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  1. (VQ) Paste Board System

    Maybe it's my fault, but for me the spacing doesnt work.. Look example - I added some snapshots. I pasted this kind of code, before are spaces and etc.. And the result went like that, so messed up :/
  2. Download: (DK34) TeamSpeak 3 Count Tab

    Community link: http://vip.ee/ (change theme from bottom of the page) Mhh.. I don't have any hook what changes navigation bar..
  3. Download: (DK34) TeamSpeak 3 Count Tab

    Hei :) Tab doesn't come to navigation bar.. Am I doing something wrong. I downloaded it - uploaded from Upload folder to home directory. And installed hook - also gave permissions.. but no results. :(
  4. Bought it via invisionpower - so I can't get upgraded?