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  1. Awesome! I'll purchase it later today! @Adriano Faria It works really well, the only downside is that for some reason social media registrations don't auto-join clubs. But I'm guessing that's a whole new kettle of fish.
  2. I don't think it's not the answer to your question, I think it just needs further explanation. You can define where you want ads to be displayed with the settings inside IPS 4. What we need to find is the custom location key that applies to the 3rd post. {parse advertisement="ad_code_goes_in_here"} {advertisement="KEY"}
  3. Hello @azcazc, Take a look at this page on advertising: You can define where you want to place you ads manually which I think is what you are looking for. To find these settings go to AdminCP > System > Site Promotions > Advertising > + Create New
  4. I've thought of an awesome idea! Well, I think so anyway. Give us the option so that if we tag topics and other things as 'gaming', they show up in the 'gaming' club! I think this will tie in nicely with the regular forums. So the people who use clubs a lot will see topics made in the main set of forums and vice versa.
  5. I kind of agree but at the same time if people are reporting content and it's not breaking any rules, it shouldn't matter. Even if you force people to require them to add something, what stops them from just typing ewhqorweqhoewop > send I think putting a rule in place that continuously reporting posts that don't break rules will leave you with a warning and or just make everyone aware that whatever it is they think is rule breaking, really isn't.
  6. Imagine if you will, that I could put information from clubs onto pages and that people running clubs could potentially update pages! For instance I have a club based on a game called runescape. I also have a page based on runescape that features the latest news. But It would be cool to have a page that would be easy to find and has a community attached to it. I could have the latest topics and club content on that page!
  7. Could I, in theory, put all members into a seconday group upon registration and that in turn puts them in the clubs?
  8. I think you've kind of proven why IPS is better in one statement and as Matt said you get a lot more as a whole than you do with competitors. My suggestion would be, if you want to compare and contrast, choose a competitor that offers similar options to IPS. Something like vBulletin. I wouldn't even compare Xenforo in anywhere the same league, in fact I'd probably prefer to run PHPBB over Xenforo.
  9. I never personally delete accounts but I can see why the functionality would need to be there. I would have thought the account would be wiped entirely if deleted and wouldn't stay inside the club regardless. I thought the only way the member of the club could be removed otherwise would be through leaving, removal by moderation/administration or possibly being moved into the banned member group.
  10. That would be very much appreciated! I've got a gaming chat forum and I want people who sign up to be included in gaming clubs as soon as they start. I think it'll be nice to get people involved in communities from the get-go.
  11. I'm looking for a feature where upon registration members are put into 'default' clubs to get themselves started. What I effectively want to do is put people into clubs straight away so they can start using them and become aware of their functionality. Also to be able to personal message them upon sign-up to inform them they they are already members. A little bit like reddit where when you join you're already seeing content from default subreddits.
  12. Hi,I've set up a featured color to make forums stand out but it seems like the theme overides that feature.Is there a simple and effective css/xml edit to change the background color to individual forums?(I'm fairly adequate with css but have no idea what I'm doing with skinning inside IPS)
  13. The ability to run a forum or all forums by reputation would be really handy. Making reputation and the leaderboard something that doesn't feel like an afterthought. It also would allow users to curate what they did and didn't like which in turn give new users a better overall experience. Imagine it like reddit where you can up/downvote posts. Similar to what has been done with the question and answer forum type except with a focus on reputation that can be seen in the topic list. I've seen mods for the functionality for older versions of IPS but nothing for 4.
  14. I desperately need this functionality to optimise use of clubs. I want to be able to automatically grab news and post it directly to clubs! Please add this in soon! (Or inform me of an add-on that makes it work!)
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