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  1. IP Board 3.4.8. to 4

    Okie doke. I think that pretty much answered my questions in a way I understood. Sorry for the bother. I get frustrated trying to ask the same questions ten different ways on support tickets because I don't understand the terms the CS is using. Thanks for the info. You're a good fellow Andy. Okie doke. I think that pretty much answered my questions in a way I understood. Sorry for the bother. I get frustrated trying to ask the same questions ten different ways on support tickets because I don't understand the terms the CS is using. Thanks for the info. You're a good fellow Andy.
  2. IP Board 3.4.8. to 4

    OK, Gotcha. Well, honestly, that's more information than I've gotten since last year about the licenses. I don't think I'm the only one who thought there was a process to get off the old legacy lifetime licenses and covert them to IPB4. Sometime last year, I think it was, someone was throwing around money to get us old timers off the lifetime licenses and move to the new software. I was never after any money, I've spent loads of it at IPS and am willing to pay my way, but I had thought it was the lifetime licenses that were being talked about. Not the standard license. I think I see things a little clearer now. Old guy, second bout of chemo (chemo brain) and haven't been on IPS since last August. No offense, but sometimes people like myself, who have a hard time communicating in a one-on-one with a younger person, get much clearer information in the forums than in the ticket system. The CS managers and reps tend to condense their messages and use terminology some of us older folks are not familiar with. I've never been very good at tech shorthand in a CS system. That should give me five installs (including the Cloud one)? I can keep the 2 times 3.4.X lifetimes until the updates stop, right? Is it a pre-sales question or a tech question about whether I can use a stored 3.4.9 dbase with a new version 4 install? Where would i post that question?
  3. IP Board 3.4.8. to 4

    The reason I'm putting this is the pre-sales area is that if I need to buy something or pay for something, and I have asked if I need to buy a ver4 license for one of these, I'd like to know how much it's going to be and what exactly I'm paying for and which ones IPS is saying I can and can't convert to a standard license. It has to do with selling me something, if it's what I need.
  4. IP Board 3.4.8. to 4

    Sorry to keep adding here, but IPS CS seems to have something different on my account than what I see on my licenses. They say they see "two perpetual licenses, these are the licenses that need to be upgraded to a standard license" and one they say is "in the past". What I'm seeing is: Your Purchases The purchases you've made are shown here. Some packages may be eligible for renewal, and you may be able to upgrade/downgrade others. IPS Community Suite (http://columbustalks.com/forums) License Key XXXXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXX-XXXXX-XXXXXXXXXX Purchased 22 Aug 2005 Expires 03 Jul 2016 Renewal Cost $25.00 Every 6 months IPS Community Suite (http://<domain>) License Key XXXXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXX-XXXXX-LIFE Purchased 20 Oct 2005 IPS Community Suite (http://www.<domain>) License Key XXXXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXX-XXXXX-LIFE Purchased 13 Jan 2006 I asked CS if they're seeing something different than I'm seeing and/or are they using different terms for the licenses than what I'm used to seeing. AndyF, " If you have a standard license (in other words, not a legacy type such as perpetual or lifetime)", which I take to mean there is a difference between a lifetime and a perpetual license.
  5. IP Board 3.4.8. to 4

    Andy, I have (or had) two perpetuals and one lifetime. Not really sure what the difference ever was, but I submitted tickets to CS about converting to v4 when it first came out and never got any answers. Followup messages got no answers. Now I'm not sure about anything any more on the legacy licenses. There's no real central point of good solid information about them and I know a lot of people still running older licenses. I know people who would be interested in moving to the new stuff if there was a more reliable place to get information than the ticket systems. I was just reading a recent thread with beaucoup bunches of admin apologies for the ticket system being backed up. Any chance IPS has some sub-forum or link to a place where we can go to find out about the ins and outs on getting off the older stuff? edit: make that two lifetimes and one perpetual
  6. Probably asked & answered, yearly cost of software

    I really really appreciate the reply. It makes it a lot easier to show the better half and make any case I want to try and make. I hope the lifetime-perpetual considerations are the same for credit purposes. I can afford the money, just wouldn't want to mess up going through some young person at IPS and look like an ignorant old geezer. Well, maybe it's true, maybe just a little. With the three LT/PL licenses, I was more than a little hurt when the news came out about 4. Given what the computer biz and software and such have gone through since I started in the 60s, the emotional roller coasters, the huge egos, the thermonuclear wars, the patent and copyright campaigns, the NPE plague, the holding companies, now the likes of planetary conflict over APIs and such, I don't know if the technology landscape is better now that my days are far fewer and very limited than when I first came in. There just doesn't seem to be a lot of humanity involved in the tech now as it used to be. I'm a sentimental old fool, so I think I'll change two of them over and keep one for old time sake.
  7. Probably asked & answered, yearly cost of software

    Still no reply about the difference between the lifetime and perpetual licenses when it comes to credit for switching to the new license schema? IPS hasn't been bought out by Reddit has it?
  8. OK, I know this has probably been asked and answered multiple times, but what is the yearly cost of using the IPS version 4 software? I couldn't find a chart with a breakdown of the annual cost per item (forum, blog, gallery, etc) and a single annual cost for the whole ball of wax under one roof. If the question has been asked and answered somewhere in the IPS forums, can someone point me to the thread? I'm not talking about per quarter, or bi-annual, but a total annual cost per component. Also, my client area says I have one legacy lifetime license, but it doesn't mention my two perpetual licenses. On the conversion to IPS 4, what's the difference between perpetual and lifetime? I know what the sales pitch was when I bought them years ago, but what matters now is how they're classified now. Wow, ten whole views before content approved for posting? How does that work? Anyway, the reason I'm asking is that my wife and i are doing our yearly budget (goes into effect in July every year) and we need some numbers for the spreadsheets if I'm to be able to convince her I should keep the licenses.
  9. License fee of IPB 4.0 for old 3.4 users

    Haven't seen this one asked yet, which doesn't mean I didn't miss it somewhere. (Oh, the pain and misery of getting old.) One these lifetime/perpetual licenses, now that most people are making up their minds what they're going to do, what about the installation part of it? I've about been talked into doing away with my lifetime licenses, but I'm not sure I can do the whole wipe and reload thingy. I'd really really really like to keep my basic board setup in the new version, if possible, but I guess i can say goodbye to it if that's what it takes. Is the move to 4.0 a complete wipe and load, as in does it use a different SQL configuration or does the old version pull into 4.0 pretty easy? If I tried it on my own, after moving my licenses to the new type (non-Lifetime), and I end up needing help with my database or my config/install, how much would a IPS tech install run me under the new licenses structure? BTW, my lifetime licenses are now at 3.4.6
  10. Force members to login before showing the board

    Rob and agentfluff, I recently contacted Sales for information on cloud community and asked about how the metrics on visitors, bots and spammer drive-by affect the pricing. I was discouraged by what I was told. The reply to me was that any pulling of content, even by unregistered visitors, hikes up the count that affects the pricing. My next question would have been whether, if only forum staff and registered members can access the forum, do page views on the stop page (for visitors) count on the pricing. It seems, at least to me, that the price of cloud community can get pricey if based on drive-by, bots and spammers. I know there are services and robot texts and such to HELP address these no-productive visitors, but IME it is a partial solution. For one of my forums, with maybe between twenty real visitors on a slow day and fifty a day on a good day (with total visits over a hundred per day), the price benefit just isn't there. I lease a server for $1,093 a year, with cPanel for $450. I have three of those pesky lifetime/perpetual licenses. I was looking at the cloud solution to help with the patching/upgrade issues. I'm still open to the idea, but if stopping visitors at the registration page doesn't help lower the count that affects the pricing, then it simply won't work for me.
  11. I can remember the days when B Farber's and TuFat had really good stuff. It seems like scripts and add-ons were everywhere for BBS software. In all these years, it's strange how some of the most obvious additions to software are nowhere to be found. At least none that work. Good grief, back years ago, there were things called doors for BBS software. One teenager made a bazillion dollars on a door game (L.O.R.D.) for DOS based boards. And not one BBS company got the hint. I can't count how many times I've seen buyers of IPB and VB asking where to find any dating, auction, classifieds, etc that will run on their sites. Look how long it took for a chat program (sorry, I used a 3rd party chat with IPB for years, now I'm trying the IPS chat). I guess it comes with trying to grow a company big enough for the holy grail, an IPO, that clouds the vision as people who call the shots get older. And older. And older. (w00t)
  12. A new age has come - what IPS answer will be?

    From Ibragim Pupkevich; "What is your opinion on this, dear IPS? Very interesting to hear exhaustive statement of your teams point of view." "Briefly speaking: what's your plan to stay inline with the wind of changes (trends)?" Sorry I'm a little late to the party, but this is one of those rare occasions where I'd like to toss in two old pennys. A cheap rant, for anyone who has the time to read it. Sure, social networking is the rage now, but with more and more moves by big content to use and abuse consumer content, not to mention the privacy problems, what few sites I've been able to keep up and running have experienced a rise in activity, sometimes to the point where I have to check the hosting account logs to see if there's not some malicious activity going on in the filespace somewhere. What I've personally seen lately is a steady, plodding but determined return to local sites, for local news and issues, without the taint and the meddling of site management. Yahoo, Google, Facebook and Twitter turning over user names and information to local LE? Come on. For Occupy protestors or marchers at political opposition rallies in US cities? Get real. Sure, everbody but those without electricity and people living on the moon know that the NSA is tapping every form of human communication on the planet, even sharing the information with the DEA, FBI and all their siblings. But people are aware and, in spite of still using electronic communication, a lot of people want to exchange ideas, debate tolpics and even argue in a relatively safe environment. Especially on local matters of controversy. In my locality, LE has taken it upon themselves to start policing social networking sites. Local government employees have been censored, harassed, even terminated for hitting the like button. City police have made arrests for locals usiing profanity on the internet (no kidding). It has gotten to the point to where local LE can walk into the office of a local ISP and get account information on any internet account on their system, WITHOUT a warrant. Critics of local government, including people who criticize the local law enforcement establishment, have been outed by LE officials in the local press. Maybe it is different in larger cities, but around here, people take their right to free speech very seriously. It has gotten to the point where citizens have been arrested for carrying video cameras to open public meetings, in spite of a state law that forbids government interference with videotaping or recording public meetings. The members of boards that I operate have consistently voiced their appreciation for a site where they can express their opinions, without worrying about being outed by the site operator. I have run one site since September of 2003 and it is still going today, mostly for exchange of current events, local information on what's happening and where, and most importantly, for the expression of political, social, religious and other ideology and opinions that people don't feel safe saying on social media outlets. I am a survivor of the old school computer BBS days. First phone-in BBS system was a 286 with a single speed CDROM, running QMODEM as a host. It was at the very beginning of the personal computer age. Not the Radio Shack, Commodore and Tandy era, but the span when DOS 6.22 gave way to Win 3.0. We had PCBoard, Wildcat, Spitfire and FIDONET and people were fanatic about being able to share, debate and argue politics, religion and everything in between. Then all that was run over by the freightrain that is the www/internet, AOL and IE and Netscape. Now people are, at least in my locality, going back to the feeling that was had in the old BBS systems. Locals dealing with locals on local issues, without the hype and glue traps of social networking sites. I think that is a lost apsect of forums that the companies (VB, IPB and the others) have forgotten and kicked to the curb in a dash for the social net. Over the last ten years, I have been more than vocal on disagreeing with IPB when it makes changes to the software that negatively affects my members (duh, d'ya think that a forum with 600+ users, and specializes in user avatar competitions, would take a hit when the avatar gallery went away?), then forces me to choose between being able to get updated security or holding on to the software that has the features popular with my members and risk being nuked by some loser nitwit with nothing better to do. Like Gates trying to force Windows 8 on users who don't want it, or dropping support for one of Microsoft's most popular OS (XP). Geez, people, when you get something that people like, stop trying to bend it in a different way and shove it down people's throats. God, I remember the whole fiasco of Windows ME and Gates never apologized for that mess and I never got my money back. I'm just happy that FOSS is at the point it is today and people don't have to depend on the big boys and their toys. So I am personally seeing a spike in numbers, based on local interest in local topics, free of the ads and scripts and privacy issues that come with social sites. It would be nice if some small software company actually realized that there's a market for that kind of thing today. Hhmmm, seems I remember one being like that a long time ago. I wonder where they went?
  13. Cookie Popup

    I hope readers and the mod author will bear with me. I don't know if there's already a mod out there that does what I'm proposing, but a cookie setting notification about the Terms of Service/User Agreement would help some forum admins tremendously, more so than a cookie advisory. The legal landscape in the US is changing every day, literally because of court cases in different local and federal jurisdictions resulting in different case law. Several federal cases have been decided that say even when users have been presented with a detailed TOS or UA page with an "Agree" button, that is not enough to go forward with TOS and UA violations, such as relentless trolling, hacking, libel and defamation, etc.The main problem with TOS and UA agreements and pages is that, according to the 5th federal CA, "guests" who are not required to click through a detailed UA or TOS page can plead the terms and agreement links on board pages is not enough to let them know what they can and can't do with the information offered on the sites. If this mod can be configured to act as a cookie setting click through for "guests" (and that would be great if it could stamp a log or cookie with the IP number), with a link to the TOS/UA and a "Do Not Agree" that will put them off to a generic site such as a search site, that would be great. Can this mod be tooled to do what I'm needing or is it something I need to put in a mod wanted area somewhere on the IPS site? The reason I'm looking for something like this is because I've already had to deal with a few legal cases where people have read the forum, then tried taking legal action contrary to the specifications of the board's TOS and UA. All three plaintiff's claimed they shouldn't be held to the board terms because the TOS links are virtually buried (their words) on the site pages. They all said they weren't registered members, didn't have to click an "Agree" button to view the forum and TOS links are hard to see. A popup would solve a lot of those arguments for some of us. My apologies for the long message.
  14. I looked at places to ask this but couldn't find a place that fit the question exactly. It involves current IPS policy on embedded links in third party content such as mods and skins. I stopped buying and/or installing skins and mods from the UPS site when some of my forum members pointed out that some of the skins I paid for on IPS had embedded links to external sites such as online casinos. That wasn't conducive to the family friendly atmosphere I was trying to create for the small community where I live. I guess what I'm asking is what the IPS official policy is on third party developers using embedded links in their content of the nature I found in the skins I bought. Is that still allowed, and if so, are developers required to include that in the description on the content as advertised on IPS? I apologize if this is not the proper place to ask this question (please, could a moderator move it if it is off topic here), but since the upgrade to IPB version 3.2 and the need for a variety of skins for use by current membership, I'd feel better about buying (pre-sales) from the resource area on IPS if I knew what the official policy is.