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  1. How to redirect from my old pages forums and topics address in htaccess ? http://www.medprof.ru/topic.33193.html to http://www.medprof.ru/topic/33193-болезни-сердца/ http://www.medprof.ru/forum90.html to http://www.medprof.ru/forum/90-кардиология/ What rules I need? Thanks!
  2. This code is shown instead of hidden pictures For example: http://www.medprof.ru/topic33140.html http://www.medprof.ru/topic33133.html
  3. Nice plugin! but how to remove some of the code under hidden picture? Please Login or Register to see this image. /monthly_2015_06/IMG_20150628_161055.thumb.jpg.35b38ebb9eea209232a1945efbe95e42.jpg" class="ipsImage ipsImage_thumbnailed" alt="IMG_20150628_161055.jpg">and how to translate into another language warning text ?
  4. The question is relevant! How to block any bbcode?
  5. Hello! how to deny bbcode [url=http://www.wwwwww.ww] Link[/url]
  6. Thank you very much! Now I am happy and dance!
  7. Hello! Tell me how to connect in the main style template processing PHP file in IPB v4? I'm trying to do so {parse include="1239.php"} , but nothing comes out, the forum just displays the command text. Thank you!
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