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    Myr got a reaction from sobrenome in Mail Bouncer - Automated Bounce Management   
    @stoo2000 I also thank you for the help you provided.  Our site is running great with this app. I also highly recommend it!
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    Myr reacted to -AJ- in In Blog listings, format the stats   
    If you click on an actual blog it will format the stats (entries/comments/views) correctly with {number="$variable"} but when listing all the site's blogs the template doesn't format the number and just outputs it {$blog->num_views}.  We have blogs that have well over a million views and it looks ugly not being formatted correctly.  Obviously I've changed our template, but I think this should be corrected at the template level for everyone using blogs.
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    Myr got a reaction from Good-Admin in [Missing] Birthday in registration screen   
    Eh.  How about in 4.3?
    Our site has an age range from 14 to 86 and according to Google, we're oddly even across all age groups.  We want to cover ourselves and protect our members so we need to have a functioning birthday system. Right now it appears that these systems don't tie together very well as far as setting a birthday goes: COPPA/Registration/Profile Completion/GDPR requirements.
    In 4.2.6, You cannot use COPPA and Profile Completion at the same time.  This is just plain silly.  If COPPA is on, trigger an extra dialog.  Force filling out the birthday field.
    In 4.2.6, if you have COPPA off and you set "Birthday" as a required field in profile completion, it only requires the year.  It accepts the current year and ignores month and day.  I'm pretty sure infants aren't posting on the forums, so that's ridiculous.  Between COPPA and GDPR, website operators would be in some trouble collecting data if you are under 13 or 16.  This should be addressed somehow.  Setting a minimum age requirement?  requiring month,day and year to be filled out.
    In 4.2.6, the system allows you to edit the birthday when you edit the profile and does no checks at all on it.  (Though if you profile completion on and they change birthday year to not telling, it does trigger profile completion again)
    Can we also get a built in user setting to let the member display their birthday or age or both on the Calendar?  Given GDPR, just displaying birthdays on the calendar without getting permission seems like it violates the law.  We've manually added a custom field to do this, but I'd rather have it built in so we don't have to maintain modifications and plugins.
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    Myr reacted to David.. in Arranging Clubs & features like normal forums   
    When moving a topic, the Clubs option is quite all over the place. Especially if you have a lot of forums inside a Club. It would be better if they were better organised. Just like the forums tab.
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    Myr reacted to Cyboman in Mobile app?   
    This is where PWA (progressive web apps) enter the game.
    Minimum common requirement: Automatic "installation" of a Desktop icon + Push notifications tied to regular IPS notifications and a bonus feature like in the "custom notifications" marketplace plugin. That's what most of us pray for. Shows communities in a browser, hence all IPS functionality is preserved during online access times. We can have everything without restrictions. For offline access: Let us define areas like IP.Pages articles with more or less static contents. This way users can browse those contents offline and it feels like a real app Unfortunately we can't conquer the app stores, but this is neglectable. That's it and probably the easiest way. It accomplishes the basic requirements, the framework is economical and affordable, and an implementation in communities doesn't require a lot tech-know-how
    Totally agreed, that would be a game changer. I love this vision! 
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    Myr reacted to -AJ- in Cover Photos Alt Text for Accessibility   
    We have several blind or near blind members on our site using screen readers and we've been asked if we could request cover photos have an alt description added to them.
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    Myr reacted to -AJ- in Anonymous Login Issues / Tracking   
    I'd like to add that turning off anonymous login does not fix the problem.  Any user previously logged in anonymously gets to continue using the site as an anonymous user despite the change.
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    Myr reacted to -AJ- in Anonymous Login Issues / Tracking   
    If anonymous login is allowed, then last_activity for each member in core_members is not properly updated.  In IP.Board 3.x last_activity was still updated and there was another db field to indicate they were anonymously logged into the site.  If you do a member search for members online in the last month and you have a user that's been logged in anonymous for 3 months your search will not be accurate.  I really think IPS should move back to keeping last_activity updated with a member's last known site access time.  It'd be better to have profiles and widgets say Private for last visited like they did in IP.Board 3.x than to have them list a false date.  It's been a mess for our moderators, produced inaccurate results when doing statistics on members, and made people ask why the site says someone visited months ago when they can obviously see they just made a post.  We've disabled it on our site because of this, but obviously people liked not appearing in the "Who's online" list and it'd be great if the functionality could be fixed.
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    Myr reacted to Numbered in Clubs Suggestions   
    + suggestions:
    ability to move forums tabs to "archive" (in front side for owners) ability to re-arrange club tabs (now we can't do this from anywhere) special permissions for each forum tabs (read/write for members, guests, non-members) API (we will use clubs like a 'clans' system for online game. so this 'clubs' must created by special api calls and club members must adds/remove from that api too) Thx
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    Myr reacted to The Old Man in Selling Subscriptions   
    Thanks for listening Lindy/IPS! 
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    Myr reacted to Lindy in Selling Subscriptions   
    We agree with a dedicated subscription option - we've roadmapped it.  
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    Myr got a reaction from LaCollision in Visual activity notification on clubs   
    Our members have also mentioned the issue of not knowing of updates.
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    Myr got a reaction from marklcfc in Don't care for the new look   
    I think the front page looks great.
    I'm not a fan of all the white on the forums.  Too bright and washed out with no contrast.  I especially do not like the white bar on top. It blends with the Browser Chrome entirely too much.
    And for the love of all that is holy... CONTRAST.  This is a thing.  I mean, if you have nothing but a bunch of 16-25 year olds, fine.  When you start getting older, contrast helps with the eyestrain.  light gray text on white background is harder to read.  Especially in small text sizes.
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    Myr reacted to Lindy in Don't care for the new look   
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    Myr reacted to Deathicated in New landing page   
    The new landing page is fantastic. Really shows value in the product and a bit easier on the eyes. Great job!
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    Myr reacted to KT Walrus in Time to abandon emoticons, embrace emoji!!!   
    I just purchased this plugin:
    It does a pretty good job of treating Emoji within the IPS4 Emoticons framework, but it does have a few issues:
    It adds Emoji Descriptions to the Editor dropdown, but these text strings aren't localized (they are hard-coded in the plugin). It allows for either inserting the EmojiOne PNG files (fixed at the 20x20 pixels) as HTML images or inserting the UTF-8 character for the Emoji selected. Treating Emoji as either an image or a character has a few issues. Mainly, if the Emoji is an image, it does not resize in the editor using the text Size dropdown, but if you treat it as a character, the user, in the editor, can resize, but that size has no effect when the character is later parsed and an image replaces the character in the HTML. The inserted HTML in parsed text doesn't seem to attach the Emoji Descriptions to any Emoji in the post text. It would be friendlier if the Emoji Descriptions were available to the reader just like they were to the poster. So, I'm thinking that IPS4 should add support for Emoji as a completely different feature than Emoticons rather than try to "evolve" Emoticons into supporting Emoji.
    My proposal is to implement a completely new editor plugin for Emoji and make this the default in IPS4. The Emoticons editor plugin would stay the same and the ACP would allow enabling Emoticons as a deprecated feature. The Emoji editor plugin would build a dropdown that looks exactly like the Emoticons one, but it only supports inserting UTF-8 characters and the lang bits refer to these as Emoji rather than Emoticons. 
    Next, the parser should be changed to add support for adding tooltips/anchor titles around any UTF-8 characters in the text that correspond to known Emoji codes with the standard Emoji descriptions.
    That's it. A new Emoji editor plugin and a text parser enhancement... and deprecate support for Emoticons by disabling them by default in the ACP with an option to enable them with the understanding that a future version of IPS4 will probably remove Emoticon support from the suite.
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    Myr reacted to nodle in Time to abandon emoticons, embrace emoji!!!   
    I agree. I thought about making a thread like this. I like they should really use some like Emojione or similar. I see Xenforo 2 also went with new ones. Not to be mean but it makes me not want to use the built in similes currently in IPB4.They just feel so outdated and don't blend in with the rest of the software. It would be a good time to go with a modern standard with the upcoming 4.2.
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    Myr reacted to KT Walrus in Time to abandon emoticons, embrace emoji!!!   
    I think it is time to deprecate IPS4 Emoticons in favor of industry standard Unicode 9 Emoji within IPS4.
    This is a small change, but much nicer for users. Standard Unicode characters for Emoji are more diverse than Emoticons as there are Emoji for Symbols, Flags and many many other iconic characters that can enhance reading boring text.
    IPS4 Emoticons simply date our sites as last decade... Time to move on...
    ? or 
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    Myr reacted to CheersnGears in Add support to AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) in IPB Forum   
    I know from your experience that you already are well aware of the answer to this, so why are you asking facetious questions? 
    Articles that are displayed on AMP-ready sites are going to receive a boost in Google News searches. AMP has existed since 2015 and it is already used by many sites to reduce load times and gain a special status in Google searches. 
    I, and anyone using Pages as their front end, is essentially running a News site.  The vast majority of our IPS sites live and die by search engine visibility. Sure there are private, invite only sites out there, but they are a small minority.  Mobile browsing is already more than 50% of web traffic. As publishers, we must accommodate our customers while also using every advantage, like AMP, to gain new ones.  If AMP puts me next to Car & Driver in a google search about a car reveal at the Detroit Auto Show, then it is not only must-have, but critical to the success of a site like mine.   For me, forums are becoming secondary, if not tertiary to my primary search hits (we get a lot of image search hits due to our extensive photo gallery). 
    I don't really mind if AMP is not enabled for the forums app, but it is critical to the pages app.
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    Myr got a reaction from OptimusBain in IPB NEEDS A DECENT EMAIL MARKETING SOLUTION!   
    @Charles Any chance of getting MailChimp API integration built in for people interested in paying for the service?  We already use it for our Newsletter and being able to do transnational, and especially follow up emails for purchases, would be very handy.
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    Myr reacted to bfarber in PageSpeed Insights -Going to Improve?   
    A lot of the page speed insights require server-side configuration changes and aren't controllable at the software level, however having said that, I'm actually in the process of reviewing page speed reports for an upcoming release incidentally to see where we can make improvements.
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    Myr reacted to Robert Lunte in IPB NEEDS A DECENT EMAIL MARKETING SOLUTION!   
    Guys, C'mon...?!
    Why don’t you guys build your own, or integrate with some of the top email marketing solutions?  We have all these “enhanced” features that integrate with other services, but the one that seems to be the most obvious is strangely missing. IPB community owners need a proper email marketing solution! 
    With all due respect, because I love your platform other than this issue..., I don’t get how you can offer a COMMUNITY platform with, so many brilliant ways to monetize… without a proper email marketing solution available to your community owners to use.
    For that matter, why are you guys not sending out regular newsletters to your customers? That would seem to be evidence that you are totally missing the necessity for email marketing for any online community system, be it yours, or your customers. Peculiarly strange?
    The bulk mail system is NOT a proper email marketing system. It has limited design capabilities. It has no metrics/stats. It caps your emails out to about 200-400 a day, if you have thousands of subscribers, this is entirely impractical. It offers no ability to make forms to capture sign-ups.
    Do an integration with:
    - www.campaignmonitor.com
    - www.getresponse.com
    - www.mailchimp.com
    - www.mailpoet.com
    ( this is a plugin for wordpress that is SUPER light and simple. But it does everything anyone needs. It covers the basics. Something like this would be perfect ). 
    ... or build your own.
    Any email marketing system DOES NOT have to be fancy!... All we really need are the following features:
    - A decent design interface.
    - Metrics.
    - The ability to send out thousands of emails in one send.
    - Mailing Lists.
    - The ability to make forms that can capture sign-ups in the HTML widgets that will then go straight into a mailing list.
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    Myr reacted to Charles in Image Options - Title and Alt Tag, URLs, etc.   
    This will be in 4.1.18.
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    Myr got a reaction from chilihead in Granular edit permissions please, members edit content items   
    I've been finally testing 4.1.11 with some members and we've bumped into some roadblocks...
    Edit status is a frequent request on the old version and on the newest we're testing Granular delete permissions.  users want to be able to delete photos from the gallery but I don't want them deleting posts.  The only option currently is a global 'can delete content' which is a pretty horrible option. Any updates on when we will see this:
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    Myr reacted to jackflash in THIS is how you encourage engagement   
    Here's something that really helps guide forum members through the process of setting up their account better.  Buttons with links that guide new members with uploading their avatar, creating their first post, creating their signature, etc. and even includes a progress bar.  This is an excellent way for new members to become better engaged in the community and it's a fun process and less frustrating experience.

    While not a new idea, it's nice to have this message added to the bottom of a new member's first post.  It highlights the obvious. . .

    On the sidebar profile, these fields better illustrate how the member interacts with the community and creates better user engagement

    The ability for a new registrant to choose SMS validation should really be part of the software right out of the box.  This greatly helps alleviate the "I didn't get the confirmation letters" and provides a much faster time from registration to a user's first post.

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