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  1. WordPress IPSConnect

    OH, and "CoolClownFish" and "Brian Michael Owens" are both me.
  2. WordPress IPSConnect

    Have you had a chance to look at it? The main installation is WP and the sub folder “ugeforum” is the IP Board install. they are both on the same database. I need to know when you are doing it so I can do a quick backup of the database and if you need to change anything like settings other than the plugin of yours please let me know first.
  3. WordPress IPSConnect

    but after one person logs into wordpress then they have to log into IPB? How do you handle that with 100K+ people? or can they always log into WP or IPB? I am soooo confused lol... (I sent you a PM)
  4. WordPress IPSConnect

    So, after the plugin is set up, they would be able to log in normally just using IPB? I think this is where I am the most confused. Does this software read the WP users as they log into IPB? or does the member first have to log into WP in order for IPB to copy the user info? I'm sorry if these questions are redundant.
  5. WordPress IPSConnect

    So just to be sure, the wordpress site will be where they log in and it will automatically copy the member username and password to the IPB member database. Therefore it will seamlessly allow them to log in and participate in the forums and the WP site at the same time? I would want to have them all just sign in using the WP side is that possible?
  6. WordPress IPSConnect

    So is there a way to get all the current members over to IPB? I don't want to loose 100,000 members over this.
  7. WordPress IPSConnect

    A little more info: WP = www.mysite.com IPB = www.mysite.com/forum All my 100,000 members are on WP and the forum is new. I want them to all sign in the normal way or in the forums and be all logged in throughout the site (WP and Forum)
  8. WordPress IPSConnect

    I can not find out the info I am trying to find Marcher. Can give me a few pointers? 1. My main site is my WP site and my Slave is the forums. Where do I get the master key for the WP site? 2. The 2 are on the same server and the same database so isn't there a more simple way to just have IPB read the usernames and passwords?
  9. Download: (CCF-ACPT) Turquoise ACP with Login

    And this is how you ask? Just because you say please after you demand something does not make the demand a question or request. I am now done with this and will respond no more.
  10. Download: (CCF-ACPT) Turquoise ACP with Login

    SERIOUSLY? You come on here and buy something for one version then decide you want something else? so you try to bully your way into a refund (by the way you already got from invision power for this mod) I don't think so. YES THAT IS MY BEST ANSWER! My suggestion for you is to read what your buying before you buy it and make better choices so you wont put yourself in these kind of situations. and don't come on here and demand things buddy.... I don't owe you squat! and in case you don't remember what you bought here is the description again. I will highlight the important areas for you and this is copied from the marketplace post where you bought it. I don't recall saying this was for IP Board 3.4 or I even had plans on getting rich on this one thing I decided to share with the community.
  11. Download: (CCF-ACPT) Turquoise ACP with Login

    This mod was built for 3.3.4 and it clearly states this in the post. In no way is this mod developed for 3.4 and it never implied that it was.
  12. File Name: (CCF-ACPT) Turquoise ACP with Login File Submitter: Brian Michael Owens File Submitted: 11 Sep 2012 File Category: Miscellaneous Skins This is a custom Turquoise ACP with matching login screen. Please be advised it is your responsibility to backup your original files before doing anything with your site. this was built for ipboard 3.3.4 but should work on 3.3.x Instructions: Backup admin>skin_cp folder before doing anything. upload all contents of upload folder located in zip file. Refresh your acp login and enjoy. after logging into your acp you will notice the changes. if you don't then just refresh. I obviously overpriced this so I cut it 50% to $4.99 Enjoy!!! Click here to download this file
  13. Poor Customer Service

    ok if you would like me to take the time to respond to you then thats fine with me... 1st i have purchased a software, 2nd nowhere in the checkout process is anything remotely stating that they will take their sweet time to deliver what i ordered, 3rd when i read about it in the terms (one small sentance) "may take up to 1 day but normally it takes 1 hr" yes it does kinda make me angry. 4th then i get a response from the staff that it takes 2 days WHA????? you can not tell me it is not poor customer service and wrong to not disclose this in the beginning. and BTW this was ordered last night!
  14. Poor Customer Service

    just fyi i have used the ticket systems and i have purchased the product. i have been told pretty much OH WELL HURRY AND WAIT. anmd to top it off I have read in their terms that it would be done within 1 day so no 7 yr old tantrum either
  15. Poor Customer Service

    just fyi i have used the ticket systems and i have purchased the product. i have been told pretty much OH WELL HURRY AND WAIT. anmd to top it off I have read in their terms that it would be done within 1 day so no wild accusations from me just the truth