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  1. Deluxe by IPS Themes

    when I install the hook for deluxe Hook installed 0 files inserted 0 setting groups inserted 0 settings inserted 0 settings updated 0 language bits inserted 0 language bits updated 0 modules inserted 0 modules updated 0 help files inserted 0 help files updated 0 templates inserted 0 templates updated 0 CSS inserted 0 CSS updated 0 skin replacements inserted 0 skin replacements updated 0 tasks inserted 0 tasks updated 0 database tables created 0 database tables altered 0 update queries run 0 insert queries run and I cant see the settings either.
  2. It is no longer working for 3.4.x mate. I have set the limit to 10 per 24 hours and here is how the board is being spammed. Can you please update it?
  3. Subscriptions Manager

    is this addon being supported anymore?
  4. Can someone put an update for IP.Board 3.4?
  5. Subscriptions Manager

    I have an issue with the addon. I had previously installed it and now reupload the files. " alt="o7C1Hxa.png"> It doesn't show me drop down options to manage the packages. would be nice to get some advice.
  6. app=sfs thats the only thing after the session ID mate.
  7. Hello JGrucza I just did it as you instructed, and when I go into Other Apps > SFS I get : System Error [#404] incorrect_furl Would appreciate some help.
  8. Hello JGrucza, I dont remember using this one before, it could be that a co-admin must have installed it sometime. Any solution to the problem? thanks
  9. Getting this error while installing. Welcome to the IP.Board application set up utility. This installation is in progress... The following errors have been found: · ALTER TABLE pfields_content ADD sfsMemInfo text NOT NULL, ADD sfsNextCheck int(10) NOT NULL; Duplicate column name 'sfsMemInfo' · INSERT INTO sfs_tracking (`year`) VALUES (2013); Duplicate entry '2013' for key 'PRIMARY' Click here to continue regardless Would appreciate some advice.
  10. Deluxe by IPS Themes

    Tom, can you please help me out with the logo height? I have also left you a PM about it. thanks once again for the great style.
  11. Deluxe by IPS Themes

    the height of my logo is 100px, I tried shrinking it down. it looses all it's glamour. Can you by any chance help me make the logo height area around a 70-80px? thanks
  12. Deluxe by IPS Themes

    I just need a little more margin to fit in my logo, its not possible to change the height via css?
  13. Deluxe by IPS Themes

    Hello, First of all, a very Happy New Year Tom! may this year bring you a lot of success. I have purchased Deluxe and I have a logo with a height of 100px, how do I put it in? btw, got this error while installing Warning: The skin set you are attempting to import was created for IP.Board 3.3.4. You are currently running IP.Board 3.4.0. You can continue but the skin may have errors or missing functionality. thanks
  14. (SD33) Auto Tagging

    I have enabled it on my 3.3.4 (English version) but for some reason, it is not showing up any tags on new topics. thanks
  15. New to IPS :) I hope it works out well!