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  1. And answer he gave on page 4 :)
  2. Hi Tom ! Just, if you have a moment, may I ask you how to simply change the logo ? The rest isn't important to me, but I'd just like the logo to be customized :) Many thanks !
  3. Many thanks to you, Ajouz :) I'll try that in a few minutes. Just to know, will you please improve the way backgrounds chosen are kept in memory ? >_< Seems like everyday, my members have to choose once again which one they would like...
  4. Many thanks for your help and suggestion, Ajouz ! :smile: Just to know though, do you have answers for the other problem I evoked ? And will you consider my suggestions ? :smile:
  5. Just a bump because I noticed that though I chose a 24 hour format, the date displayed for the messages posted is, for example "28 juin 2013 - 05:54" instead of "28 juin 2013 - 17:54"... Is that normal ? Just to remind you, I'm using the 1.4.0 version.
  6. Just a bump to ask how the skin keeps in mind that the user chose this background instead of that one. Because I have noticed that I often go back to the default one (style1)...
  7. Okay, many thanks to you two ! :D
  8. Great, thanks. I'll test it too then, and report any bugs if they are some.
  9. Thanks xbn-tpn, I hadn't seen this option, sounds got disabled ! Good to see some members are helping the others here :) Regarding the 1.4.1 final version, do you have any ETA, Pete ? And will it be free ? At last, I'm sorry if that question seems stupid but what does "transferring shoutbox's files from scratch" mean, please ? >_< Because I got a very similar bug with the ibEconomy mod, and am trying to fix it. Thanks again !
  10. Thanks ! Is it fixed in 1.4.1 beta 1b ? Are other important bugs on 1.4.0 and 1.4.1 beta 1b versions ? :) Many thanks !
  11. Hi Pete ! I unfortunately get a very disturbing problem. Is installed the 1.4.0 version of your Shoutbox on my 3.4.5 board, and when my members click on the "My preferences" button, and disable the sound alerts, it does nothing, even after a refresh. Any idea on how I could fix this issue ? Many thanks !
  12. Just three more suggestions BTW : I believe you should... Add language files for the slider welcome message, the link to customize themes, and the "Normal" and "Performance" mode. Let admins choose who can customize their skin. Give to the members an option to disable the slider, so that they can use "Normal" mode without it if it slows the loading of the page. (That seems important for me) Just trying to give ideas, so that your skin gets even better :) Warm regards.
  13. Thanks for all the info you provided, Ajouz ! Unfortunately, my developer just did an edit that created something I'd like to change. I usually find myself how to do the edits I wish, but this time, it's a bit hard regarding our knowledge. So... We have added a "margin-top" at the top of the page so that our banners would be displayed. See screen below. But, unfortunately, it also affects the performance mode, as shown underneath. How may I do so that this margin-top would only be efficient on the normal mode, and not the performance mode ? Many thanks to you if you could help, I would be warmly grateful.
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