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  1. TS3 Integration

    Works for me on
  2. Does this work with IP.Pages? I use forums for my comments on records in my IP.Pages database and am trying to set a prefix for each topic created when an article is submitted, but no prefix is saved upon submission. However I can manually edit those topics to set a prefix and it works fine. So it seems like something isn't saving in IP.Pages when creating a new record.
  3. Behemoth Theme

    Great theme we are using as the base for our own site: http://spartac.net/ Very easy to customize both directly, and through custom.css edits.
  4. Donations Support

    Does this include a feature that resets a goal after the end date is reached? For example, we accept donations towards monthly sever fees, is it possible to reset the goal each month automatically?
  5. (GS) Server List

    Saw that and had a doh moment
  6. (GS) Server List

    Can a game server type be added by request? (ARMA 3)
  7. Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    It was a modified version of this: http://dimsemenov.com/plugins/royal-slider/
  8. TS3 Integration

    Learned that in order to use the group sync feature without getting your serverquery banned for flooding, add your forum's IP to the TS3 whitelist
  9. TS3 Integration

    Just throwing it out there, but you're using the serverquery admin user name and pass, not the actual admin's user and pass correct?
  10. TS3 Integration

    Bump? Anybody out there?
  11. Single Sign On Bridge for WordPress and IPB 4

    They are just using iframes with some fancy edits: http://content.boards.baltimoreravens.com/rcs/iframe.html?guid=b138b36ec5b2b965b9bfa431179da42d
  12. shoutbox for ips 4?

    The developers stated on their site they won't be updating the free shoutbox anymore and have been working on a premium one, though nothing has come of that yet. Chatbox in the marketplace is a more than capable alternative to Shoutbox in the meantime and perhaps from here on out.
  13. TS3 Integration

    I've noticed users occasionally have groups removed, not sure if it was due to a TS3 server restart kicking users and they auto reconnected and something got confused. These users lost their primary groups, but the secondary groups remained. I noticed going to the affected users and saving their accounts as if I was editing something in the AdminCP reset it on TS3 and the icons reappeared. This got me wondering if there is a way to manually resync the TS3 UUIDs to their assigned groups, or if this is done automatically at center intervals? (I didn't see a task for it). Or is it only done when a change is made to a user account?
  14. Runs fine manually, nothing in the php logs, system logs or task logs regarding it. Oddly, just the following message daily after manually running: The following tasks appear to be locking frequently: steamGames. Please run them manually. If you require assistance with any errors shown please contact technical support.