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  1. Simplify 4.2.x By IPS Themes

    Do you mean to say "English RTL" is included with IPS installation? Or do you mean it is included with "Simplify"?
  2. Simplify 4.2.x By IPS Themes

    Nice work, just one more bug. The search bar is not going all the way left where it should be but rather almost in the middle of the screen. I asked before I will ask again, does the RTL version included with the purchase?
  3. Simplify 4.2.x By IPS Themes

    I just checked it. Few issues when I switched to English RTL. The entire header is overlapping on top of each other. Logo on top of the search bar on top of the sign in page on top of the main menu. In short what needs to move to the right side did move there but what needs to move left did not. Do you have the RTL option already included with the theme?
  4. Simplify 4.2.x By IPS Themes

    Is it possible to flip the theme from left to right for RTL languages? I know it is probably a template edit, I just have no experience and wanted to know if it is something that can be done at all with some efforts and a point to the right direction.
  5. Classifieds System

    Hello, I was wondering if Classified supports digital products keys. The products are defined by the admin, users sell keys under the defined product. Example: Software > OS > Windows > Windows 10 Jack: $110 Mark: $100 etc Customer buys the key, the system verifies the purchase and send him the key hidden, the customer clicks on unhide the key (void the refund when he does that) and gets the digital key for the product he got. Very similar to G2A for example. I was wondering if classified also support resolution center so when users complain about a not working key they can start a private report between the buyer and seller with admin oversight until it is resolved. Does the system also support trader feedback?
  6. Hello, I have a small project that I'm working on (mainly using the e-commerce) but I need to do it in Arabic & English and so the whole site needs to be flipped from left to the right with a click of a button (client picks their language somewhere on the top). I checked the available language packs in the community market and they are outdated so I will have to do it myself. I plan to do so using the $30/month cloud package, I'm not sure if this is going to be easy or a lot of work (code wise). In addition, I'm not sure how much power do I have over the site using one of those cloud plans, the same amount of power as if I hosted it myself? Lastly, the last time I used Nexus a few years ago it had many bugs concerning selling hosting services if I recall correctly it refused to auto register domains for the clients and had to be done manually. Are those bugs gone, does it now fully support selling web hosting services?
  7. (SD33) Calendar Event

    The attending block is being pushed down and I can't see the other buttons "I'm not attending" or the other one, I can only see I'm attending.
  8. BBCode Custom Tables Professional

    I bought this BBcode, well done. I hope you can make it for IP.Content :)
  9. Simplify by IPS Themes

    I emailed and sent you a request throw your personal site. Awaiting your replay.
  10. Nexus buyers auto-register as forum member?

    When someone want to buy something from nexus, they will fist asked to create an account/log in. After that they enter their personal data in nexus (name, address, etc..). Here is the beauty Nexus allows you to set buyers to be upgraded into a new group when they buy a product and also if it is a subscription it down grade them. What I did is as follow: In my forums I renamed members to be Visitors, then adjusted their permissions and only allowed them to post in pre sale forum or test forums while the rest is blocked for them. When they buy my products they are automatically upgraded to a customer rank and gain full access to the forums. If they cancel their subscription or don't renew they get downgraded to ex-customer group which blocks them from most of the forums. In regards to your question i think I gave you a full answer :). The best thing about IPB is the adminCP, almost perfect control over your site.
  11. Email Domain Group on New Accounts

    Very smart.
  12. Email Domain Group on New Accounts

    I could not understand. Could you explain please?
  13. Simplify by IPS Themes

    Thanks for your replay. Yes the bug only happens with simplfiy and you can forget about the second issue I was having I can't reproduce it. Also if I want to remove the copy write I just email you? or do I need to send the $15 first?
  14. Simplify by IPS Themes

    I also found things I would like to change: 1- Bug: in IP.Nexus store when you try to check out you would find Privacy Policy Link overlapping with Checkout. 2- request: Search bar, when you click for example forums or pages from the drop down menu, the name does not show full in the search box, it would show For..
  15. Simplify by IPS Themes

    This skin is gorgeous. Could you please tell me how to center display names inside posts in the user info pan?