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  1. As we have bought and paid for this software, we decided to continue with testing it, and as such we have continued to monitor this duplicate content situation. Now, I know the owners care about this software, so my intent is not to pull it to pieces, but the fact of the matter is, I believe this software to be the culprit for the demise of rankings on my forum. 100% certain of it, and 100% certain that Google is penalising the software. Now, onto this proof that Google are still competing the pages, and punishing threads for it, see this: http://www.google.co...iw=1361&bih=742 Then click on the following: In order to show you the most relevant results, we have omitted some entries very similar to the 2 already displayed. If you like, you can repeat the search with the omitted results included. (click this bit on the above link). The above is the supplementals, that Google see as not being relevant enough to be shown in the SERPS, duplicate content, competing pages, etc. etc. And you will see strings in there, pages, and content that should absolutely not be getting indexed as duplication, and creating this problem. You will also see that page 2 of the thread has been put in there, too, together with other page references. As a result of this duplicate content, the main thread got sandboxed/demoted, when it was in position 2, page 1 originally. I am also finding the xml.gz sitemap outranking threads. Pure craziness.
  2. The results on our forum are going from bad, to worse. I won't go into it again, but we have decided to move away from IPB, and try a different platform. We wish all you guys luck, but this is now costing us money, and serious time chasing a ghost it seems. IPB software is without the doubt the most attractive, and you have a great community here (apart from a few who are offering bad advice where SEO is concerned, but hey, we are all experts aren't we ). Genuinely, and sincerely wish you guys luck. We will make our back ups, and then try another platform. Take care :smile: Steven
  3. Not the entire point. I know that because I started it. There were other issues. It is worth testing, although not just the page 2+, even though our template has now been proven to be fixed, the strings are still indexed, so just waiting for Google to get it's ass into gear and crawl through the whole site again. I'll tell you what we could do with (IE:, me and my techs, without knowing this software that well), is what to block the bots from. I'll give an example, Google bot is always on our forum, never known it not to be, and when I check where it is, 99 times out of 100, it is crawling users/members, or something stupid, which has no benefit whatsoever. I do not see any point in indexing members profiles personally, and then they get indexed as core links associated with the forum. This search issue too, has still not been resolved, do we block bots from searching, the search box, etc, and how?
  4. I have tried to use a javascript before onto a thread, which did not work (even with HTML setting selected), probably due to security issues although it did work on IPContent. But is there a way to use an email capture script, for example from Aweber directly into a forum post. There has to be surely, maybe just for admins to use? Thanks.
  5. Problem with that Paul, is the weight of the content will be discounted, as we have proven weight and content, comments with 'do follow' to be proven to be good factors in ranking, as otherwise the fresh content from the page 2 posts, and benefit goes out the window. Saying that, I was tempted just to lock certain threads to avoid the page 2 situation, which is probably too dramatic but would achieve the same.
  6. + It has 3 pages from the same thread indexed as separate entities. It has to be tongue in cheek ;) Chances are the pages fix is months down the line, and testing this page number suggestion alone would be interesting, it certainly cannot do any harm as a little lighthearted viewing.
  7. We could maybe test it on this forum, then see what happens to the 20 pages of this thread.
  8. Haha, AOL was the first ever ISP I had all those years ago, so they still hold some email addresses I still need. Apart from that, no :smile: By the way, here is a picture of the banner on AOL, just out of interest: http://screencast.com/t/lbdOu2U0M
  9. Spiders don't think, they just act according to their algorithms. I see it every day with clients who come crying to us asking how to fix the punishments given to them, but it is usually terminal. I knew you would see it, Marcher. A similar thread on my forum returned 529 results, with 400+ of them being in the supplementals.
  10. I think this thread is detracting from the issue now. The word manipulation (which in my opinion is a red herring to detract from the issue) was mentioned is quite a few posts, which is the total opposite of the issues that are being raised, so I will say this: Take a look at the following link, which is the Google listings for the title of this very thread: http://www.google.co...iw=1334&bih=715 Then ask yourself if Google would see such saturation as beneficial to their searchers. Then ask yourself what Google might do about it. If after viewing that link the problem does not become obvious (well, one of the problems), then this thread will not have achieved very much, and we are just wasting breath. Forget about the detraction of 'manipulation', we are talking about BASICS here, as the above link will show.
  11. This forum is an authority, PR7, more back-links that you can count (almost 30,000 back-links), and It could rank for pretty much any keyword (or phrase) in the world if you wanted it to.
  12. You make me smile, Shigure. You are like a breath of fresh air, in a world hell-bent of making profits. :smile:
  13. Correct, but as I am about to point out, this is not about general SEO tactics, that are change with the Google wind. If I was the owner of this forum software, I would have my team all over this like situation like a proverbial rash. Let's put it that way. We are not talking about general SEO ranking, we are talking about IPB software being indexed in an unorthodox fashion. And this is not about "do this, and do that, or try that", this needs fixing at a core coding level. Matt knows this. Edit: This could be something so small in the scripting, that it has been overlooked. I was reading about the history of Matt and Charles earlier, JEG, IkonBoard, etc; just to get a grasp of the people I am dealing with here, and the capability is obviously there, which makes me believe this is something small, that just needs fine-tuning. Please, don't discount it. I get the feeling that SEO is something of a hot potato on this forum, when really it should be something you can promote as a viable aspect of the IPB software, just like your competitors do.
  14. I went onto AOL UK today, and there was a small pop banner that went near the bottom of the website, mentioning "by using this websites, you are accepting that......blah, blah...." that was there for all of 5 seconds, and then vanished, never to be seen again.
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