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  1. Is it possible to get like a for those not selected and keep the for selected ? makes it easier to read, any help on that :)
  2. Will doublecheck the updated files of javascript :smile: Yeah double checked it all overwritten from old ones, works with 1 3rd party skin, but does not work with default IPB theme. Worked before update.
  3. Running 3.4.5 and the Change status does not work. gonna upgrade to 3.4.6 soon to see if that helps anyways. but nothing happends if you click the button.
  4. How can i remove "Quote" from been posted in the topic, looking to make the topic a bit more sleeker. Thanks upfront.
  5. Is it possible to add this thing to the calendar aswell (gonna use it for a RSVP) and custom profile info should be shown in the calendar RSVP side. Thank you upfront.
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