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  1. Member-Only Forum Option

    You are able to customise each forum so if you wanted just VIP guests to view a forum that you just put the member in the Vip group then set the correct permission. You can also make it so only VIP members see that forum.
  2. Cloud version of IPB

    I got a hosted licence but find i would like to use the cloud version of IPB for a new project. I find that my host is too slow! Just a few questions I have Do you have full control over the IPB, e.g if i wanted to reset and do a clean install of IPB can this be done?Do you have access to the FTP? I want to upload a few font files for my custom skin.Do you also get a test board with the cloud version?Can you use custom skins?
  3. licensed to [insert name here] ?

    No it will not display your name, you can change it to anything you want in the adminCP
  4. 6 Years

    ​Vectura was a web base email client for invision power board. It was an add on like gallery, ip blog etc etc
  5. Board Life Status

    Installed on both my boards excellent hook :) I do not see any settings to show years is this possible? years, days, mins, secs?
  6. (e32) Custom Sidebar Blocks

    is there a easy way to use the code <?php include("file.php"); ?> I have got a a php file which displays an age based on a DOB and i want to display it next to a persons name. When i try to use this code it does not display Thanks Rob
  7. Glare by IPS Themes

    When changing the background image in Safari 6.0.2 for Mac running OSX 10.8.2 the preview backgrounds always crash. " alt="Invision_Power_Board-20121128-214010.jpg"> I do not have a problem with using Chrome or Firefox! Is there a different way for this to render differently in Safari? Also there is a problem viewing on iPad 3 the page does not stretch to the edge of the page " alt="photo-20121128-215053.jpg">
  8. Yeah thats what i thought but i have not tested! EDIT: Just tested on 3.3.4 and it dont not remove the member from the side birthday bar!
  9. Not sure if this will happen with 3.4.0 as I remember reading that if you flag a member as a spammer it deletes there post(s) so maybe it will remove there birthday from the calendar too?
  10. Yes there is, but i think there is a setting which you can set to hide if no birthdays, also you need calendar do be installed
  11. I have seen on a site that runs the IP suite and wanted to ask a few questions. The website i have seen is http://www.talkchelsea.net Now i wanted to know what piece of software they use for the news feed I.E there is a link thats says September in review is this IP.Blog ? I am wanted to run a fan site on a music group and we are going to want to have a news feed (just like above) where is displays a little preview but then when you click the link it takes you to the whole news story. Also we will want users to be able to comment on the news. I would also like to have a blog (that only one member would blog in) and also run a gallery but have the gallery look like the fan site not the forum. Is this all possible? (demo site is full and cant use the demo fully as i cant upload my skin image files) I currently have IP.Board IP.Gallery (thinking of buying) IP.Blog (thinking of buying) IP.Content P.S is there any coupon codes as i think i just missed the ADDAPPS one :cry:
  12. Contact Form

    If you at a custom field and click Required Information and set to YES you still dont need to enter it. I have a custom field that says email and i want it so the user must enter and email address.
  13. Just wanted to know if i could add a music store to my forum? I would like it where people could buy the album or select tracks from the album a bit like iTunes? The music is from the recording artist and i am not selling copyrighted music its all above board ;)
  14. (e32) Custom Sidebar Blocks

    I have a problem with 3.3.0 I have a box that is not Collapsible but you can collapse it!
  15. (e32) Custom Sidebar Blocks

    Will there be support for a RTE in the app?