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    PasXal reacted to Adriano Faria in Linked Accounts - Post As   
    Compatible with IPS 4.4.
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    PasXal reacted to TAMAN in Magnum Theme [ support topic ]   
    VERSION -4.2.6: Support for IPS 4.4.x  
    How to update?
    Use ( Upload a new Version )

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    PasXal got a reaction from TAMAN in Magnum Theme [ support topic ]   
    Thanks for the answer 🙂
    I would have expected it to take longer, thanks for your fast and always good work! 
    @Joel R
    I know it will take longer and don't expect all mods for 4.4 to be directly available, so I'll wait to upgrade my forum. 🙂  
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    PasXal got a reaction from TAMAN in Magnum Theme [ support topic ]   
    Okay, I have now opened a ticket.
    Unfortunately also happens in the default theme.
    Thank you for your help!
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    PasXal reacted to All Astronauts in Store Products Widget   
    Will give a look
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    @All Astronauts
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    PasXal reacted to TAMAN in Magnum Theme [ support topic ]   
    Sorry i don't understand, what icon? if you talking about userbar icons then nothing comes from the theme, whatever icons you see on userbar its its either the core functionality or comes from a plugins and applications.
    have you edited or deleted any any templates? css customization's? 
    If so, then please update the theme to recover the changes you have done or try a fresh install  ?
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    PasXal reacted to Nebthtet in Store Products Widget   
    Unfortunately 4.3 beta breaks looks of this super useful plugin
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    PasXal reacted to TAMAN in Magnum Theme [ support topic ]   
    .ta_Header .ta_headerContainer{background-color: transparent!important}  
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    PasXal got a reaction from Igor Denisov in Magnum Theme [ support topic ]   
    Can the customer get a "beta" to test the new settings and new colors?
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    PasXal reacted to TAMAN in Magnum Theme [ support topic ]   
    There is a setting in the same tab right below that Body background gradients in the image, named  "Remove image if slider layout is set Wide"  Just disable the setting 
    btw this theme for IPS 4.2 is compeltly new even colors and header shape, plus lots of more settings you can chnage the whole theme colors within settings now there is also news ticker, social links on header, footer, or fixed to sidebar a lot of changes in slider for example excluding it on specific pages like login, register....etc  
    So i suggest anyone who recently bought it not to customize a lot and waste your time because in 4.2 you have to reinstall this theme as a new one, using "Upload a new version" doesn't work 

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    PasXal reacted to TAMAN in Magnum Theme [ support topic ]   
    Of course  
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    PasXal reacted to tsdevelopment in (itzverified) member verification   
    At the moment this is not possible. I put it on my feature list.
    At the moment this is not possible. Originally the plugin has been developed for our Phantasialand Community. Can you explain what are your needs? The I will put it on my list.
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    PasXal reacted to Ahmad E. in TS3 Integration   
    No, I have been dealing with alot of stuff recently and I didn't even get the time to check the posts on here.
    I will ask a moderator to take down the app for the time being. Do not worry, you will NOT lose anything, when I am done re-doing it and this time it will be released when it is actually DONE. Everyone who purchased this version of the integration will get the new version for "free" (not really since you paid already, with 1 year support).
    I am deeply sorry for the long wait and everything but I really cannot change that . I will keep the current version working on the latest IPS version and send you guys the download in a PM.
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    PasXal reacted to Charles in IPS Community Suite 4.0.0 Release Candidate Available   
    We are happy to release the Release Candidate of IPS Community Suite 4.0.0!
    This means we have left the beta stage where things are unsupported and known to be broken and enter the period between that and final. The Release Candidate phase allows us to partially support the Suite without committing our full resources to it. This step also means that there will still be some bugs in the system but they should not be major issues any longer.
    You can download IPS Community Suite 4.0.0 RC1 in your client area. IPS Community in the Cloud clients can request upgrades through support. If you are using our Chat product please note that it is not yet available for version 4.0.0 so please do not upgrade if Chat is required.

    Release Candidate Schedule
    This is the first Release Candidate and we plan on having several RCs that will be released every few days over the next couple weeks. By doing a rapid release schedule it will allow us to get fixes out to you very quickly and ensure things are as stable as possible for the final, fully supported release.
    Beta Testers
    Everyone at IPS greatly appreciates those of you who participated in the beta testing phase. If you did you use beta releases you can upgrade from Beta 8 to RC1 however you may wish to consider a fresh upgrade from 3.4.7 just to ensure you are not carrying over any beta quirks through to RC and final.
    Important Support Note
    Release Candidates will be partially supported only.
    There will be bugs in the Release Candidates. Do not use Release Candidates if any sort of issues will impact your ability to enjoy your site.
    We will assist you in support with any major problems in installing or upgrading from 3.4.7 to make sure your install is online. However, once the site is online and functional, other less critical bugs may be deferred until the next release to fix those issues. We do plan on a fast update schedule but it does mean you may not get fixes for several days.
    To reiterate: we will assist with major problems that make your Suite not function (install issues, upgrade issues, major problems) but you may have to wait for update releases for other issues. Please keep these support limitations in mind when choosing to use a Release Candidate.
    Our Thanks
    IPS Community Suite 4.0 took at lot longer than we thought it would as we changed the focus of the Suite and were forced to extend our workload and therefore timeline. We are sorry for these delays and we do hope that you see it will be worth it in the end. IPS4 is a great platform and we are very excited to start adding lots of fun features throughout this year.
    For right now we are only posting this announcement here on our forums so only people like you who closely follow IPS are aware. We will announce to a broader audience as it progresses.
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    PasXal reacted to Mark in IPB4 reCAPTCHA Change   
    This will be in the next beta  
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    PasXal reacted to Vince G. in (IM) Custom Forum Blocks   
    Mod Updated.
    - 2.1 - Fixed issue with mobile skin not working when turning this modification on. (this fix applies to the IPB 3.2, 3.3, 3.4 versions)
    Mobile skin should work now.
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