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  1. If I upgrade my expired IPB license, will I be able to get only updated files (and I must have the older version of IPB)? Or will I be able to download the complete IPB software which does not require any old files or installation? Thanks.
  2. Thanks for your answer. In my purchases, I see this: When I click on the link, the information page opens there it is written: There is no input box to add the domain name. Can you tell me where I can add that? Thanks.
  3. How does the license works? Do I need to specify that on which domain I will use the forum? Or I can install it on any domain without informing IPS, and as long as my key is valid it should be ok? But what if someone steals the license key? Is there anyway to check that my license key has not been stolen and is not being used by anybody else as well?
  4. I have two IP.Board license, both of them are in one account and are expired. I was wondering if I can upgrade one license and use the latest copy for both licenses, or do I need to upgrade both licenses to use the latest software? Thanks.
  5. I bought IP license from someone who had been using the forum on his domain. Now since I bought it, and its not in his use, I want to change the domain name. I can see in the 'Purchases': IP.Board: Standard License (http://old-url.com) (Expired) When I click on the hyperlink, there is information about FTP Access and Admin CP Access etc, but there is no option to change the domain. So my question is what is the process to change the domain? Will it be changed when I upgrade the license or can I do it right now?
  6. I bought IP.Board license from someone, its expired. The guy said that we can use the old version with the expired license or pay 25$ to upgrade for 6 months. I would like to test the forum for a while before I upgrade, so I would like to download the old version so that I can use that without upgrading, but when I login my account in the client area, there I can see only IP.Board 3.2.3 This is the latest version of IP.Board. Buy Now. In the purchases I can see IP.Board: Standard License () (Expired) So Please tell me how can I download the software. Thanks.
  7. I have seen users selling IP Board license on the digitalpoint and other websites. I have a question that if I buy from someone, and he gives me his account details, are there chances of fraud? For example if he contact the InvisionPower and tells that his account is stolen etc? I understand its better to buy directly, but buying from someone will save some money.
  8. Does InvisionPower has any history of Christmas sales for the discount in IP Board new sales? Thanks.