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    CP_User reacted to Adriano Faria in Quizzes   
    Sorry, You will have to adapt it to your needs, by changing and testing it. 
    It already creates the quiz with people disallowed to play. So you will have all the time to add your questions and answers and then only when you’re ready, you should click in the button to allow people to play. Once clicked, people can play.
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    CP_User reacted to Michael.J in Basic Points (Support)   
    I'm working on a new feature update for the points app right now, I'll be sure to fix this bug at the same time.
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    CP_User reacted to TheJackal84 in Members Shop ( Support Topic )   
    I am also making the tables look a lot nicer with the ability to feature them on the front end etc, The old grid view will still be there but there will be 2 styles to choose from,
    ( I like the new style I was getting drawn to the tables again but the grids are so much better )

    that style will also make the landing page look a lot better

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    CP_User reacted to TheJackal84 in (DF41) Enhanced User Info Panel (Support Topic)   
    the images on the warez site is basically the same as the ones you posted here, The person in the avatar is the same, I am not stupid, Thanks for cancelling a plugin you never paid for in the first place and if you done nothing wrong you won't need to worry, but I have sent all screenshots and proof to IPS so we will see what they think of it, PS I have a 100% success rate for people like you
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    CP_User reacted to Woodsman in Upgrade from IP. 3.4.x to IPS4.0 (updated)   
    Upgrade from IP. 3.4.x to IPS4.0
    I am bringing this back again seeing there are still many that want to know how to upgrade.
    This is an updated version from my original post where the upgrade is explained from start to finish.
    So you think you are ready to take the plunge and try a test install / upgrade from your current IP Board to the current IPS4.0 beta and later to the final release. Well we will see.
    {Comment} The following steps are with the assumption you have already created a test install of your current board and made all the preparations leaving your current live board intact.
    If Not then see the following article. Creating a Duplicate Local Test board from you Live Board. at the bottom of this article.
    Step One.

    1st, Download and run Get Ready For IPS 4.0 1.0.3 to test your current install to see if it is in fact ready. you can get your copy here. http://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/7046-get-ready-for-ips-40/
    OK! all is green and good to go then skip the next step and continue on.
    But you are showing errors that need to be fixed. OK it's not the end of the world so there is no need to find a cliff or skyscraper to jump from. Download and run IPS UTF8 Database Converter 1.1.13 you can get it here. http://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/6823-ips-utf8-database-converter/
    Run the converter and let it do its thing, it will take a while. When this is finished re run Get Ready For IPS 4.0 1.0.3 to make sure all previous errors are fixed. If so we can go forward if not now you can find that cliff or skyscraper. NO Just Kidding!!! But you may want contact support with any errors.

    Step Two.

    1st, Make a backup of your Database call it whatever you like as long as you know where to go if the need comes up.

    2nd, Here is a trick I use on my local due to a few corrupt downloads that failed causing me to start a test installs from scratch.

    1, Create a _347 folder in your root directory and move all your files into it. Another backup you say? Yep! To go along with the above database backup should something go south on you.

    2, Providing you have IP.Downloads copy these files back to your Forum Root Directory from the _347folder.
    Copy the following folders, downloads, public, screenshots and uploads along with your conf_global.php file. Otherwise only public, uploads and conf_ global.php will due.

    3, Copy all the files from the IPS4.0 zip file you downloaded from your clients center to your new test install directory. From your browser go to your test install site http://example.com/admin/upgrade/ and begin the upgrade process.......... Go to Site!
    If the upgrader asks for your license key, add it but remember to use -TESTINSTALL immediately after the license key. 1234567890-12345-123-12345-1234567890-TESTINSTALL
     Creating a Duplicate Local Test board from you Live Board.
    Setting up a test board for upgrade is fairly easy but time consuming.
    In this section of this Tutorial is a guide for those that have never attempted to create a backup test site of the original live site for upgrade compatibility or other testing purposes.
    For those of you creating a local test server on your own computer using server software like Wamp, Xampp or Mamp. Follow these easy steps.
    Make a duplicate copy of your forum site by downloading it via FTP Forum Root to a location on your PC. Now log into your cpanel, PhpMyAdmin and Export the compete associated database.
    In this example we will be using the Wamp environment.
    Copy your forum site files into your Wamp - www directory example (C:\wamp\www\test-forum) Go into Wamp via your browser PhpMyAdmin, create a new database and Import the newly saved database into it.
    In your forum directory C:\wamp\www\test-forum find  your conf_global.php.
    In your conf_global.php settings you need to change these settings.
    $INFO['sql_database'] = 'original';   to
    $INFO['sql_database'] = 'new_db_name';   and
    $INFO['board_url'] = 'http://example.com/forum';   to
    $INFO['board_url'] = 'http://example.com/test-forum';
    And the same with the sql user if needed.
    $INFO['sql_user']       = 'tester';
    Now go to the ACP System Settings - General Configuration make all pertinent changes to Path to 'upload' directory and Upload URL. You can find the hint to these new URL's below the text boxes for example:  "IP.Board has detected your uploads path as: D:/wamp/www/test-forum/uploads"  and  IP.Board has detected your uploads url as:
    These changes will also need to be made in IP.Blog Settings and IP.Gallery if you have them.
    Go to System - Server Environment - Settings: Server Environment click on Update Settings. This will Sync your new server location settings in your new database.
    Next go to Look & Feel - Disable or remove all 3rd party skins.
    Go to Template Tools in the left side panel  check all boxes under - Rebuild Master Skin Data click the Rebuild button. When this is finished click Recache Skin Sets after. 
    Go back to System and Cache Management. Click on Rebuild Global Chaches Cache, Rebuild FURL Cache and then Recache ALL. Though some will say this is not necessary but trust me on this. Your IPS 4 upgrade will love you for doing these.
    Next back under System - Manage Applications & Modules - Disable all 3rd party Apps then click Recache Apps & Modules.
     Next step Manage Hooks - Disable all 3rd party hooks then click Reimport Application Hooks...
    Now lastly before doing the actual upgrade go back to your testboard front end via your browser and test to see if all is working correctly. Making sure it is an exact mirror to your live board. 
    As you make these changes in the ACP and save each they are also saved in the new Database.
    (After creating a 3.4.7 test install and all is working....)
    ​Create a _347 backup folder move all the existing files into it. Thus creating a complete backup of the board you are working with. Do the same with your database by backing it up to another name like "new347-backup". You can do this in PhpMyAdmin.
     If you have IP.Downloads, you will want to copy (duplicate) the following folders from your _347 backup directory you just made back to your forum root. downloads, public, screenshots, uploads and conf_global.php.
     If you do not have IP.Downloads than all you need to copy back to the root is your public and uploads folders with the conf_global.php.
     So if your new forum root directory for the test upgrade is named "my-testboard" or "my-testboard.com" the above files need to be copied there.
    After this has been completed copy your latest IPS4 beta files you downloaded from the client center to the forum root "my-testboard" or "my-testboard.com" with the other files you just put  there. Start the upgrade if it asks for your license key, add it but remember to use -TESTINSTALL immediately after the license key. 1234567890-12345-123-12345-1234567890-TESTINSTALL.
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    CP_User reacted to TAMAN in Magnum Theme [ support topic ]   
    You can hide news ticker on mobile there is a setting for that.
    as for the slider, there are no settings, 
    but you can do it with custom.css
    .ta_themeSlider {display:none}  
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    CP_User got a reaction from TAMAN in Swiper Slider [ support topic ]   
    Point taken! But thanks for making this standalone, works very well!
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    CP_User reacted to Square Wheels in How to Memorialize a Profile?   
    That's what I went with.

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    CP_User got a reaction from PWP2 in Deleted Member?   
    If you still have the content, and only deleted the account. I believe you can make a new account and asign the posts to that user account. Knowing the old accounts ID would be useful too. It's done through queries but I personally do not know how to do it. But it was done for me a couple of years back. Sorry I couldn't be of more help, but it is possible. I hope someone can help you in the mean time.
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    CP_User reacted to InvisionHQ in Classifieds System   
    Today, but we need to test the release because I didn't find many beta testers.
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    CP_User got a reaction from DanLemX in Classifieds System   
    Do you have a date for when this will be ready for 4.3? ?
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    CP_User got a reaction from TAMAN in Swiper Slider [ support topic ]   
    He basically means, offer all your templates without the slider. And make this 'swiper slider' as a stand alone product and keep this updated. This would mean doing less work on all your themes because you wouldn't have to worry about the slider.
    However, the whole reason why I purchased one of Taman's themes was because of the slider.
    Great work as always Taman.
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    CP_User reacted to TAMAN in Swiper Slider [ support topic ]   
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    CP_User got a reaction from prupdated in Mass delete PMS?   
    Do you have the SQL command, which would be helpful
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    CP_User reacted to Fosters in Trophies and Medals - Supporttopic   
    This would be 2 separate criteria  ( 1 for topics and 1 for posts ... and topic creation aka 1. post wouldn't count)

    BUT to be honest.... This feature is causing a lot of headaches because it's not working as expected? We're planning to remove it from the 1.2.0 release and include it as soon as we fix all the bugs, instead of delaying the 1.2 release any longer. All the other features passed our testing stage and it would be a shame to waste another 1-2 weeks because of this.
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    CP_User reacted to Fosters in Trophies and Medals - Supporttopic   
    We're still testing and polishing it.
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    CP_User reacted to Fosters in Trophies and Medals - Supporttopic   
    Right now it's ALL the content. There's also a separate setting for forum topics and forum posts.
    1.2 will enhance this and allow you to separate this
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    CP_User reacted to TAMAN in Magnum Theme [ support topic ]   
    No sorry not yet 
    maybe next update but no promises 
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    CP_User reacted to jpointer2_merged in Purchasing subscription when renewal/invoice is pending   
    When  a user has purchased a subscription package and it expires, if they try to add it to their basket they get this message:
    I understand this as they must pay through the invoice but it would be a lot better if this screen redirects to the payments for invoice renewal, instead of an error that is confusing to the user.
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    CP_User reacted to TAMAN in Magnum Theme [ support topic ]   
    Oh, forgot to delete that
     I was testing the logo this guy reported  its their logo tho
    Thanks for noticing and letting me know, I just re uploaded the theme and deleted the logo, you can delete it on your side
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    CP_User reacted to TAMAN in Magnum Theme [ support topic ]   
    Version 4.1
    Added "Colorizer" setting, You can now switch to two pre-setup color schemes dark or white. Added "Forums: Categories" to slider exclude options. Removed "Header" color setting, header is now transparent. Minor bug fixes and improvements.   
    About the colorizer
    Colorizer is some pre-setup color schemes in this theme, By default there is two pre setup colors, White, And Very Dark version of colors, If you want to add your list of customized colors of this theme, feel free to send me the list of your customized color settings in this theme with a message and i will add it to the list  

    How to update?
    Use "Upload a new version" method    
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    CP_User got a reaction from TAMAN in Magnum Theme [ support topic ]   
    T - Minus 5 mins, woop!
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    CP_User got a reaction from TAMAN in Magnum Theme [ support topic ]   
    For some reason it's bundled a centurioncrew logo?
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    CP_User got a reaction from TAMAN in Magnum Theme [ support topic ]   
    HaHa, no problem. Just copying all the settings myself. As I was still using the pre-release 4.2 theme, I thought it would be best to install it new. Thanks for keeping it updated!
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    CP_User reacted to TAMAN in Magnum Theme [ support topic ]   
    No problems
    btw im about to upload the new version that comes with colorizer  get ready in 5 minutes 
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