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  1. I´m getting a strange conflict with this plugin. Changing theme and contact us just disappear when activate sticky contact. Edit! The new update fix this.
  2. Now when I test another group it worked but it still show admin group.
  3. Group permission does not have any effect. Showing for all groups even when mark guests and members.
    Thanks for a good plugin idea.
  4. You are right. Add this code anywhere in the oblivion css. .ipsItemStatus:not( .ipsItemStatus_large ) { color: #479fcf; font-size: 14px; line-height: inherit; vertical-align: middle; } .ipsItemStatus.ipsItemStatus_read { opacity: 0.3; }
  5. Find this in oblivion folder css. .ipsItemStatus.ipsItemStatus_read:not( .ipsItemStatus_large ) { color: #777; } replace with this. .ipsItemStatus.ipsItemStatus_read:not( .ipsItemStatus_large ) { color: #479fcf; }
  6. Your back to top button arrow is not centered. Here is a fix for this: .back-to-top { padding-left: 12px; }
  7. Do you mean the forum icon? It´s linked with fontawesome. The color change when there is a new forum activity. Your icon is own png images. There is forum threads about this how to change own icon images. Use custom css for this and match the color for the specific theme. In this way this setting not disappear after a theme update.
  8. Great updates! I hope one day we can sell credit packages in commerce. 100, 200 and so on...
  9. Today I completed the "Landing" to matching my dark theme. https://coverfriends.org/
  10. Thanks Adlago. Now there is a green padlock again.
  11. There is now 2 version. Which one is best? With the core (header and footer) https://coverfriends.org/landing-page or raw html start? https://coverfriends.org
  12. Yes that is my plan. There is also a light theme (Oblivion (light) to choose in themes that is working better with the landing so far.
  13. Actually, the Landing Page builds on a template purchased from Envato. Have built it for my purpose and made it work with pages.
  14. It's no problem and add the footer that is on the core itself. However, I would like to hear if anyone knows how to add the userbar, so you can log in and read pm and more.
  15. No built with pages and a custom pages template.
  16. New Landing. Some work left, but a good start. https://coverfriends.org/
  17. What do you think of this landing page built in Pages and with Bootstrap and css effects. https://coverfriends.org/ https://coverfriends.org/
  18. Is this landing page and a theme together? If I purchase this I want setting It up at my theme. Is this possible?
  19. Finally! Have waiting for this in years. Very good news.
  20. Send a pm to me with url & admin login and I take a look at it. Looks you removed the html code.
  21. Thanks! No Info Ticker is not included. You have to purchase the ticker from taman´s plugin, but it work with all themes at the same time.
  22. Version 1.6


    Light theme for IPS 4.3x and 4.4.x The third theme in the Oblivion series with blue foucs in a light version. Live Demo at my site. New nice css function with hover flip in the menu. Change theme to Oblivion light in the bottom "Themes" Should fit all applications that IPS has to offer. ""The Landing Page is not included in the theme"" Advanced footer with up to 4 column. Background and pattern images uploads.


  23. Upload the new update as a new theme. Do not update the old one. Copy your settings and url links from the old to the new updated theme.
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