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  1. I noticed the other day that it is having issues in IE, has that been fixed yet?
  2. So quick question, how did you get those symbols in front of each tab on the navigation?
  3. Ya i will, we are currently in the process of changing the domain name so it may be a few days.
  4. No the block isnt showing up right.
  5. Having a little bit of an issue. I think someone had custom coded on my article view and it looks nothing like how it should on the portal page. Any help is appreciated.
  6. No I am refering to the social icons at the top next to sign in, I think they could be better streamlined with the skin.
  7. Also is there anyway I can get a reduction in the price sense I already purchased the Live Streams app. Just curious. Not trying to cheat ya lol
  8. Also do you think we could rework the social media icons to be more present and blend better with the skin? I can submit some PSD's if you would like.
  9. When will the next version be released? I really like this skin.
  10. Maxx 2013: The Smart one

    Is this theme easy to customize via code or just through the settings provided?
  11. (SD) Xbox Live LeaderBoards

    Though I do think eventually seeing a Playstation version of this and maybe a Steam one would be very useful and cool as well.
  12. (SD) Xbox Live LeaderBoards

    Adding a gamertag to friendslist and sending a message to that gamertag would be very difficult to do since that would require access to microsoft servers.
  13. (SD) Xbox Live LeaderBoards

    Upload the image to your current skin for it to work. Master is just an example.
  14. Maxx 2013: The Smart one

    Ajouz do you do any minor custom work for customers who purchase you skins or guide them through the process maybe?
  15. (SD) Xbox Live LeaderBoards

    Ability to manually add games and allow users to add those to their list. My friends-list still wont load and the games list is not loading properly