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  1. On my page it is working....
  2. Hi Midnight - that's fine. Just to clarify my wishes and how much to pay: In every view the home team has to be mentioned first. The numbers behind the teams should be (win / ties / losses) There should be the possibility to save a general icon for ties Please let me know how much this would cost and how to pay.... Thanks for your great job!
  3. Hi Mikey, since month no updates and bugfixes.....what has happened? I think it's necessary to solve at least the time issue bugs.... Please have a look to my postings #258 and #260!
  4. ....if users would be able to upload photos from mobile devices with a comment in an easy way - of course it should be visible for all others easily, too. This would be exactly what I was asking :) Thanks for your feedback. Are there any plans to establish such a feature?
  5. ....so please let me know about the price. is there a good possibility to use the app for the world soccer championship / FIFA World Cup 2014?
  6. Hi Midnight, did you also had the chance to change the hometeam to be always the first mentioned team? At the moment the teams are always mentioned in alphabetically order.....
  7. Hi, I would like to know if it is planned to add such a feature mentioned above. We have a motorbike community and our bikers like to post photos and comments of their current trip including posting their current location. Would be great if this could be done via mobile style...... Thanks for your feedback!
  8. Hi Midnight, as I already wrote - take your time! You are doing a great job!
  9. Very important question.....I am very interested in the answer too!
  10. Is there a demo or could you please explain a little more in detail? Thanks for your feedback / support!
  11. Hi Midnight, only to verify the right understanding. Please check the sreenshot below: If I do not use the checkbox for "Hometeam" everything is fine, but then both teams are shown as "Neutral Team"on the betting screen .... if I use the checkbox to choose the Home Team the two positions will be changed like in the screenshot... What happens if I do not use the checkbox for the Hometeam - is there a special calculation behind? Hopefully it's clear now, please let me know if there is something to specify.....
  12. Hi Midnight, Thanks for your feedback! As I told you before, keep calm you are doing a great job! Your app is running well and all those other things are kind of cosmetic changes / improvements! If you are able to change the way home teams are shown in title and overview in any of your next versions it would be great. I am gonna to donate for that - no problem for me. The only form where to see which is the home team currently is the view where you can bet - all other views are shown in the wrong way (for German users). Thanks again, have a Merry Christmas!
  13. Hi Midnight, thanks again for your feedback. It would be great to get the home team listet first - let me how much and how I can donate / spend money for your support! The second question regarding the results in the brackets seems to be a misunderstanding. My question is about the following: The numbers in brackets behind the teams should show wins - ties - losses In your app it's wins, losses, tie Maybe it would be possible to adjust this also for the German bets? Thanks for your support!
  14. Hi, okay - hopefully I got it working :) Next topic for my users is the following: In the German football league always the first team in the title is the home team - in your app it is the other way round. Also the results in the brackets (matches won, losses, and ties) is in Germany won, tie, loss. is there any chance to get this in the "German way" ? Thanks for your feedback!
  15. Hi Midnight, we just wanted to start betting on our page and created a category with a lot of matches......but we didn't create the category as a contest......right now the matches didn't start.....how to edit this category as a contest? Further on I created a second category (without any matches) and I need to delete this category. How to do this? Thanks for your support!
  16. We tried on our testpage several contests. After closing them the categories are moved to the category "view old categories" and some are still visible in the part of contests in the middle of the start page. In this contest category there always the same closed contests shown even if they are very old.....the newer ones are not shown there (only if they are still open) Maybe there should be the newest open and the newest closed shown - am I right? Is there a way to edit this?
  17. My betting app is not live, I am still in the preparation phase and waiting for the new release to go live on my live page. So I can't support you in bigger testing..... Take your time!
  18. Keep calm :) you are doing a great job! :) :)
  19. Any chance to get a logo for tie result? :)
  20. Really great job - many, many thanks for your effort! Two more questions from my side how to handle the following things: Is there a favorite way to handle next summer the football world championship? How would you handle the 1. German football Bundesliga - this means each (34) week/weekends with 9 x2 team match ups..... e.g. a category for each week and each week with 9 match ups? Or would it be better to define the Bundesliga as a category?.....any other idea? Are there already any German users using this app?
  21. Okay, now it seems to be clear. Maybe a a logo for the tie would be "nice" or remove the standard one..... :) Happy to test the new app..... Thanks for all your great job!
  22. I need once again your support in using the app. How to handle the parameter "use/allow ties" in case this checkbox is activated there are two more options choosing the winner of match. Could you please help me once more and explain what is meant and how to handle? E.g. in case of a 2 team matchup: BVB against FCB with the result of 1:1 One more question: how to use the logo of a tie - there is no real logo visible, how to change this? Thanks for your support and feedback!
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