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  1. Oh, if you need a Topic\Post, just return the $content then. I thought you needed the topic.
  2. I see your sticking point. The form is asking for the topic which you are attempting to update the custom data for (which is the stock action I referred to). But unless there is an explicit topic in the event arguments, how could rules give you an option to choose from? In this case, not just topic comments can be reported, but all sorts of other content can be reported. It cannot be assumed that you can derive a topic in from any given piece of reported content. If I report a comment on an image, and that rule event is invoked, how is rules going to get a topic from that comment? It's undefined. This is why you only have the option to use PHP code to provide the topic for which the stock custom data update action will operate on. Rules knows that it cannot know what topic to use. Therefore you must tell it. You could put a condition on the rule that checks if the content is an object of the 'IPS\forums\Comment' class, which would ensure the rule only runs when a topic comment is reported. This will prevent errors when other types of content are reported, but you are still left with the need to provide the topic itself for the custom data update action. You need to return the topic from your PHP snippet: return $content->item();
  3. There are stock actions built in for custom data fields.
  4. No. Generally, rules is not a tool that can be used to control UI.
  5. What is the point you are stuck on? If you are doing other things when a post is reported, add another action in the same spot to increase your custom data field value by 1. No PHP needed.
  6. The permissions on the Collaboration category can be set per member group to allow certain members to be able to create collabs in that category while other member groups can join. So you simply sell memberships to the group that can create collabs, and then they can invite other members from any other group that you are allowing to participate in the collabs for that category.
  7. Version 1.4.2


    Get the complete Automation Rules family of products for a bargain price. What's Included - $135 Value --------------------- Automation Rules - FULL - 1.4.4 $35 Value Commerce Rules Expansion - 1.0.2 $55 Value Calendar Rules Expansion - 1.0.2 $15 Value Forums Rules Expansion - 1.0.2 $15 Value Pages Rules Expansion - 1.0.1 $15 Value Bonus Content --------------------- Rules Starter Pack Rule Pack - Member Pip Ranks System Updates ---------------------- Once you have purchased this product, you will also be added as a purchaser of each of the individual products so that you can recieve all future updates per the terms of each product.
  8. The only way that it could appear in the list of models is if it is still in the database. So I am guessing that it is not actually fully deleted, just soft deleted. If you permanently delete it, then it will disappear.
  9. No, a modal isn't even part of the IPS UI. Besides, that is not a data operation, it is a UI operation, and rules operates on the data layer. You can't manipulate the UI with rules.
  10. No, it does neither of those things specifically. Sounds like you are asking for clubs.
  11. It sounds like you are asking if rules has a condition that will search all existing user notifications for a particular string, but it does not. Of course, that could be checked using a custom piece of php code that loaded the users notifications and iterated on them while searching for a string in their content, however, that is not an out of the box stock action.
  12. @joshuaj Yeah. It does all of that. Only the paid version is compatible with 4.2.
  13. The notification having no content is an IPS thing. If you report the other issue on my support site, I can look at a fix for it on an upcoming release.
  14. @pnkllr Set the scheduled reengagement to happen after twice as long as your login session timeout period to be safe. @christopher-w I'm pretty sure its compatible all the way.
  15. You didnt mention you were using the demo. The full version received the compatibility update, not the demo.
  16. Been down that road. Sorry, no ideas.
  17. Are you self hosted? 500 errors are usually logged to a server error log somewhere. Without knowing what your errors are, it will be very difficult to troubleshoot.
  18. That depends on what caused the 500 errors. Any logs on that?
  19. You can turn the feed off in the collab settings of the individual collab.
  20. Path aliases will not blanket change urls. It allows you to create individual aliases. Sounds like an issue I fixed a few releases ago. What version are you running?
  21. Bulk emailing on a regular basis is not really an application for rules. I suppose you could probably work it out, but its the wrong tool for the job.
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