e24519.pngThis way you could test the software suite with live data without the risk of double charging any customer.

  16. I guess your best bet is to submit a trouble ticket and wait. Maybe support can get your site back online without any data loss.  Please figure out a way to get reliable daily backups so you will only lose a day's worth of data if something ontoward goes wrong in the future.

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