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  1. A few questions

    I recently asked questions in regards to purchasing a license for a IPB forum, at this time, I have a free SMF 2.0 forum,the domain name is registered with GoDaddy.com, the package is an Ultimate- with MY SQL. I'm very displeased with my SMF forum service. They are very limited, and are unwilling to add mods for the forums. Is it a possiblity I can convert over to a hosted IP board, and purchase a license at a later date? If this is possible, is the conversion user friendly? I have a small membership, would the conversion be a fast one? -Thank You.
  2. I purchased a IPB hosted package a few months ago,(now expired)but I'd like to purchase a license in the near future. At this time, I have a free smf board, with a web-host(Go Daddy). Can smf.2 be converted to IPB? Can I still use the same domain name that's registered with my web-host? Do you have technicians that convert forums to IPB? If yes, give prices. What's the license price? is it necessary to include the first-6month renewal payment with purchase? or, can the renewal be paid at the 6-month due date? With a licensed forum, is the online users unlimited? Is the online users still monitored like the IPB hosted packages are? Thank You.