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  1. Easy Pages

    They are actually not stored as files at all. You can find them in the database in a table called 'ep_pages' (if I remember correctly). The FURL structure uses 'site.com/pages/my-page', so you could try putting everything inside a folder called 'pages'--that may or may not work, though. just for info (if anyone having questions alike) actually i found the structure being: 'site.compages/my-page' /index.php/and placing a folder "pages" would not help. One need to specify all relative pathes to js, css, images manually. The css, images etc.. folder can be placed anywhere; i made a new one (e.g. "easypagefiles" in the "public" folder) Thank you and best regards! T.
  2. Easy Pages

    Ok, thank you very much!! Last question: when a page is created (e.g. index3.html) where this file is actually stored by easy pages on the server? Tried searching.. but did not found the file on whole server.. so does easy pages rename/crypt it? The thing is that i intend to use a html template.. and by placing that js, images, css files/folder into that directory would save me from editing.. cause the premade pathes from the template could stay intact if folders placed in same directory than easy pages sites are stored. Thank you!
  3. Easy Pages

    Now one question still remains: i got a html page working, that was easy!! thanks for that "easy pages"!! into which folder on server one needs to put folders like css images js what pathes easy pages here uses? Thank you!
  4. Easy Pages

    Holy ###!! now logged in with another admin pass.. easy pages menue is here! in permission center i gave that other admin (which does not show that menue) all priviledges to everything.. so maybe i need to fiddle around to find the issue. But to me it looks like a permission setting from my side, and nothing with easy pages. However, thank you so much for your time and super fast response Edit: For everyone having same/ related troubles: The issue was because the admin access i was using was not the native admin but an created. Now with updating easy pages the ACP permission settings were set to default That means one need to log in with native admin and issue privileges for the other admin Don't know if that the correct path, but it worked for me in this case.
  5. Easy Pages

    ok now all done and also rechaged everything inside that area (took some minutes to complete that task) also refreshed browser- may not the issue here, but who knows.
  6. Easy Pages

    P.S. i downloaded this version: IPB 3.2 - Easy Pages 1.1.1.zip
  7. Easy Pages

    please follow this link to the pic. unable to upload it here. https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1AybZv5iWopjf8cvhygn_ZFFEhZsNhO-Yd_gRELymvds/edit Thanks!
  8. Easy Pages

    Hi there, i once dropped easy pages cause it did not got it working.. now saw the update available and did the update as per instructions. Recached, and appropriate settings. I can not see any easy pages tab to access the settings. how to fix that? please see pics attached . Thank you
  9. Enkidu, thank you very much! Issue seems to be fixed (need to update to see..) Very helpful and supportive... and on top super fast! Kind regards, T
  10. i do not think exit pop or sticky msg has really a "bug". Just exit popup seem to interfere in some (unfortunate) way with other hooks. Thanky for the fast reply!
  11. Hello, very useful hook.. just a bug: when used together with "sticky forum message" then the sticky forum message will disappear until the popup is shown (aka user want´s to hit x to leave site) link to the other hook: http://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/5210-vn32-sticky-message/ Anything can do about that? Really want to use both.. but having the sticky only displayed once a user hit´s x is not useful at all. So i had to disable the exit popup for now. Maybe you know how to fix? Thank you!
  12. (e32) Custom Sidebar Blocks

    Hello, thank you for this awesome app!! However i can not get it working. Reinstalled it several times and app is of course enabled.. but can´t go into settings. After installation the [other apps] menu will appear with e32 csb but whenever i click on it it will load the admin cp dashboard hook and app is enabled and reinstalled.. how can get it working? what´s may the cause? Thank you very much!!
  13. [HQ] Users Wall Of Fame

    Hello, nice hook!! i´m pretty sure about the answer; just to clarify: Users posts will only count if post is approved, means all other IPB permission stuff is not bypassed but maintained? (e.g. user posts spam/ inappropriate -> post is deleted and/or not approved by admin -> post count is not increased, so will not make it onto the wall?) Thank you, t
  14. Easy Pages

    Great! Thank you, buying..
  15. Easy Pages

    Hello, i´m about to purchase app cause i find IP.Content way to complicated for my needs.. Questions that rose up: Is EasyPages handled by IP.Content? Means if we make IP.C the default app, www.domain.com will point to easy pages? Or should/can make EasyPages default app? Can make CSS, JS, HTML, PHP pages? HTML and PHP is pretty clear that it will work, but how about having a page template needing CSS files? If this is possible, where to upload (which folder) the CSS template bits? Thank you very much!