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    Myr got a reaction from chilihead in Blog is Kind of Thin on Features. A handful of improvement ideas   
    It is kind of shocking just how much got cut out of Blog from the 3.4.x version to 4.0 when you look at the ACP.  Tons of settings and options down to 2.  I understand the reasoning and it makes sense.  
    I have 4 block requests that should cover the important missing features that we use on our site. 
    "Feature Blog" for Main Forum index page.  We do a daily blog on our site and feature it at the top of the index. It works nicely for us. (it exists and works for the blog main listing, which is fine but the option for the forum main listing is far more important to us as it highlights the blog software.  Most people don't go there unless prompted by having it in your face.) "My Recent Entries" for display on the blog display level. So, when I look at my block, I want a block on the side that show my latest entries.  As it currently works, you can't jump to an entry.  This will drive my users nuts and has already been highlighted by testers I've flung at our test server. I know recent entries are listed as part of the blog index, but very few, if any, actually hit the blog index on my site. "My Recent Comments" for display on the blog display level.  Same reason as above.  I want to see the latest comments of just my blog. "My Tags" for display on the blog display level.  Since you removed categories as an option, and highlighted using tags as the reason, if I recall, I think it would be useful to list tags here with perhaps a count of topics covered under that tag? All the other stuff that got cut from customization to trackbacks makes sense to me.  No one could figure out custom blog themes on my site anyway.  And Trackbacks were 100% spam and shut off a long, long time ago.
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    Myr got a reaction from WAQAS DAR in Why have you forsaken blogs?   
    I poked at this over a year ago with no response and no action:

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    Myr got a reaction from chilihead in IP Chat 4 Features   
    Me too.
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    Myr reacted to Elena-Viorica in IPS 4.1 killing activity?   
    First of all, I want to say that I'm not usually the type of person who complains (I actually dislike complaining and prefer to calmly wait until things are sorted out), but I've reached a point where I simply don't know what to do anymore. Ever since I converted my current online community to IPS 4, the feedback I received from my members have been mostly negative.
    The reason why I upgraded was because IPS announced that they will drop support for IPS 3.4 in the following months and I wanted to have my staff team get accustomed to IPS 4 right from the start of the new year. I've tried to paint IPS 4 in bright colors, to point out the positive aspects of the new version of the script, but it's quite difficult even for me to do this because the only improvement I can see is the mobile-friendly interface (but even that seems buggy on some devices, and there seem to be various issues when accessing it from iPhones).
    Some of the issues that my members have pointed out (and I've noticed too) are:
    - the forum loads a lot slower than it did on IPS 3.4 (despite having the same hosting environment)
    - there are various errors that appear at random and only once in a while, so reporting them to IPS support doesn't lead to solutions because they can't be reproduced on their end (e.g.: uploading images to the gallery randomly gives out 505 errors, leads to duplicate content, doesn't work at all on iOS etc.)
    - it's a lot more difficult to figure out the profile settings than it was on IPS 3.4 (e.g.: new members have to enable the status updates feature on their profile, which by the way is hidden behind several pages and requires, like, 4 clicks just to find it ((in order for the status updates box to appear in the sidebar after enabling them on your profile you have to log out and log in again)); members have to edit their new albums to allow comments -- both of these features should be set as enabled by default).
    - the overall user interface / design seems bulkier and just not as elegant / fluid as IPS 4 was.
    - important third party apps are missing (no gaming arcade for IPS 4? Seriously? The arcade was a central point of many gaming forums running on IPS 3.4; the only video chat app existing for IPS 3.4, AVchat, hasn't been updated for IPS 4 etc.).
    So, the outcome of upgrading my community to IPS 4.1 has been a bit upsetting. Some of my staff members are close to resigning because they strongly dislike (hate is an ugly word, but they have actually used it) everything about the new version, and many of my regular members are posting less frequently than before, and a quarter of their posts are complaints about various bugs and issues that they encounter.
    I used to run an active online community with members who enjoyed posting, and I can't help but feel that the upgrade to IPS 4.1 is rapidly killing my community.
    And it doesn't seem to be a singular experience. I know at least two other communities that upgraded to IPS 4 and had a major decrease in activity and experience problems similar to mine.
    From what I've read around these support forums, there seems to be a lot of not-so-positive feedback regarding IPS 4.1, so I sincerely hope that the IPS team will work hard to improve all these issues. There aren't really a lot of good alternatives out there (XenForo and Burning Board are decent, but converting and getting used to a new software is not something I would like to do).
    I hope you won't take this the wrong way. I was just offering some honest feedback. Let me know what you think.
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    Myr got a reaction from azcazc in PageSpeed Insights -Going to Improve?   
    I know the tool isn't flawless, but it is what Google offers and we all must dance to Google's tune or pay the price in the rankings.
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    Myr reacted to Charles in Suggestion Activity Stream - add Filter by Member Group   
    Yes we agree it would be a great feature. There are just some technical limitations to it right now.
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    Myr got a reaction from The Old Man in Suggestion Activity Stream - add Filter by Member Group   
    I think I read on the test site that you guys have thought of this, but had issues implementing it.  
    I sincerely hope you find a way to do so because this would be extremely useful on my site.  We have author groups and having the ability to show new content by those groups is critical for us.  We currently have a custom app that does this, but the ability to have it built in would be outstanding.
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    Myr reacted to The Old Man in Suggestion Activity Stream - add Filter by Member Group   
    When creating/editing a stream, please could you add a filter option to select 1 or more Member Groups? Currently you can filter by a specific member, but not a group of members.
    Then you could have a stream/s that specifically shows activity from staff members, new members, VIP members etc.
    Many thanks!
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    Myr reacted to Rhett in Changes To Paypal --> Nexus Effected   
    No, this is an update on paypal's end, it has nothing to do with ours. To be honest I'm not sure why they worded it the way they did, as it makes it sound like it will be an issue, all they are doing is upgrading their servers to the current standard of  SHA-256 SSL Certs from the very old standard of SHA1
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    Myr reacted to Lindy in Setting to Lock Admin Account(s) so it's Uneditable/Undeletable   
    We can't elaborate just yet, but an overhaul of ACP permissions including MFA and protected functions to cover things like this is on our internal roadmap. 
    So... yes.
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    Myr reacted to opentype in IPS 4.0: The current state of BBCode and its future. Is BBCODE officially abandoned?   
    Yes, and I think it makes sense. BB Code was once invented, when plain text fields were not enough, but WYSIWYG editors were technically not possible. That was the only reason. BB codes are now slowly phased out and some legacy support to input bb code, but convert it to the standard editor mode (i.e. full HTML) is offered as interims solution. It works for users who really want to manually type it in, but for the regular users it disappears and can fall slowly out of use this way. Makes sense to me. 
    Do you guys expect that your bb codes set up will continue forever? At some point you will need to convert to newer HTML solution. So why not now? If it’s about specific things like canned speed, then I would rather ask about how you can use those with the new HTML system instead of insisting that bb-codes must continue to work, just because it used to work this way in the past. It’s like saying: we made all our web banners in Flash in the last 10 years and have all our files prepared this way, so Flash must be supported forever, so we never ever have to change anything with our workflow. The web doesn’t work like that. 
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    Myr reacted to Rhett in I´m sad!!!!   
    Hello, there is no need to get upset here, if you have an issue, submitting a ticket with your issue to Account Assistance is the proper method to follow up on this before blowing up.  
    I have reviewed your issues in your tickets, and while our support staff has followed our policy here properly on no support for test sites, we can review this on a case by case basis if needed and we do use some judgement as well.  In your case here, I have reviewed these items and due to the nature of these issues and the past tickets you have had on this same issue, I have sent them up to our developers for review.
    Thank you
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    Myr reacted to Dll in I´m sad!!!!   
    ​You're right, and it's also true that they clearly state test sites aren't supported, but if they were supported, would more people then test their installs and solve problems on them before going live? That could then reduce the amount of urgent tickets on live sites, and in theory speed up the support process. 
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    Myr reacted to Tom Christian in Bring back CSS/JS IPS4 Framework Documentation   
    A few months ago during the alpha testing on the IPS4 preview site there was an excellent documentation section that provided really helpful information about the CSS & JS framework in IPS4. Please could this be updated and restored on this site?
    Up until now, I've managed okay without it. However, I just discovered a feature in IPS4 that can be enabled by a single data-attribute in the HTML. This feature in particular is something I spent a couple of days building & testing in my own theme framework. If I had documentation on the framework this could have been avoided. 
    I'm aware there's an old IP.Content export with this data floating around somewhere but I'm suggesting that an official section be added to this site.
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    Myr reacted to Owdy in Brandon Farber - Tier III (Advanced Development)   
    That guy is awesome! Thank you for great support. My site was a mess after upgrade 3 -> 4, but not anymore. Wohoo!  
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    Myr reacted to Lindy in Paypal subscriptions 4.0 no longer work, IPS says to cancel them?? Can't you create a legacy gateway?   
    We have discussed this at length internally and we are going to do a bridge to handle existing subscriptions. Note, this is not a gateway and future "subscriptions" will need to be processed via PayPal's new recurring payments API and please understand the old subscriptions method is considered to be part of the classic API. Unfortunately, they do not provide a method for converting those subscriptions and their SOP is to recommend bulk canceling and sending new invoices. You're free to take that up directly with PayPal, if you wish. I know I've recreated payment profiles for Apple, Spotify and others... though I didn't find it to be the end of the world.
    In short, we are working on a bridge to accommodate existing subscriptions so as not to disrupt or inconvenience existing subscribers upon upgrade. If you want/need/desire the legacy PayPal API functionality beyond that in Commerce, there may be a marketplace opportunity for a gateway utilizing the old PayPal API. 
    Do not quote me as this is barring any unforeseen issues, but this should be in one of the next couple of releases. 
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    Myr got a reaction from chilihead in Paypal subscriptions 4.0 no longer work, IPS says to cancel them?? Can't you create a legacy gateway?   
    I do exactly the same as chilihead above.  I have a PayPal Single Pay Gateway and a PayPal Recurring Payment Gateway.  I let my users decide.  I also have Stripe.  Some users opt to leave their credit card on the site, some don't. Some trust PayPal, some don't.
    We need options.  As it currently stands, it is a deal breaker.
    Although the comment above about turning off recurring payments to IPS was snarky, I think it was point on.  A lot of companies, including this one, earn money through the inherent laziness of users.  It is easy to let my subscription here run then it is to turn it on and off.  Though, IPS also chooses to penalize people that do that as well.
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    Myr reacted to chilihead in Paypal subscriptions 4.0 no longer work, IPS says to cancel them?? Can't you create a legacy gateway?   
    Thanks for posting the screenshot. It seems there are three issues here.
    1. The largest issue. The older API is not being used to create a legacy gateway, so there is no more connection to PP with our current subscriptions.
    2. If the customer chooses PayPal instead of the transparent PP with CC, the subscription won't work for some reason. "If they choose to pay by using the PayPal site, recurring payments are not handled automatically and will be issued an invoice in the same way." So we HAVE to have this CC mode on, and to use recurring billing only, turn PP off? There are no recurring settings anywhere, at the product or gateway. How does this work? If it has a renewal and they use a CC it is recurring? This is a horrible set-up unless I am missing something.
    3. And "If they opt not to store their card details, they will be issued an invoice at renewal time and sent an email with instructions to pay."
    It seems here IPS is saying they can click to get the CC screen and pay, but not "store" their CC, meaning subscriptions will not work. Also you can turn CC storage off at the admin level. So this would also turn off recurring payments. The old way was simple and effective!
    This is the way I use 3.4 currently. I have 2 PayPal gateways set up. One is called PayPal Auto-Pay to make it clear that they will be auto-billed, so I turn recurring on at the gateway level, and when I want to offer auto-pay only, for example, on a monthly product, I select only that gateway. I do not want to sell monthly memberships that have manual renewals that is what I have yearly for. On yearly, I can use both gateways, so they can select PP or PP Auto-Pay.
    In 3.4 this is in the gateway: Enable PayPal Subscriptions Support? Y/N. Where is the equivalent in 4.0? This setting works to turn any product with a renewal into a subscription. So if you don't want that you add a second gateway with it off, and you can select one or both gateways per product. Simple. Been doing that for years.
    It was much simpler and I have no idea how I would achieve that now. I don't see any recurring setting at the product or gateway level. Is there any insight and how you would force auto-pay for certain packages in 4.0? And why directly with PP won't work?
    And please let us know the status of the old subscriptions. These are things I will need to know before upgrading. As of this moment these settings, or decisions, would not work for me. 
    Last question. Have you changed 2Checkout as well? I have many subscriptions with them as well. And I need the old to work and the new to work the same. I don't see a recurring setting in that gateway either. 
    Thanks. 4.0 looks promising but we do have businesses to run, and appreciate your attention. 
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    Myr reacted to rgf100 in Paypal subscriptions 4.0 no longer work, IPS says to cancel them?? Can't you create a legacy gateway?   
    Perhaps someone at IPS would like to cancel all their auto-renewing packages and we'll see how company finances look in six months... 
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    Myr reacted to tekguru in Paypal subscriptions 4.0 no longer work, IPS says to cancel them?? Can't you create a legacy gateway?   
    I discussed it with my team last night and of those who subscribe via the old method around half said they'd not be willing to use any method where their credit card details are stored locally.
    Again Invision need to address this issue and not hope it will just go away - of maybe it will as those of us why rely on the old method will end up closing our forums.
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    Myr reacted to NoGi in Paypal subscriptions 4.0 no longer work, IPS says to cancel them?? Can't you create a legacy gateway?   
    When I took over my site, I had to get the previous owner to cancel the paypal subscriptions so that they could be recreated with me as the owner (PayPal can't let users migrate subscribers from one account to another). I lost around 60% of subscribers during this process. If I had to do that again, would be in the same boat and risk loosing my remaining subscribers.
    I really hope the guys here come up with a solution to deal with the legacy gateway.
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    Myr got a reaction from chilihead in Paypal subscriptions 4.0 no longer work, IPS says to cancel them?? Can't you create a legacy gateway?   
    This will be a definite issue for our site as well.  Fortunately for us, we're waiting on custom modules before upgrading so we didn't get caught in this.  A solution will be critical before we upgrade though.
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    Myr reacted to Lindy in Paypal subscriptions 4.0 no longer work, IPS says to cancel them?? Can't you create a legacy gateway?   
    Firstly, to everyone - please stop tagging specific employees for general IPS concerns -- if you need to speak to someone directly, feel free to contact them individually. For general concerns, the person responsible for any given area in IPS will address it accordingly. Thanks for your cooperation on that.
    As for the issue at hand, we'll discuss internally to see if we can come up with a solution. We'll let you know what we come up with.
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    Myr reacted to chilihead in Paypal subscriptions 4.0 no longer work, IPS says to cancel them?? Can't you create a legacy gateway?   
    Per @Mark from source.
    "When you upgrade from IP.Board 3.x to IPS Community Suite 4, if you have any existing PayPal Subscriptions, PayPal will keep charging users but IPS Community Suite will not be aware of this. Therefore, we recommend cancelling any existing PayPal Subscriptions through your PayPal account at paypal.com. Users will then be issued an invoice at renewal time and can pay via your site, when they do so, as mentioned, they can opt to store their card details for subsequent charges."
    I have to cancel hundreds of monthly subs and hope they re-purchase?
    Can't you create a legacy gateway/API so they still function correctly? You can because they still work in 3.8. So why not create a gateway called PayPal Legacy with the old API so at least the current subs work? Just don't have it on the frontend.
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    Myr got a reaction from RazorSEdge in Restore Non-Recurring Subscription Settings   
    Agreed.  If this is really missing, it needs to go back in ASAP.  It is critical to our business.
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