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    how to add point for file purchase in downloads app ??? means downloads file buy via points economy ??
  1. can edit page setting with 3 tab view par line ? like disply image becoze defalte tow tabs view ..... just information
  2. NEW IPB IBOOKS APP One useful app ibooks generated with 4.3 (like https://www.scribd.com) this is very useful app for online books library or own writers community, can think you for ibook ? i'm sure IPB better think and best developing ibooks app with many use able feature with ecommeress,
  3. Pls add more payment method gateways in e commerce , and can add this methed
  4. i,m try many time but same error with upgrade and fresh install is correctly run , how is ?
  5. Upgrade problum any budy help ? who is the error , all files uploaded correct place in cpanel with showing link but not solve this error plz tell me
  6. Great News, 1. Plz add Bandwidth Count System with forum app , (like download app Download Bandwidth System) Bandwidth Counts with Pages Load and image , pdf , videos , etc load size (example : open page and 10 images posted in open page par image 1 mb so page Bandwidth used is 10 mb , and ecommerce added Bandwidth Sale System (is very usefull for paid sites) 2. IPB 4.2 not embed a pdf file , just post as a link, can add pdf embed feature with forum app (like images and videos embed) , with or without Selected download options ? .... thanks
  7. hello every one ,can guide me how to disable forum light box or protect my forum images don,t download any image to members can any idea , forum version is 4.2
  8. 4.2.1 some errors founds, Member Group Parmission not edit faceing error msg,,, any body tell me abort this
  9. Hello every one can add this feature in IPB ? >>>> community reputation points as a nexus payment method ? become active members use this option and injoy products for free with hard work its self, its great feature , how it's possible ?
  10. can add this feature in any ipb version ? >>> reputation points as a nexus payment methed ?
    this plagin is good, but not supported in mobile skin ,at mobile skin size is very larg and covered username ,
  11. Hey is there any way I can get in touch with you via Sykpe or Teamspeak?

  12. add one more (select multi usergroups to view topic limit par day)
  13. Thanks for reply,your tip is right.my domain is show spam list, any advice for set as normal ?
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