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  1. It's not an 'external factor' for me, the option about disable localStorage is in any browser. And cause a "ips is undefined" that break all javascript in the entire CMS, at least it's a best practice imho to avoid this kind consequences for a feature that it's used for... draft save? Now i need to understand how to hack IPB sources. Disappointed.
  2. Done. The reply: "this is not something in which we would assist".
  3. In our community (recently migrated from 3.x to 4.4.2) we have a lots of reports about TypeError: window.localStorage is null[Learn More] root_library.js.a6b4893f65078091d71919b6cdd2567e.js:15:150 that cause after a TypeError: ips is undefined[Learn More] root_js_lang_1.js.4720e043db5682bf10e246e4bd60bba1.js:1:1 and totally break the possibility to use the editor. localStorage it's disabled by privacy-aware browser extensions. People reproduce it also in standard IPB4 demo. I understand it's a restricted userbase for you, but i'm hosting a forum dedicated to privacy, and a lots of people have this issue and i absolutely need a workaround. I'm investigate this issue, but maybe someone have already a suggestion. Thanks. Edit: in Firefox the issue can be emulated with about:config -> dom.storage.enabled -> enable:false
  4. On my IPB4.4.2 (but also here on https://invisioncommunity.com/) Chrome -> Inspect -> Audits -> Run audits It's possible to update jQuery (still 2.x?) without wait a new IPB release? Thanks.
    Excellent, some little feature missing: 1- In forum view, the hovercard show a "There was a problem loading this content." when profile view is not allowed. It's possible to have a better feedback for users? like "Profile view locked" 2- Feature request: In an old IPB3.x i have a similar hook that allow also the option of "Friends" (Followers in IPB4). Thanks.
  5. Hi, in the old IPB 3.x the "Best Answer" if exists it's showed at the top of the topic. In this extension, if i understand correctly, are only marked. It will be possibile to dump the "Best Answer" if exists under the question (with a special green css) (duplicated, showed also in posts in correct order)? Thanks.
  6. Not only the $password field are encoded with HTML entities, also $username. Maybe also $email_address? Specify it in the documentation.
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