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  1. The documentation doesn't mention what this URL would be. Any guidance?
  2. When I get a chance, I'll take a look on my friend's iPad and see what I can do. Thanks for the notification :)
  3. From what I've seen in the vB5 demo, IP.B is like lightspeed.
  4. File Name: EVE Online File Submitter: Atti File Submitted: 13 Sep 2012 File Category: Miscellaneous Skins ** NOW WITH FLUID SUPPORT ** (Download EVE-Fluid-1.0.zip for fluid skin) Note: If you guys want, please do PM me your site URLs, I'd love to see the skin on your sites ^^ The perfect skin for a EVE Online fan site, or corporation site. Works with: - IP.Board - IP.Calendar - IP. Downloads - IP.Content Demo site coming soon, but screenshots should be sufficient for now. Click here to download this file
  5. <--- In the UK and not complying because it's another ridiculous law to come out of the EU.
  6. You do realise this contains copyrighted images and trademarks which you can't charge for, right?
  7. Awesome work! I can't wait until this is released [:
  8. I can provide full support to any who wish to change the width, even to fluid. I've set it to this width so that it covers more of a range of computer screens. Unfortunately most of us don't have 1920 x 1080px screens >.<
  9. Demo is now available here: http://www.atticuswebdesign.co.uk/development/skinchange.php?id=4 As always, if you have any suggestions at all, or find any bugs, please do contact me here. As I provide free support for all purchases.
  10. Over the next few days, I should have a test board ready!
  11. Not at the moment, sorry! I'm in the process of setting one up, the thing is, I can't afford a second licence, so unless I can use my test site...
  12. File Name: Metro by Atticus File Submitter: Atticus Web Design File Submitted: 05 May 2012 File Category: Light Skins Demo site is live at http://www.atticuswebdesign.co.uk/ Metro is a simplistic, minimalist skin inspired by the Microsoft Metro Design. It's easy to use and customise to your needs and is flexible to work with most, if not all, compatible apps. The current confirmed list of compatible applications are as follows: IP.Content IP.Nexus IP.Blog IP.Downloads IP.Chat IP.Calendar Please use the support topic to receive support for the skin as I will not be replying to PMs about it. Click here to download this file
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