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  1. X-ologist


    Hello.. I came here for a question, but I fixed it. Anyhow.. Hello M3rk! Hope you're doing well.
  2. Since you already saw post above, you prob wouldnt see an edit. (Excuse the double post) , one of my admins fixed everything and got it working on mobile skin as well. Is there supposed to be anything on: ACP > "Other Apps" > "two step authentication" ?? , I still get: IP.Board Message We could not find a member with that ID. Please try again.
  3. Hello! I'm having a problem with your mod. it works fine on the normal (PC) skin. However, on Mobile skin, it gives me the following error: Fatal Error: Call to a member function twostepauthForm() on a non-object in: .../public_html/ioscheaters/admin/applications_addon/other/twostepauth/sources/classes/twostepauth.php on line 235 Also, on ACP.. when I click on "Other Apps" > "two step authentication" , I get redirected to the "Members" tab, with the following error: IP.Board Message We could not find a member with that ID. Please try again. Please help me fixing this
  4. X-ologist

    Member Map

    ​Thank you, I looked through there and didn't see member maps. Somehow I see I see it now. Thank you.
  5. X-ologist

    Member Map

    Is there a way to turn off notifications? I have 100,000+ members.. ofcourse im the admin and everyone wants to be my friend. I'm getting a LOT of notifications due to it. How can I turn it off?
  6. ​Hello Mike, I have rebuild Cache for all skins all together and for a singular particular skin. I have also tried reuploading the hook, but then I get this error: I have also tried uninstalling the hook and installing a fresh copy.. then I get this: I have also opened a ticket with IPB.. all they tell me is: we can't help you, ask the hook developer. I really dont know what else to do. I can five you access to my website if you like.. my username and pass
  7. Hello, I am getting this error when I turn this hook on: Fatal error: Method hookDonateSidebar does not exist in cnsSkinBoards in /home/xologist/public_html/admin/Firefox/sources/classes/output/publicOutput.php on line 4051 How can I fix it?
  8. Hello, I am getting this error when I enable the hook: Fatal error: Method tbSruiHook does not exist in cnsSkinGlobal in /home/xologist/public_html/ioscheaters/admin/sources/classes/output/publicOutput.php on line 4051
  9. I am getting this error when I turn ON the the hook: Fatal error: Method hookUserOnline does not exist in cnsTopic in /home/xologist/public_html/ioscheaters/admin/sources/classes/output/publicOutput.php on line 4051
  10. This is what I get when I enable your hook: Fatal error: Method hookMembersOnlineToday does not exist in cnsSkinBoards in /home/xologist/public_html/ioscheaters/admin/sources/classes/output/publicOutput.php on line 4051
  11. Hello, I am getting the following error when uploading the hook: [#1110] There was no XML file uploaded. Please try again. What can I do??
  12. So is this mod still working, yes or no?
  13. Just wanted to thank Mr. IPBPlanet for helping me out and resolving the issue. Just posting here my thanks so other people can see he's a helpful member. Thank you.
  14. Hello, I have a Problem - When I go on IP.Chat (live chat) and I click on a person's name who is also on chat, no window pops up, so I can't "kick, ban, private chat..etc" Please help me.
  15. X-ologist


    Thanks for all the help Mark! Everything works great now. @people / Everyone, don't hesitate to contact Mark. He's awesome and very helpful!
  16. X-ologist


    PM sent. Sent you some login info.. that's why I chose to send a PM.
  17. Hello, How can I make the left side panel smaller? It's too big to the sides..
  18. X-ologist


    My links stopped working. Clicking on PM, Notifications... etc on Firefox and Google Chrome. I deleted the theme and uploaded it again... problem persists :( any help?
  19. I support this hook. Was requested by me, and works great!
  20. X-ologist


    Hello.. Could you please add to this app the ability for members of a team to be able to create and reply to topics inside their own team?? I will definitely buy this in a heart beat once that has been added to this application. Please please add it.. I really need this app with that.
  21. It was working.. not anymore. Now I get: Maybe amazon updated something? Maybe you need to update to a new version?
  22. How do you enable the code just in the main page /forum ??? I'm lost..
  23. I just edited my post, had to increase Max_upload_limit thank you
  24. I'm having a problem importing the images. I go to import skin.. then browse for the images archive, and I select "images-sylo.xml.gz" .. I click "import" and I get this message: "Import Failed: Nothing to import!" FIXED had to increase the Max_upload_limit it's set to 2mb. I changed it. For other people, ask your host. They will change it for you.
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