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  1. Suggestion: Providing Legacy Versions

    I strongly agree with this suggestion. IPS must take this into account, thereby improving their service and also offer other options for their customers. But of course, must warn new customers with a notice that when you download previous versions (they are in a state of EOL = End of life - End of support these versions of software) and that customers should take all responsibility and at their own risk the problems of using outdated software. Many software companies offer the option to view previous versions of the software, even some free software have this option (for excellence WordPress). IPS Being a professional should know that enabling this option to its users, it would be one of the best improvements we have obtained the service offered by IPS. Not to mention, it is very sad that a great software and service as offered IPS, does not have an option which is so common -------> View previous versions (and can download them with an active license)
  2. Hello with all respect, to purchase a new license for using IP.Board and other default applications are a good "standard support", which obviously must wait a certain time, if you want speed to solve problems immediately then buy the "Advanced Support" ... And as I said @ Lindy, a thing to be anxious and frustrated. And another thing altogether to go to the forums and very inaccurate to paint a picture of your situation - wise words. Also not all the answers to your problems are in 5 minutes, you should know that it might take about 5 or 10 minutes for a user or IPS staff see your question and the time it takes to write your answer depends nothing over the seriousness of the case and the complexity of the solution ... While your problem simpler, faster will answer ... if it is very complex and difficult, they may respond in 3-5 hours ....
  3. 4.0 - Tables

    This is excellent. I like this.
  4. I must admit that IP.Board is a wonderful piece of software, like its other applications such as (IP.Content, IP.Nexus, IP.Gallery, IP.Blog, etc.), Provide a good tool to manage any type of online community, but the greater point blank IPS is the lack of a wiki product, imagine the opportunities and possibilities that would give customers using this product. I would add that the forum websites often have a lot of information buried deep in threads. Wiki provides a place to gather that information and to show the wealth of information that your site is present. This is why the maximum integration between the forum and wiki software software is so important. I should mention that it would be very good idea to have an excellent wiki IP.Board interaction with you and any of your current applications.
  5. Let me answer a couple of questions: 1. No, when you buy a license is not required to renew it, and you can upgrade your license when you find most convenient, I can give you an example: If you buy now IP.Board 3.4.3 you can last years but many years without renewing the license and you need to receive support, get new versions of the software, plus many other benefits that it's time to renew your license for a small price of $ 25. Obviously, if your license has expired and can not receive / download new software updates and releases to renew. 4. I've been an administrator and moderator of many forums that use (IP.Board, XenForo, vBulletin, phpBB, MyBB, etc.) and I can say that in their system IP.Board "SEO" has a score of 9/10, by Furthermore, XenForo having integrated SEO has a weighting of 10/10 ... It is obvious that any of this site will say that IP.Board is better, and the XenForo forums say the same of their software, I recommend visiting neutral sites and ask this. But I think the "SEO" offered by each software depends on how you use and the site administrator ... XenForo afirmarle that I can have better "SEO" from my point of view, but XenForo IP.Board outperforms in many aspects but infinities, functions, features and systems that have not yet become a software by XenForo young. But XenForo has much potential. The other questions you asked, let him or other staff members will respond IPS.
  6. 4.0 - Can we have a new Emoticon Manager please?

    Be washed with soap fingers in this case.
  7. Editor Preferences

    Just out of curiosity, why not? I would like to know your opinion on this and what the disadvantages that this would bring.
  8. I can do this with IPS?

    I should clarify that I have kept track of the IPS software for a couple of years (I visit the site once or twice a week), I have sought examples of what you can do IP.Content, IP.Nexus, IP.Blog, IP . Gallery, IP.Chat, IP.Board and IP.Calendary, and when I refer to what they can do, I mean its integration capability and flexibility .. my questions are: 1. I can create a structure that is similar to 3DJuegos (www.3djuegos.com) without having to program anything? just do it the easiest way you can with IPS and not so complicated for me. 2. I can do that by using IPS, I can create something similar to youtube? Similarly when I mean is that the user to create an account, access to an area where you can only upload videos, and the user can obtain folders as "Favorites, I like, history, etc.." you can store your videos and in some cases the history folder then automatically track all videos viewed or visited by the user and where users can create more folders or custom playlists, and they can comment on any video and there is a similar form to give a score at or even video user already with stars, numbers or a simple bar statistics that have positive and negative points and a percentage of popularity of video depending on the votes obtained by the users and Times seen, I think this is very complicated but I wonder if IPS can do and even do a better structure than youtube? says his tour software is very flexible and I hope so, I have in mind would need many servers (but not a problem for me) However, I think that program and change the code on more than one occasion to make this possible ... 3. I can make one be in any part of my site, where I want to place it? either in a forum, sub-forum, news or even in a video? but of course that is not the same chat, but different ... 4. How well it works antispam service offered by the company free of charge on the purchase of a license? I've seen some complain that the service is not very good or viable, others love this service as a god anti-spam ... I would like to know what you think and tell me how it works and how effective is this anti-spam service. 5. IPS has the characteristic of "edit history" ... 6. I can make the site as a book is changing leaves?, I will give an explanation of how this would be: • clarify that I do not want it to look at all that of a book ... Only serve as one, in which you can change the page to go to another section ... • I mean, for example, any user entering the website forums to see related forums my company / site / magazine or whatever you would do, but users can change the section as a road book , giving a click on an arrow showing the right / left side and in each section I can put the theme you want and the look / design and amount of forums will need each section (which is unlimited, obviously this will depend on the I tell servers), for example: the main section has 10 business-related forums: company announcements, suggestions for the site, you're new? Introductions, etc. The following section is its thematic games by switching to that section, changes its appearance and obviously has other different forums, say that this section of video games has more than 100 forums and the next section is its thematic literature and this section may look and I find convenient design and obviously different forums to the other sections, this example is about 35 forums and so on ... say it is something I have not seen anywhere, and perhaps none have this ... but would like to know, I hope I have understood (I use a translator). 7. I can edit / move / delete forums, without the need to enter the admin panel? 8. I can make my site have different structures and designs different aspects, depending on the section the user is (related to my question 6)? 9. I can do that every registered user on my site and have your own personal calendar gallery where they can control the privacy at will, either to return all visible to the public or make everything private. and in which the overall site calendar has a connection with the calendars of other users, where each event placed by a user on your personal calendar is directly in the overall schedule of the site ... 10. IP.Nexus believe I can make a virtual currency? where on my site to buy digital items and use the same currency for discounts on my physical items? 11. I can do that every registered user of my site, have your own personal store where you can sell what they want either real money (dollars, peso, euro, yen, bolivars, etc.) Or earn discounts using virtual currencies Site in which the user handle the maximum discount that can be given by using virtual coins and clear while meeting the requirements, standards and guidelines of the service and so on., this can be? 12. I can use my site in different ways? as accommodation online videos, online image hosting, web hosting (I use clear my own servers and such but just wondering) also able to modify my site as I want or as I find most convenient? That's all for now my friends are thinking to do and we are asking for all the support forums of the best software for communities (phpBB, vBulletin, MyBB, IPS, XenForo, etc.) You can answer me. A bonus question: which IPS vBulletin difference and what are the advantages also currently having IPS with vBulletin / phpBB / MyBB / XenForo? Sorry for my english
  9. New social options - Suggestions

    Do not believe all, since the option of sharing that IPS offers, is to share a message with other social networks and sites, I mean I have to share this option to display on the wall of your user profile in your community IPS. Sure to be very good at making changes that the profiles are more social and have a wall.
  10. How is everyone? first of all apologize for the topic name, really did not know that place. Well, I had some ideas that I find nothing bad to IPB. Which are: 1. Share button - I would like to add this option for users where to click on this option to share the content that you want to share and when I say content, I mean everything as blog articles, forum topics, photos (profile pictures, albums and gallery site), user profiles, market applications (ie, an application to market share you liked), status updates, blogs, groups, calendars, among other things . 2. Subscribe / Follow - It would be great to be added to future versions the option to "follow or subscribe" to a user that you have found interesting, when you click on that option, you will automatically receive notices of user updates you follow, will be notified of all such as: status updates, new photos or albums, new threads in any forum, comments, blog articles, user pseudonym changes, changes of personal information (biography, date of birth , age, nationality, etc..), applications or products uploaded to the market, in short everything will be aware of what a user is doing is following you (almost everything) to receive notifications of things users have shared or will like. 3. Like - This option is very good, I am aware that IPB and have built, but I would like this option to be for other things, and swim over to: photos, albums, status updates, blogs, groups, links, comments items from blogs and articles for blogs, this option is never used for topics in the forums, it is better to add to the topics a reputation system, in short a system where we offer our opinion with a score of ( 5 stars) to show the quality of the item or if we like it or not. What do you think?
  11. Is typing ...

    This feature is a function and I have in mind for my future I will develop proprietary software in the near future and will be a good competition for IPS, but before that the feature or function you want to call it something small, but effective, sure they did not think this great feature to IP.B: Always have the desperation of a user to respond as quickly as possible recently created a theme for you to know what you think about it, and you keep updating over a period of 1-2 minutes your topic to see if there are new answers, this is over, I suggest this feature is that users to create a theme or have an old issue, be notified by MP or Notifications, when a user is responding to its subject (ie typing the answer to your topic). It's a small feature I want to share with you, of course, my software will similarly implemented this feature, but I'm learning more about programming and programming languages ​​to start with my project.
  12. IP.Blog vs Wordpress?

    Well, I've worked with IP.Blog and WordPress. Both are very effective and serve their purpose as such. But WordPress is software that is more based on the blogosphere, ie, tools, options, features and more to have a good blog, and currently serves as a bus manager content. I would recommend that your first option is to choose WordPress because it is free, easy to use, and best of all beats in a way IP.Blog and functions. Sorry for my english, I use a translator. :lol:
  13. To help you with the list of automatic promotions Alpha 1, here you hints my proposals: Well actually are rather trophies or goals achieved at the site that can be good for promoting the user with x points trophies, which can cause you to have a little more freedom in the site 1. Time recorded on the site 2. Number of times a user is connected (eg 365 times) 3. For profile views 4. Customize your profile for now I have more ideas, but it can be a long list and also depends on the website which would promote their conditions.
  14. It would be a good idea, when you dial a user to flag spam, the moderator or administrator will see a list where you can mark the messages and themes of a user who is classified as spam and delete them, close them or move them to a forum garbage. Rimi, not bad if I translated what you said or misunderstood. But to use the flag of spam to a user is automatically erases all messages, there would be a big problem since the user spammer may have some important messages and themes equally. But the flag could be set to three different levels or come by default as configured in this way: Red flag: This flag implies automatically delete all messages and user issues a completely spammer, use it if the moderator or administrator is sure that even 75% of the user's messages are spam. Yellow flag: This flag means to give a complete list of all posts made by x user, and make the moderator or administrator check the messages that are considered spam and delete them (not all, just the spam) Black flag: This flag is a warning to the user that do not spam and automatically returns to bookmark this flag ax user a private message reaches you personalized, which warn that this flag was marked with black and it is a warning How about idea, accept constructive criticism serves more to that suggestion is molded in good shape.
  15. Hearing or reading? lol. Well, I have not read the topic completely, only page 1 and 2 ... I think we should leave it to the IPS staff to analyze the suggestions and see if you need to place a subforum as applying for ... But users who agree with the subforum, can come together and create a community with forumatic phpBB forums.