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  1. When you create an app or a plugin, then the javascript that you write gets compiled and packaged. However, other than that, you need to upload your scripts to your site and reference them in your templates where you want to use them. As Ive been working on a few projects myself where I needed to use some 3rd party libraries such as jquery ui and bootstrap, I realized that things were going to get real hairy if every plugin or app that I build bundles in its own copy. So I built a libraries app that acts as a central repository for 3rd party javascript and any apps that want to use it can just share it from there.
  2. Everything in the developers forums is translated into hex code. You must be able to read hex in order to understand. 446576656c6f7065727320617265207265616c6c7920636f6f6c20616e6420776520646f6e2774207265616c6c792077616e74206e6f6e206765656b7320746f2074727920746f2074616c6b206765656b2074616c6b2e20536f7272792e
  3. Well, I'm currently waiting for IPS to release a stable version of 4.0 and get the bugs worked out of the marketplace to upload a beta version of an app I've been working on called Group Collaboration, which allows community members to create their own groups and manage memberships to them as well as "collaborate" to create their own content within that group. This might be an add-on that would work better based on the "ad-hoc" community formed group concept rather than the inherit board level groups that people are assigned to.
  4. You mean like a whole board member group, or custom arrangements of people into an ad-hoc group? How do the groups that are being tagged get managed?
  5. I'm sure that IPB4 will receive a number of feature enhancements over it's lifetime and this may be one of them. Right now it's brand new software built from the ground up. They're focused on getting a stable release out into the world before they start looking at stuff like that. But in the meantime, mods should work fine. I can tell you, the effort that they've put into the developer tools and the flexibility of the framework should lead to some really great new 3rd party addons coming our way. I've been having a blast working on some new apps for IPB4 over the last couple months.
  6. Morri, That's a great idea for a mod! So much so, after reading your post I hammered one out in the form of a plugin. It gave me the opportunity to get familiar with the inner workings of the IPB4 notifications system a little bit too. Anyway, thought you might like to know about it. I've uploaded the plugin to the IPB4 marketplace category, but as of the moment, I guess it needs to be approved first before you can access it. Have a great day!
  7. Ok, I did the digging since nobody could give me an answer. It's hard coded into core, which is kind of silly. Trailing slashes don't look clean IMO.
  8. Before I go digging into code, I thought I would ask in case its a setting I'm missing. Is there a way to eliminate the trailing slash on the friendly url's generated?
  9. I'm excited to see the release of the first stable, supported version of IPS4.0 is in the near future. I've been working on an application which I'll be looking to release myself as soon as IPS4.0 is ready to ship! Currently, I see no way to filter apps in the marketplace by which versions of IPS they are compatible with. Will there be a way for people to browse IPS4.X vs IPS3.X apps in the marketplace once this thing is off the ground?
  10. What are the new conventions for error codes in IPB 4.0? They don't appear to follow along the same lines as they did in 3.x per the documentation at: https://www.invisionpower.com/support/guides/_/advanced-and-developers/api-methods/showing-errors-r184
  11. That sounds like a job for a plugin or extension. I would imagine the best place to find that type of customization is from a 3rd party developer.
  12. That's a server generated error and not an IPB generated error. You may have a problem in your .htaccess file, as that is usually the culprit for me when that type of error shows up. That means that the log is not going to be in the IPB logs directory, but rather the server logs directory. You can rename your .htaccess file temporarily to see if the error persists so you'll know if thats the cause or not.
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