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  1. I run a events organising society and use IPB as our main website, when an event is made on the calendar not everyone checks the calendar and there for we have to tell people to suscribe to the calendar upon registration. A suggestion feature would be to have a option that notifies members when new events are made without them subscribing to a particular calendar. (Like an invite)
  2. I think IPB software is really good and is the best thing iv seen to is other competition. Although I think I have some good feature suggestions that are missing: Hope you like all of my ideas and considerate them : D Joss [*]Multi Group Edit - It's really have loads of groups and each one has loads of different settings, it's hard using the current format of having to click edit on each group then click on the relavent tag to change the setting. I thing it would be easier if possible to have it in a table to change all the group settings at once. [*]Bulk Upload - I first started using groupspaces as a community software in which I built 200+ paid members I can download the list of csv file format but I can't upload the list on IPB so all the members have to re-register which isn't very good because some people don't there for don't receive the bulk emails I send out via IPB. [*]More Bulk Email capabilities - I really like this service but I think it could be improved by letting the admin easily format the email and change how it looks. I don't want to send out bulk email messages that have the IPB logo at the top because my members get confused. [*]Export list of members - I think another cool feature would be to give the admin ability to download a list of all the current members in a table or excel spreadsheet.