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    Myr got a reaction from estan in Suggestion: Rich Text Editor button - Paste from Word   
    It would be really great if you could add a Paste From Word button in the rich text editor like that from TinyMCE and others.
    (when you paste text from MS Word of any version, you end up with a double spaced mess.)

    I nearly scream when I have to paste something from email (Outlook, which uses Word) into a post in my admin forum. In addition, I run a website dedicated to writing. A lot of people would like to be able to paste directly from where they were writing and just have it work.
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    Myr reacted in Hard to say...   
    For a while now I have been wanting to write up something to say "Hey, Love IPS and the direction it is going in". But, in better words and a deeper description.

    Instead, I'd just like to point out how nice it is to roam around the forums and see things like: steady progress, nice useful enhancements, team support & encouragement, member support & encouragement, kindness, etc.

    Keep up the good work! Thanks to all...
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    Myr got a reaction from Anonymous IPB User in Suggestion: Rich Text Editor button - Paste from Word   
    The Paste From Word button is meant to strip out the crap from Word and leave behind the text as WYSIWYG. Because when you paste it in, it looks normal until you publish.
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    Myr got a reaction from Anonymous IPB User in Suggestion: Rich Text Editor button - Paste from Word   
    It would be really great if you could add a Paste From Word button in the rich text editor like that from TinyMCE and others.
    (when you paste text from MS Word of any version, you end up with a double spaced mess.)

    I nearly scream when I have to paste something from email (Outlook, which uses Word) into a post in my admin forum. In addition, I run a website dedicated to writing. A lot of people would like to be able to paste directly from where they were writing and just have it work.
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    Myr reacted to Brandon D in Notification Feedback   
    I agree. I've said it many times too. I don't care about the notification. Why are you taking me to the notification? The notification holds nothing relevant. It did its job when it popped up. Take me to what the notification is notifying me about.
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    Myr reacted to Amy T in Notification Feedback   
    The thing that is annoying me is the notification about a status update does not have a link to the person's status just a link to the notifications settings so I keep accidently going to the notification settings when I want to pull up the status.
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    Myr reacted to Nityananda in From Internet Brands to Invision Power Services   
    Just thought I would put this message on for 2 reasons. One as I would like to tell Invision "You are doing it right!!!", and secondly to show this to any potential VBulletin convert as I think its important.

    I have been a user of vbulletin on and off since early version 2 and have seen many upgrades of a large size done to the vbulletin software under jelsoft. Jelsoft IMO was the company to beat and if they had carried on as they did in the version 2 days I think you would have struggled to compete with them, I will say that honestly. Now in my opinion there are 2 things that have changed. One is the management of their software being taken over by internet brands, and the second being the seemly inability to keep up with the times and add what every user needs to their community software.

    Now I think the second item there you clearly win hands down as this software suite simply has most of what your ever going to need. People can mention that vbulletin has more hacks/mods etc that any other software and that is true, however from what I have experienced over the past few month this it not down to the dedication of free addon providers, but more down to the lack of need. Of course there are going to be some, however I have around half the quantity of modifications on my current site as I did on vbulletin and 0 loss of usability with the added benefit of 100% support from invision on the majority of it as they are official products.

    This one however is the big one for me. I have been reading every blog, every topic posted on the progress of 3.1 and one things stands out above all else, and thats the fact that you guys listen. You have an excellent team of developers that are active in the community they work for (and remember guys, this is a job for them not a hobby). Charles I think has a massive affect on the structured organisation of this and I think is a big asset to invision, and I do hope that his managers are reading this topic also.

    So if you guys wanna know why your winning, the answer is simple. You listen to us and act upon in accordingly. NOTHING AT ALL is more important to any of us, whether it be a hobby like myself or a business than you listening. NOTHING!!!

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    Myr reacted to The Old Man in Emoticons - its time for much needed overhaul!   
    Now that IPB3 is here, I think its really time to address the way emoticons are managed because times have changed and boards no longer have just 20 of them, many have accumulated 100's of them. Large, small, light, dark, seasonal etc.

    Surely there has to be a better, less confusing way of managing them for Admins, and I seem to recall suggestions in the past have been confirmed as having to wait for IPB3 because of its improved programming structure.

    Sorry I'm going back to basics here, because after several years I still don't understand or have forgotten how Emoticon Management is supposed to work in the AdminCP, and there is still no documentation for it.

    I don't understand why it is that you can add numerous folders of smilies in addition to the default emotion group, if IPB doesn't automatically include them (the default folder and all additional folders or child folders) when you actually come to post? I also don't understand why you can't turn entire groups of emoticons on and off.

    One possible solution...

    Lets say for example you have 150 smilies on your board, consisting of:

    50 general ones 50 Halloween theme 50 Christmas themed (a little OTT but will do as an example!). It could just as well be large, small, adult, whatever...

    You wouldn't need to have the 100 seasonal emoticons available to click all year round, and you wouldn't need to have access when posting to the Christmas ones when posting near to or at Halloween, and vice versa.

    So why not have a folder for each group, and have a check box in the Emoticon Manager to instantly enable or disable each group of smilies as required, and a separate sub-screen to enable, disable or delete individual emoticons within each group, either one at a time or all?

    This would make things much more manageable for this with lots of smilies, and all smilies would still show in older posts because they are still on the server, just not all in the clickable list all at once.

    You could take it a step further, by adding tabs (suggested so many times before) to the Show All Emoticon box, so that clicking on default or general would show those, then a tab would be available for the Halloween, large, small etc as defined by the groups in the AdminCP Emoticon Management screen.
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    Myr reacted to Interferon in Social groups as a corporation   
    If user accounts are individuals, then it makes sense to think of social groups as a "corporation". A corporation can use many of the services an individual uses: It can have a bank account, a cell phone account, or own a house. In the same way, a "social group" as I see it would have many of the same features as an individual account. It would be able to upload files, images, and it would have a profile. It might even have a blog. I don't suggest allowing a social group to comment on the forum, but the analogy is a pretty good one.

    Why use social groups? They might not be useful for some forums, but for my forum they would be extremely useful. My users form game projects. We have the Leadwerks Community MMO, the Leadwerks Community FPS, and other projects. There would probably be more if they were better facilitated. As it is, the most I can do for them is post a sticky thread that becomes 20 pages long.

    I have one company using my software that has 6 accounts. They would absolutely love it if they could create a company social group and post images of their game, along with a description of the game. A single private or public forum at the bottom of the page would be perfect for talking amongst themselves.

    I would gladly pay extra for a social groups add-on. That's my input on how I would use them, and why I think they would eventually be a good addition.
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    Myr reacted to Rheddy in IP.Chat help!   
    This chat bites. After uploading the files to the directories required, there is no option to install this in the ACP. There are no settings in ACP. And nowhere to enter in the chat key. This was just a waste of time.
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    Myr reacted to Charles in IP.Chat Service Testing   
    We are investigating the possibility of offering a chat service for IPB directly from IPS.

    This chat service would run inside of your IPB install much like Gallery or Blog however the actual exchange of chat messages would be handled by IPS servers. The high volume of transactions needed for a chat room would probably get you banned from most web hosting providers and, even if you have high-end hosting, it requires a specially tuned server to perform well. You can forget that headache and let us handle the transactions. Chat room statistics and access to log archives will of course be available for owners.


    For the time being, we will only have the chat room open here on our company forums when an IPS staff member opens it. We are looking to test both the interface you use for chatting and the back-end server performance so we need online staff to monitor both sides of the exchange. So keep an eye for the chat link to appear in the top navigation or a "who's chatting" area to show up on the home page under statistics. When you see this then you know the room is available for testing :)

    Please post bugs in the bug tracker under the IP.Chat category. You can post feedback here in the feedback forum or just reply to this topic. Please keep in mind this would be a version 1.0.0 so, although we can add all sorts of cool stuff over time, we are focusing on a nice, stable chat room right now. Things like private conversations, multiple rooms, and more are on our list but we must perfect the base chat room before adding on all the extras.

    Please note that this is the first test of many users in the chat room so there will probably be issues. We will also be doing server-level testing so you might get kicked out now and again or the service may abruptly close so don't take it personally ;). Your feedback on all areas of the chat from features through usability down to speed of chat responses is appreciated.


    The pricing of the chat service is yet to be announced and will be based on how many people you have in your chat room at one time. Details of the package levels and pricing will be made available at a later date. The good news is that the first chat package level will be free for active IPB license holders. We hope you enjoy that extra benefit to being a license holder.
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    Myr reacted to TrixieTang in Quick PM should have a "Use Full Editor" link   
    Currently if you go to someone's profile and try to send them a PM, if you decide you need all the editor options you don't have them, and there isn't a way to get to them short of copying what you typed so far, going to your messenger, typing in the name of the member, and pasting what you had written...

    There really needs to be a link on the "Quick PM" popup like their is on the fast reply, "Use Full Editor" which keeps what you'd written, who you're sending it to, and takes you to your messenger to send a PM with access to all the editor options.
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    Myr reacted to sound in Suggestion regarding the Recent Gallery Images hook   
    if talking optiopns
    how about
    adding as well as above
    options to choose random or latest, number of images, which category images from (one, multi,or all)
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    Myr reacted to Charles in Introducing Spam Monitoring Service   
    Oh! So Matt says it and you listen! I see how it is...

    I shall go pout in the corner now. Woe is me, etc.
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    Myr reacted to sparc in Introducing Spam Monitoring Service   
    if you re-read the thread there are a number of people including myself who WANT to be charged extra for those "future services" including the spam system.

    Our only request is that we not have to terminate our rights as perpetual/lifetime licenseholders.

    But as Charles stated. IPS is looking at solutions. So, we'll see what happens.
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    Myr reacted to Rοb in Introducing Spam Monitoring Service   
    As an active Lifetime License holder.

    If I want to add the IP.Blog,IP.Gallery,IP.Downloads systems I pay a yearly fee for them (I have active blog/gallery licenses).

    If I want to remove the footer copyright I make a one-off payment (currently considering).

    If I want to use the new spam service... my "Lifetime License" is effectively ruled null and void?

    I would happily pay a small additional fee (as I do with the other add-ons), but essentially I'm being asked to pay for another full license. Hello, I have one.

    Am I missing something or is this a financially motivated drive to force Lifetime License holders into regular payments.
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    Myr reacted to Will Munny in Introducing Spam Monitoring Service   
    It may be unacceptable (and it is) but there's nothing we can do about it. IPS are keeping their promise to legacy customers... and just making them feel second class to newer customers by withholding a new 'service' from us if we don't play along and give up our licenses.

    What a total disgrace... and what a shabby way to treat me. I've been a loyal customer and saw a future in IPB so I forked out for the Perpetual. I also continue paying support fees and participate actively in Beta testing... yet I'm still excluded. Explain why you won't make it available for a fee equivalent to the difference in cost (over and above my annual support fee)?
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    Myr reacted to Dannyarr in Introducing Spam Monitoring Service   
    Make a new "service and support" plan available to lifetime and perpetual customers and charge $50/yr ($25 / 6 months) for it. Then those who want the additional services can simply renew the more expensive plan. Why force us to give up our licenses?

    Yes, you are not 'stripping features' for legacy licensed customers. Instead, you are forcing the 'legacy' customers to give up their licenses in order to use a new service. Unacceptable.
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    Myr reacted to Will Munny in Introducing Spam Monitoring Service   
    Right... it's not about the money, an extra 20 bucks a year is nothing... but I shelled out considerably more than that for a Perpetual license AND I'm still paying a support fee...
    So, as there is no option to use this new service as an addon for a small extra fee, the only conclusion is that I am being forced to give up my Perpetual license... i.e. the goal posts have been moved.

    I'm not the type of customer to complain. I am a businessman too and I recognise a business has to move forward, evolve and make money... but I feel shafted enough to complain about this and I guarantee there will be more Perpetual licence holders that feel the same when they log in and read your announcement.
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    Myr reacted to Dannyarr in Introducing Spam Monitoring Service   
    Sorry for opening the other topic, didn't notice this one.

    For me, it's not about the money. It's about principle and respecting the core of your customer base that made you what you are today. I've been keeping an active support license pretty much since I got the perpetual license and in all that time I'm not sure if I put in more than 1-2 tickets (we're talking years here). The only reason I've kept it going is to support IPS and their products. I don't really need the support part (both the perpetual and lifetime license have lifetime downloads anyway). I can understand your point of view on this, but for me it just seems you're money hungry. I can understand not offering it to people without active support but this is just not very well thought out.

    The costs you mentioned are there and I understand that. However, I doubt the cost is so large that you have to force your old time customers who supported you in the beginning out of their licenses for an additional $20/yr. Without us old customers you would not be where you are today. Also, these old licenses haven't been available for purchase for a very long time now. You should be treating our support licenses the same as you treat regular support licenses. We're getting the shaft here because we support you earlier than other people did.

    Alternatively (if it was really about the money), you could have simply given us an option to keep our licenses but pay $50/yr instead of $30/yr for these additional benefits. Call it an "extended support level" or something. You haven't done that either. The only conclusion one can be make is that you want to force people out of their old licenses and get even more money out of them. I find this incredibly disappointing.

    You've seriously tarnished your reputation here in my eyes.

    I will not be renewing my support this year.
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    Myr reacted to Wolfie in Introducing Spam Monitoring Service   
    Looking at the quote from the first post, a Lifetime license holder qualifies for this:

    However like I said, if it were worded to say "Standard IP.Board License" or something to that effect, that would be different. Also, as I'm aware that IPS is trying to boost its revenue (while also covering expenses), why not offer the service to Lifetime/Perp license holders for like $10/year? That would give the option to keep the current license but still generate additional revenue for IPS. Win-Win situation.

    What about my other question? Does their Spam-Monitoring end when their status goes to inactive or does it continue?
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    Myr reacted to Wolfie in Introducing Spam Monitoring Service   
    I don't like that. Yes I'm a little biased since I have a Lifetime license, but I think that the Lifetime license shouldn't be excluded because the terms of it are the same as a standard license except that it's "forever" instead of limited to 6 month windows.

    With Perpetual, the license holder should be allowed to get it when they are in +Active status (ie, paid $30/year).

    I know that IPS wants to convert those into standard licenses, but I think that's a bit shameful to try to reword or reclassify things just to do it.
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    Myr reacted to Malefickus in When will the CCS be released?   
    When it's Ready
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    Myr reacted to bfarber in When will the CCS be released?   
    We will be providing more information on this soon. Our priorities have been with IPB and getting it fixed up and stable for as many customers as possible first. :)
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    Myr got a reaction from HaZuuKaa in Powered By IP.Board 3.0.1   
    Rolling out 3.0.1 with the current fixes would be nice, as I have time to do the updates this weekend. :)
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