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  1. My first post disappeared. I'm using 3.2 and like to update to 3.3 I saw that the 3.3 has improved the description meta tag for threads. Question: [*]Is there also a improved description meta tag for forums and sub-forums? [*]Does IP.Board 3.3 also generate sitemaps?
  2. Customizing look & feel: All at once or separately?

    But what is called a skin generator or visual skin editor basicaly only changes the colors and not the design. Its not comparable to wordpress, whre you can place plugins and html code all over the design with drag and drop.
  3. IP.Board 3.2.0 - Visual Skin Editor

    I like to create a new skin and I found it ease to replace colors on existing theme. But i was not ableI change the header are and put the search box on a new position? Can I create a skin from scratch with the editor?
  4. One of the key benefits of the business license is the 24 ticket support and the phone support. But if your outside the US or Canada you don't get any phone support. Would it not make sense business wise, to offer for international customer a live chat to solve problems in a timely manner with the possibility to have a real live communication. I have this with my ISP and other companies. Sometime its good to open a ticket, but sometimes you only need a answer on a small question and reconfirm it because the answer give you different choices or you are not on 100% on the same page. This takes on chat minutes and with ticket and the response time from both sides it can take days. I know incoming support call are not easy to handle and expensive, outgoing phone calls to other parts of the world are even more expensive but with a chat you can handle a lot of foreign customers inexpensive and in a timely fashion. This could create a win win situation for both sides. Regards from Belize
  5. Licencing

    Hey guys, n00bpwners here with a question. I thought that it would make sense to have the 6 months phone support and 1 day ticket for a new project. To do this we'd need the Business license. Now, my question is: When renewing your license, can you only renew a Standard license, instead of renewing the Business license? After 6 months with the software, you don't need as much help with running the forum-you mostly need help on the setting up and having it running. Hope to get a reply soon! -N00bPwners