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  1. Theme updated for the new 4.2.x Also available for 4.1.x
  2. It was a long time I updated this application. I think It has changes a bit. I´m very confused. Before It show all children at the main page under the category. Now It´s hidden.
  3. I only said how It looks at my site. The awards working att all places like profile and the popup, but in the main page It´s empty.
  4. The main award page is empty, but member popup work!
  5. I can also test. Pm sent!
  6. I use photoshop and save for the web. But sometimes this site can compress png better than photoshop without loosing quality. https://tinypng.com/
  7. Can we have the option to choose the default category. Many user and guests don´t know they can change the search option category. Now when I running the Fluid view in the new 4.2 as deafult for all members, the search only hit the forum threads not the other categories like Downloads. I kind of like the new fourm fluid, but not if the search fail
  8. Great! The reactions emoticons looks a little bit lowres in the popup.
  9. An easy way to build different pages like "Visual Composer" in Wordpress. I´m not a fan in Wordpress, but I like Visual Composer very much.
  10. Now there is a version without footer for all who not want this extra feature. Install as a new theme.
  11. Send me a pm and I remove It for you (If so I need admin login). Or If you want to do It yourself I can guide you with some screenshot in pm.
  12. No promises! But perhaps I do a orange, red and a green version when the new 4.2 arrived.
  13. Great news. I am a STRIPE user. I hope STRIPE is a part of IPS marketplace in 4.2 so we can purchase a product and Download directly without to wait for approval.
  14. Finally some news from the Downloads. I hope there will also be a widget to Downloads like @Adriano Faria Downloads Files Widget and ability to choose categories and the widget can shows multiply at the same page.
  15. How is the plan in the near future with an app connected to the board? I kind of like the notification from the phone without having a browser online.
    Just perfect plugin to protect something in the forum. Or let guests and members not trying hide to see or Download the content. Thanks @onlyME
  16. Hard to say! I was converting to MartiaDb because @ASTRAPI and couple of other member recommend MariaDb.
  17. I changed nothing. My Db was on about 660 mb and the upgrade took about 5-10 minutes I think.
  18. I did this upgrade with WHM panel for a long time ago MariaDb 10.1, and there was no issue at all.
  19. Good news. That do the thing. I removed the css code from my custom.css, and everything working as It should again.
  20. I got It. Yeah! award.css has no effect at all. Before Adriano fix this. paste this code in your custom.css fieldset.awards_fieldset { border: 1px solid #f0f0f0; } legend.awards_legend { padding: 0 0.5em; } .awards_dataOuter { width: 100%; margin: 0 auto; } .awards_data { display: inline-block; padding: 5px 6px; } .awards_dataHover { display: inline-block; padding: 5px 6px; } .awards_dataHover:first-child { padding: 5px 0; margin-left: -5px; } .awards_award_img { margin-top: 0px; } .awards_awardRow { width: 10%; } .awards_reasonRow { width: 90%; } .awards_awardsRow { width: 10%; } .awards_reasonsRow { width: 80%; } .awards_statsRow { width: 15%; } hr.awardsHr { margin: 5px 0 10px 0; height: 0; padding: 0; border-width: 1px 0 0 0; border-style: solid; border-color: #f0f0f0; }
  21. Yes the same here also. Can not find any css to correct this. Please post a fix for this.
  22. Can someone explain how I can improve the javscript to getting better result. These files are stored in uploads/javscript_. What happen If I remove theme?
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