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  1. Widget not showing. In error logs Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in .../applications/core/sources/classes/twitterTimeline.php on line 212 Nevermind...on line 212 change foreach( $tweets as &$tweet )to foreach( $tweets as $tweet )
  2. On live 3.4.5 server same problem.
  3. Dawid, I have last IP.Board 3.4.5. But tested Global Sidebars only on local server.
  4. DawPi, just got Global Sidebars. In your screenshots I see full editor, but I don't have it. Only form for text, without any buttons. How I can enable ckeditor in this app? Thank you.
  5. I don't know... Checked out a few pages in different browsers. Did not notice.
  6. Small issue with Notification List icon (in user notification options). Problem solved when I remove .inline {display: inline !important;} from tctc91_general.css This is the right decision?
  7. Ok, another issue: Than I change language, forum fly to white screen.. PHP Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message 'output is not an object' in C:OpenServerdomainsipbadminsourcesbaseipsRegistry.php:1112 Stack trace: #0 C:OpenServerdomainsipbadminsourcesbaseipsRegistry.php(1210): ipsRegistry::getClass('output') #1 C:OpenServerdomainsipbadminapplications_addonotherlinkssourcesclassLinks.php(124): ipsRegistry->__get('output') #2 C:OpenServerdomainsipbadminapplications_addonotherlinksapp_class_links.php(35): links->__construct(Object(ipsRegistry)) #3 C:OpenServerdomainsipbadminapplications_addonotherlinkssourcesclasseslinkModeration.php(31): app_class_links->loadLinksClass(Object(ipsRegistry)) #4 C:OpenServerdomainsipbadminapplications_addonotherlinksextensionsmemberSync.php(37): linkModeration->__construct(Object(ipsRegistry)) #5 C:OpenServerdomainsipbadminsourcesbasecore.php(2250): linksMemberSync->__construct() #6 C:OpenServerdomainsipbadminsourcesbaseipsMember.php(979): IPSLib::runMemberSync('onProfileUpdate', Array) #7 C:OpenServerdomainsipbadminsourcesclassesclass_localization.php(240): IPSMember::save('1', Array) #8 C:OpenServerdomainsipbadminsourcesbaseipsRegistry.php(609): class_localization->__construct(Object(ipsRegistry)) #9 C:OpenServerdomainsipbadminsourcesbaseipsController.php(77): ipsRegistry::init() #10 C:OpenServerdomainsipbadminsourcesbaseipsController.php(64): ipsController->init() #11 C:OpenServerdomainsipbindex.php(25): ipsController::run() #12 {main} thrown in C:OpenServerdomainsipbadminsourcesbaseipsRegistry.php on line 1112 Like on demo site :smile:
  8. Another problem after update to 4.0.9 Add new link without problem, but when I click to link, I see only website bar (Back to...) Old link from 4.0.8 open without problem Test on localhost - only bar and wite screen, target site don't loading Sorry, this is AdBlock :smile:
  9. Links 4.0.9 "Link Subtext - First X Characters of Link Description" don't work, just empty space in category view. With URL and Rating no problem. Thanx.
  10. Ok, create topicid, and database error has disappeared. But.. Create new topic with table - no problem, topic created Create topic without table - again error Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in C:OpenServerdomainsipbhooksbbcodeTables_finalize_xxx.php on line 81
  11. Update to 1.1.7 Beta 2 (localhost) After Post New Topic or reply from More Reply Options - database error Disable Custom BBCode Tables and: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in C:OpenServerdomainsipbhooksbbcodeTables_finalize_xxx.php on line 81
  12. 1.1.7 Beta 1 on localhost 1. When I edit table and save the post: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in C:OpenServerdomainsipbhooksbbcodeTables_update_xxx.php on line 41 2. Don't find language string for Add Column and Delete Column
  13. Oops, I already got 3.0.5 :smile:
  14. Yes, I have lates Simplify (1.0.9), got it six days ago :smile:
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