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  1. customizable reputation

    i cant edit the post :( but i wanted to add to that users should be able to remove rep they give
  2. customizable reputation

    Well what i mean by this is, you can only give 1 rep point to a user, well add the option to the rep system to allow members to choose how ever many points they want to give to that member based on how many points each group can give per day. i hope this makes sense if not let me know and i will make things a little more clear. edit: and also allow the option for members to add rep via user profile and or in forums
  3. Please Revert the Moderating Team Page

    there is an app for this you guys do know this right ?
  4. Download: Hide Links Until Reply

    ok so we have to wait for an update than
  5. Download: Hide Links Until Reply

    ok im sorry here Error: 1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'AND author_id=0' at line 1 mySQL query error: SELECT pid FROM posts WHERE topic_id= AND author_id=0
  6. Download: Hide Links Until Reply

    this is the error im getting and there isnt an exact database error http://gyazo.com/eb5acda101e0536f3f612bc8bf120853 and im using 3.2.x now reading im amusing its just the version of ibp because u didn't make for for 3.2 but im hoping its not lol
  7. Youtube Videos In Profile

    edit: its fixed i was copying the wrong id for the video
  8. Youtube Videos In Profile

    i have tried both url and id
  9. Youtube Videos In Profile

    i am using a url
  10. Youtube Videos In Profile

    i installed it but when you go in your profile and add a video nothing shows up just a white box see http://gyazo.com/897e754ce5d36a2cc91ccd86e34377d9 its also not any where on the profile page when u go to view your profile http://gyazo.com/c637d44c991780f031a4fff894209fb5
  11. Download: Hide Links Until Reply

    I keep getting a drive error There appears to be an error with the database when the hooks enabled ive tried a few thing but i cant fix the issue.
  12. Quick Manage Forums

    Nevermind! It not from this hook! im actually having trouble uploading any hooks :/
  13. Quick Manage Forums

    I just purchased this! Uploaded the files in "upload" folder i get this error....