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  1. I've been waiting for 3 days now. Thank you for the response
  2. I'm just curious what the average TIER 2 response time is ? I'm debating on restoring my 3x as 4x seems to have issues
  3. Hi Chilli, I just restored my old 3x installed and attempted a second upgrade with the same results before reading your post. If this is in fact the issue at hand I cant believe this would have been overlooked or how the staff is completely unaware of it. .
  4. These accounts seem to contain NO information what so ever .... How in the world would i have 200+ accounts listed under members which must EMAIL confirm to be placed into that group go missing ?
  5. Stuart, So the converter is not 100 percent functional ? Why would it create the usernames if the data is "missing" ? Why was no notification presented during the upgrade that "data is missing" ? Did the upgrade cause the data to disappear ? I had no problems prior to switching... I'm sorry for all the questions but since IPS made the changes to the website a ton of links DO NOT WORK.. BTW - Thank you prompt reply,
  6. Hello everyone, I've contacted support back on the 12th to understand why my upgrade from version 3 to 4 corrupted over 200+ users. I have not heard from Tier 2 nor have I seen them connect to my server to "investigate" the problem. I have over 200+ users with very strange usernames. Examples are provided below. 1947_1436634761 1936_1436634760 654_1436634740 1880_1436634759The e-mail addresses associated with these accounts are also wrong. For example user 1947_1436634761 has a registered email Email@1357662615I'm hoping someone here has ran into this problem before and has a solution ?
  7. Hello Mike, Here's the context, A simple search of this 18 post thread would show you where I pulled the snippet from. Posted 2 Apr 2013 · Report post Full news will be displayed. I'll save this idea and include it in the next bug fix update. (If needed sooner, this is something I can easily provide a quick template edit for.) The Portal takes other news sources from the forums and displays it in the Portal. The News System was designed to allow you to add news directly to it. I used the Portal's style in some places but going forward, each will be developed to suit there respective roles. Honestly IP.Content is going to be a lot more powerful, I only intend this app to be a basic News application. v2 just brings everything up to scratch and adds a lot of features I promised. It's hard for me to be objective, so if you would like I can set you up a demo board so you can have a better play with the features? Like this Quote
  8. Hello Mike, I have found a strange problem with the news system running with http://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/4643-ipblounge-applications-system/ . It seems all public links within the news system will direct to this application on my website. I have disabled the application system for now but will likey need this enabled soon. How can I troubleshoot this ? Also you mentioned back in 2013 ... Was this added ? I would like this for my portal page as the news portal block takes up too much room .. See here http://wee.my/Ft5X
  9. bcherup


    Hello Mike, I have a few questions regarding the portal plugin for your "News System". Is their a way to limit the amount of text that would display on this portal block ? Most news sites have a button or a link that says "Click here to read more" and will take you to the full news article / page. If this is not currently available.... do you have any intentions of adding it ?
  10. Would you happen to know the hours of operation here ? I've submitted a ticket marked critial well over a hour and have yet to hear a response :( Do you know what time they open tmrw ?
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