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  1. Bug tracker

    Thanks for answer, but please be more specific, you said I need a license, but which product must I purchase ? Can the tracker be installed as a stand alone ?
  2. Bug tracker

    Hi, is the bug tracker available for sale ? What do I need to purchase to have it working on my site ? Do I need to purchase the forums ?
  3. Hi, is it possible to embed hard drive image in post right from the "image" button from the wysiwyg editor ? When I click on this icon, I can only see an url field, not a hard drive browser. Please look image. Tks, Brak
  4. Content translation ?

    Hi, i'm considering using your solution to sell digital content (downloadable files). For each item I sell, I will create a page. I will also post various non selling page, like faqs, about us page etc etc.... Is there anyway to have a same page (either sell item page, a content page....) translated in other languages ? I would do the translation of course, but is there anyway to build multilingual content of site ? If yes, please show example.
  5. Nexus / Ip download integration question

    Thanks for answer. And if i send payout to a user via paypal, can it be done automatically from admin panel of nexus (and updating due amount), or must I go to my paypal account, send manually the sum to the user ?
  6. Nexus / Ip download integration question

    Ok, and about the payout: How are the funds sent to user ? Is it automated ? Is there anyway for the owed funds to be sent automatically to user ? What are the requirements in this case: user must have setup a paypal or 2co account with us ? What if user hasn't specified his payment gateway ?
  7. Hi, from the features page of IP NEXUS, I can read: My question is about "Collect a percentage or flat fee, with the remainder being paid to the user". Please elaborate about this: Let's say I allow my users to sell their own videos. So they would upload it in IP NEXUS. I want to collect 30% of each sales. How will this work ? - How will user get paid the 70% ? - SHould I manually calculate how much user is owed, and pay him ? - Is it automatic ? - Does distribution of fees to user and me happen in real time, or once in a while, like once a month ? You see i'm confused on how this works. Thanks, Benj
  8. Hi, are these 2 products actively developed ? Does the same care goes into these product, than the main board script ? Tks,
  9. IP nexus as video store ?

    Yes, looks good. Is it robust enough to handle large video files ? Any customer using it as video store ?
  10. Hi, I plan to create a community site, where each user can sell his own video and share commissions with me. Has IP nexus ever been used for this kind of site handling large files ? Are there live examples ? Can it do it ? tks
  11. all are good, but ipb is better
  12. Some presales questions

    Hi, - is there a setting to have a forum view, displaying all topics in "preview" mode (what I get when clicking on the hover "preview' little icon that accompanies each topic ) ? - is there anyway for mobile user on iphone or ipad, to upload a picture in their post, from device's image gallery ?