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  1. Babble: Real Time Chat

    Cheers fella! Sorry if I sounded impatient, appreciate you getting back to me and explaining.
  2. Babble: Real Time Chat

    Ok that sounds good, thank you. My site is for mental health support I have people panicking about the chat room and bugging me for answers and I have nothing to tell them they can understand. I feel a bit more at ease so thanks very much guys.
  3. Babble: Real Time Chat

    Cheers mate!
  4. Babble: Real Time Chat

    Oh ok, thank you. As I paid for 2.2.4 will I be able to upgrade do you know?
  5. Babble: Real Time Chat

    I bought Babble version 2.2.4 as I need an alternative to IP.Chat asap. I waited as long as possible to have it up and running by May 1st. I followed the tutorial, I've installed but it's not working as it's not connected to node.js and the port info is not filled out or the key because I don't know what any of this is, what I need to do or where/how to input anything to the server, as there is no access anymore. My site is a package hosted by invision, cloud community. I've posted on codingjungles site asking for help and got nothing back, asked invision for assistance to be blown off. Looks like I'm going to be requesting a refund which is a real shame. After being a loyal customer to invision for over 5 years I am seriously considering an alternative. Retire IP.Chat but offer zero support and assistance to their customers to transition to an alternative, not cool. Yes, maybe chat rooms are not as popular as they used to be but a lot of people do still use them, and rely on them. Babble would have been perfect.
  6. Ignore user in chat

    No, that option only permits users to ignore PM's on chat from whichever user they 'check' that under.
  7. Download: CloudsStyle

    What happened to the update for 3.3?
  8. Chat software...

    The chat seriously needs a global ignore function and the ability to change font colour. Been asking for ages, wont get it. Don't think chat is taken as a priority but its the main feature of my board.
  9. Ignore user in chat

    I have submitted a request now thank you. I have private forums but it needs it in the chat room. All other well known mental health chat rooms have the ignore option, people are joining my site but going back to the other sites because of the lack of ignore. Personally I have never ever ignored anyone myself on any of the rooms, defeats the purpose for me, but it seems so many people do. My chatters are dwindling considerably and it is because when you have a lot of people virtually on the chat room all day, or in and out all day repeating their fears and worries, the ignore is necessary. And I would say 70% of my regular members only use the chat room, or mainly the chat room too. The other option is to use a different chat software but looking around its expensive for what I need.
  10. Ignore user in chat

    I'm losing chatters because there is no option to ignore a user on chat, other then PM's. Please do something. I need the option to ignore a user on chat on my site, because it is for mental health support. Some chatters cause each other distress but need to use the chat. My members are making complaints.
  11. Download: CloudsStyle

    I'm having a few members report that the 'sign out' and 'change theme' links are obscured by the clouds and not visible. I think it may be a resolution problem. Is there any way to fix this? thanks.
  12. Download: CloudsStyle

    This skin is fantastic I really love it. Just a shame it don't have support for IP.Chat, since installing I have had a lot of reports of chat errors. Couldn't get on for a long time myself today, and the chat is a very important part of my site. Still love the skin tho.
  13. [HQ] Badges

    Promptly fixed my issue. Looks great, thank you :)
  14. [HQ] Badges

    Just installed v 1.20 on board 3.2.3 and get this error when trying to add a badge Warning: implode() [function.implode]: Invalid arguments passed in /home/anxietyc/public_html/admin/applications_addon/other/badges/modules_admin/manage/main.php on line 165 Warning: implode() [function.implode]: Invalid arguments passed in /home/anxietyc/public_html/admin/applications_addon/other/badges/modules_admin/manage/main.php on line 166
  15. [3.4] ZuZuSkin - Easy to change

    I have installed the skin for 3.23 v 1.04, it looks fantastic a great skin, but I have one issue. The user panel does not pop up. If I click it just goes to my profile, no pop up so I have no access to the admin or mod cp. Help please? EDIT: nevermind I figured it out. Great skin!!!