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  1. AutoIt Anti-Spam

    Appreciate the work put into this--while I know it's something you built for your own site, I was wondering if you've tested recently with the latest version of IPS4. Particularly interested in the keyword blocker. Ran a few test posts with a few expressions (including your language blocks) and the offending post generates an EX2 error code. Funny thing is, the post still makes it through unmoderated, but does not trigger a notification email.
  2. Group Collaboration

    Looks like I'm banned from the website. Any help with this?
  3. Group Collaboration

    Hi Kevin - Can you give any tips on exporting joined group member lists from Social Groups (old tool) into your new Group Collaboration tool for version 4. I'm having an issue with finding a way not to lose all these privacy settings during transition since it doesn't seem to be tied to any permission member setting. Thanks in advance!
  4. Group Collaboration

    Is it possible to set the access approval for private collaborations to the parent collaboration and then users are allowed to join and leave sub collaborations without admin action. Example:
  5. (RSyvarth) Social Groups

    Hey all. We've been testing this app on our Invision community and thus far it seems to be working well, except we are running into the Mass PM issue. Was there any resolution regarding, beyond the 2.0.5 release? Would love to move forward with it but the Mass PM/HTML issue would definitely prevent. Happy to hear it's in development for 4.0 as well.