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  1. vBulletin to IPBoard...

    Okay... now is about theme customanization... Can I made my own theme integrating the f
  2. vBulletin to IPBoard...

    Thank you for the reply. Now other question.. I want to a forum only to my clients, so how do I configure iPB to when users register, the default usergroup have not permission to see/post on some forums?
  3. vBulletin to IPBoard...

    I will use WHMCS... And about the license type?
  4. vBulletin to IPBoard...

    I use WHMCS for support/billing. I will search about Nexus and I back here :) And about the license type?
  5. vBulletin to IPBoard...

    I am really newbie about choose the best forum platform... I am a hosting company and I want to do a clients forum... ipboard should be better? Also, I will need a standard license or a business license? I will not sell anything in the forum...
  6. Ipboard

    IPBoard... I think he is great, and his Mobile Style, is the best think for me. He is fast and a lot of thinks is good.