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  1. [IPBLounge] Applications System

    @Dev I still have been unable through all these versions to set a Default Message. Our guys have to do a lot of copy paste with templates into the status change messages. Also the Status change messages could also use a Default Subject Title, wink wink. Thanks
  2. Forum Terms & Rules Before Register Screen

    Question. You say it won't work with IP.Nexus packages. By that do you mean IF you have packages on registration enabled? Or do you actually mean if you just have IP.Nexus installed? Thank you.
  3. ProMenu Plus

    Hey gentlemen, we got the latest version to work upon upgrade and it allows us to set urls, or the application links now. The only problem is that sublinks dont show up on the header menu. It works properly in the preview however. http://militarygaming.org
  4. ProMenu Plus

    This was not fixing the issue at all sir, and every single one of our back-end admins had the same problem happening. There was just no way to fix it. Even creating new menu links wouldn't work either. I was unable to edit the menus links at all, nothing would end up showing as previously indicated. Yes we always do backups before updates. We don't use any mega menus, however I noticed that any menu with sublinks when imported was turned into a mega menu. Also none of the sublinks on the frontend would even show under the header as well, forgot to mention that.
  5. ProMenu Plus

    Wanted to also note that I have now reverted and restored 2.1.5 version as this upgrade basically broke our entire site and made inoperable, something we cannot afford.
  6. Read That Topic/Announcement

    That would be great.
  7. ProMenu Plus

    Perhaps this makes me sound stupid, but how the heck do you set urls or what application a menu is linked to? None of my imported links from 2.0 work now in the header, but the primary ones do. However cant seem to find where you change where the menu links actually go/point to. EDIT: So it appears that nothing shows up after the Link Type. What could be causing this? Show Preview also does not work.
  8. Read That Topic/Announcement

    This would be even better if you can create multiple force read rules configurable by group. Ie. Set all public users to read one or more selected topics. Then create another rule to force paid users to read certain topics, etc.
  9. Manage Inactive Members

    A couple things here. Would be nice to create an option that anybody with either any product purchase or subscription (or only active subscription) on IP.Nexus or Downloads be excluded. Also can somebody indicate why on the Delete Members there is: Number of posts to get deleted? but no More than or less than X posts. The other options have the second part, it seems to just be missing for the Delete members one. Also the english explanation/description could be improved.
  10. [IPBLounge] Applications System

    This has been a great system, with great potential which we have recommended on several occasions to others. However I think our organization and the feelings of others is that when we use third party apps in core functions of our community and organizations daily operations that we need updates, namely when IPB versions are updated. Without such consistent updates it can put our vital operations in at jeopardy due to our dependency on the 3rd party developer. While we understand you are limited on the time you can devote to this project, it is an honest reality that must be taken into account. Especially when the addon is a paid one. At this time I have to say that our community is going to have to discontinue this use of this product and no longer recommend it from any production sites or those who use it for a core or vital functionality. We will have to move to another system which we can be assured will not significantly hinder our daily operations. Currently we use this system for our membership processing and as our organization moves to a system which require membership dues which will be the life blood of our non-profit we cannot afford a system which is not or we are not confident about concerning its updates/support. We will instead have to find an alternative method and/or system for our membership processing utilizing IPB tools and/or its 3rd party addons, or 3rd party software outside of IPB.
  11. (SD) Company Directory

    It is very hard to really see and understand how this is layed out when you cannot understand the language. I am highly interested, however we do not plan on spending the money and investing into such a new project when we cannot sufficiently understand and see how it may function. If you could create screenshots or a demo that is in english it would help greatly. Probably a good idea with english being the dominate language on these boards and for the IPB product.
  12. (M34) Form Manager

    How do I do this? Thank you much for the information and help sir.
  13. (M34) Form Manager

    Mike, Great application, been using your stuff for awhile. With the current form system no links to logs will show up at all even when the proper permissions are given.
  14. Quiz System

    I am actually talking more of permissions per category and per quiz. I knew you could set permissions for the entire system per member group as you indicated.
  15. Quiz System

    What I would like to recommend for this thing is more extensive permissions system and better control of peoples quiz results. This way we can use this system more for testing purposes, and being able to log each test result per that user would be great. Permissions to decide which moderators or moderator groups have access to what would be great to. Ie setting who can view/take the quiz, by member groups, and even having an moderator permission to assign a quiz to a user, if they don't have permission to freely take it. This would make your system much more valuable. As it is after view we are unlikely to keep any renew. If these things become features I think a renew of $15 sounds plenty fine as well.