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  1. I cant find now, but i asked 2 times before and i saw some posts about tables in v4. But maybe they thought about that extension
  2. Someone said there is gonna be table in v4 and i still dont see it. I tried copy-paste google document with tables and i copy-pasted only text.
  3. 3 same themes with little modification ^^
  4. get ready!!!! only 100000 months to go
  5. Are devs gonna update seo as well for new version of ipb? Chevereto have good seo and everyone is saying its best so i hope you will do something about this.
  6. Ip gallery 65$? As i remember it was 50$ (maybe am wrong). And 15% discount cmon...
  7. Is it gonna be possible to make tables with borders with this?
  8. I hope i will get my card so i can verify paypal before 15 December....guys if you can extend this promo until christmas...
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