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    ucjohn reacted to Ibai in Display Name History   
    Excellent work, my mods were missing this feature.
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    ucjohn reacted to Square Wheels in Display Name History   
    Thank you!!!
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    ucjohn reacted to Ticaga in Display Name History   
    Fantastic thanks mate.
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    ucjohn reacted to Sam A in Display Name History   
    I've added this to my board for all my staff but also as a perk for a a paid member group, but it seems it only shows for groups that have permission to edit a profile. Is this correct? I have selected the paid member group from the dropdown within the plugin settings but they definitely do not have the option when viewing another user's profile.
    I also have forum moderators that do not have the ability to edit a user's profile and they are unable to view the display name history as well, despite being selected within the plugin's settings.
    I have verified this myself.
    Thanks for any assistance!
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    ucjohn got a reaction from ehren. in Villain 4.x // ipsfocus.com   
    By far one of my favorite theme's also great support from the developer highly recommend getting theme's from him! Keep up the great work :)
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