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  1. User Geolocation Restriction

    Working again
  2. User Geolocation Restriction

    Not working again!
  3. User Geolocation Restriction

    And last Work perfect. Thx!
  4. User Geolocation Restriction

    It worked for a while last night. Awhile. And still nothing. How long will this go on? I really need to this aplication work.
  5. User Geolocation Restriction

    ​Hello, i'm waiting because i wery need this aplication work. I hope we manage to solve the problem quickly.
  6. User Geolocation Restriction

    I want to renew the license User Geolocation Restriction, because unless expired?. I see an option to purchase for $ 25 but I do not see the option to renew for $ 10. Why?
  7. IP.Board 3.3.x, 3.4.x Security Update

    Thx for this update Good job!
  8. Relationship Status

    RAW fixed this problem, thx. Now everythings work fine :)
  9. Relationship Status

    This App still not work with IPB 3.4.6 I'm getting error database when trying switch on app. "Topics On"- error database with topics "Profile On"- error database in Profile etc. Recache all, rebuild all, flush memory and still get the same errors.
  10. User Geolocation Restriction

    The same problem, again.... No license.
  11. User Geolocation Restriction

    Thx :-) Now, everything works fine :)
  12. User Geolocation Restriction

    Where is my license? Not yet a year has passed since I bought this app and the Admin I have a a message telling me that my license has expired. What is it? At this address: http://www.resolveip.info/ have forbidden message.
  13. User Geolocation Restriction

    Nevermind :) I found this in cp_skin_overview.php Regards, Sem
  14. User Geolocation Restriction

    Now, everything work great, and discover option funcion normally, thx for this fix :smile: I have another question (not a "big" problem). How can I reduce size of this user map? My screen resolution is 1280X1024 and this map, goes beyond normal places. ( I marked with arrows) This is the screen:
  15. User Geolocation Restriction

    thx for this update :) I completly uninstal previous and delete database tables and install this version. I'have problem. When i try discover location, give this error: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in (adres)/admin/applications_addon/other/geolocation/modules_admin/tools/discover.php on line 136 Warning: array_combine() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given in (adres)/admin/applications_addon/other/geolocation/modules_admin/tools/discover.php on line 141 Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in (adres)/admin/applications_addon/other/geolocation/modules_admin/tools/discover.php on line 144 When discover finished, nothing yet. 100% undiscovered location. Any fix? Regards, Sem